Dust Suppression Queensland

Queensland suffers from one of the most common pollutants: airborne dust. Climate change has contributed to the increased intensity and frequency of bushfires, thunderstorms, and dust storms in the state. The wildest bushfires expose the topsoil, and winds carry the resulting dust into residences and public places.

Without expert action, high levels of airborne dust can threaten community health.

Erizon is extending help through our fast-acting and environmentally compliant dust suppression solution.

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Meeting the Challenges of Dust Suppression

Queensland is one of the biggest states in Australia. It covers most of the northeast part of the continent, with mostly coastal and coastline areas. Sandy and muddy coasts often suffer from coastal erosion in these regions. But, when strong winds and thunderstorms come, the state faces another problem: dust storms.

Meanwhile, the state’s inland regions are typically arid. Whenever there are barren lands, dust storms also carry the tiniest bits of particulate matter from soil and dust.

Dust particles can vary in size and type. Its spread endangers the respiratory health of the people. While that is already a threat, climate change has increased the severity of dust issues in the state.

Global warming has triggered more bushfires, leaving more barren lands and exposed soils. Even the slightest wind can spread a considerable amount of dust to residential sites in the driest and warmest areas.

Human activities, when left unchecked, also contribute to the increase and spread of dust. Whenever we strip off a piece of land of its natural vegetation and do not rehabilitate it after use, we contribute to dust spread.

Thus, the Queensland government faces the challenge of taking several measures to help mitigate this dust issue. Authorities promote progress and industrialisation, but they also uphold care for the environment.

So far, they have produced legislation, guidelines, and standards for construction and industrial companies, mining sites, and local landowners and managers to follow.

They also aim to provide safety and health guides to those at high risk of dust exposure.

On a more concrete level, the government also recommends revegetating barren areas. But without the help of experts, revegetation can be a challenge to implement.

Most land managers can only do it manually or by traditional means. This method can become too costly, especially as it takes time and more labour force. Expertly tailored scientific solutions will be more cost effective. And that is part of what Erizon provides.

Erizon has looked into these dust issues and is now offering a superior dust suppression solution. Our soil scientists and product engineers have produced fast-acting and long-lasting products that cover the soil and keep dust from spreading.

The Best Solution for Dust Suppression in Queensland

Erizon’s dust suppression solution comes with a lot of benefits. It can save more water, with capacities that are up to 80%. It also acts immediately after application.

Once installed, the product reduces dust significantly, and residents in the surrounding community will quickly notice the difference.

The product is, thus, cost effective and will be beneficial to the client’s budget.

Our scientists have also tailored our dust control solution to meet the highest environmental standards. It is toxin-free and eco-friendly.

We have crafted our product to meet the needs of the mining, civil, and infrastructure industries. They also have dust control projects, and we work with them for a more efficient implementation.

Our dust suppression solutions work excellently on mine sites, including coal mines and copper mines, ash dams, tailings dams, and power stations.

These sites have varying soil properties and slopes. Our versatile products work in all of them. Erizon’s highly skilled technicians will make sure they apply the solution evenly on to the surface.

We make our process very efficient by following a scientific protocol for every project we handle. We begin by investigating and soil analysis. This initial phase allows us to verify if the site needs a dust suppression solution or another more appropriate product.

We also conduct a 3D survey beforehand to get a scan of the entire site. Advanced drones with the latest imaging technology give us a detailed map of the whole location.

Scientists will use the investigation and the results of the analysis to establish procedures to conduct at the site. Engineers will detail which equipment to use in the application phase.

Once we have outlined all the steps needed for site preparation and the installation of our dust control solution, our technicians take over.

Our technicians will use either of our hydro trucks, drones, spray bars, air tractors, or helicopters. With narrow corners and strips, we also use hoses and conduct manual application.

Finally, we also conduct a post-project monitoring phase. Our experts will perform analysis once more using our monitoring drones. These 3D drones use their scanning and imaging technology to help us monitor the site remotely.

Our monitoring phase is one reason clients stay loyal to Erizon. It always ensures that everything about the project is going on as planned.

In case of any issues during monitoring, we immediately respond and address the root cause. We also implement further enhancements. The add-ons we use can strengthen the soil structure, keep the particles intact, and prevent dust spread, erosion events, and landslides.

Why Choose Erizon?

Hundreds of clients have trusted Erizon to rehabilitate thousands of acres of land across Australia. With our continued commitment to excellence, Erizon remains to be the leading provider of dust suppression solutions in the country.

Our team follows a scientific procedure each time we handle a new soil rehabilitation and dust control project.

We also engineer and develop our own products. For over 25 years now, we have created soil restoration solutions that act fast, last long, and keep the environment in its best state.

We have made sure that these products are all sustainable, environmentally compliant, water-saving, cost-effective, and provide immediate control to the spread of dust.

Whether it’s mining sites, ash dams, power stations, or tailings dams, Erizon knows what kind of solution it needs and how to apply it correctly.

Erizon aims to help the state of Queensland be free from dust exposure. We hope that the community will finally enjoy much cleaner air and safer environments.

Are you ready to get started on your dust suppression project? Get in touch with us today.

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