Erosion Control Queensland

As Queensland grows as a place where communities thrive, with it comes the need to meet a more diverse community, including the farming and mining sector.

Ever since the 1850s, farming practices have been getting more advanced as well as mechanised. But, back then, farmers were not aware of the problem of erosion, thereby unknowingly worsening the situation as the years passed.

Then, in the 1950s, erosion became one of the major forces that threatened several aspects of the region, including crop fertility.

To prevent this problem from continuing, there became a growing realisation to implement a proper erosion control solution in Queensland.

Erizon is here to provide the best solution for erosion control and other environmental issues in Queensland. We aim to give the best service to the community to make this region a better place to inhabit and coexist with nature peacefully.

Meeting The Challenges Of Erosion Control

As recorded, around 3 million hectares of the state are used for farming purposes while 80% are susceptible to erosion. If nothing is done to address this issue, we can only imagine the loss the region may experience as a result.

There are many kinds of erosion that can affect the area, but water erosion is the most concerning of them all. Heavy rainfall causes the soil to runoff, especially when such soils are not secured by robust root systems from the crops grown on them. In this scenario, the land becomes highly vulnerable to erosion, even more so when it is situated in a steep location.

To prevent the situation from worsening, the government has issued guidelines as a way to mitigate the impacts of erosion and how the community should react when it does occur.

Some guidelines proposed the limited use of land. Locals are to ascertain their land’s capabilities and make use of it accordingly so that it is not carrying more burden than it can handle. The local government has also made efforts in providing surface covers to strengthen the soil structure and using trees to help control erosion.

The Best Solution for Erosion Control in Queensland

Being part of the community as well as a business offering services in Queensland, Erizon has been providing environmental solutions across the continent of Australia for over 25 years now.

We have always aimed at providing a long-term solution for erosion control while having cost-effectiveness and sustainability in mind.

Our team of experts performs an initial survey of the targeted land to acquire a more in-depth understanding of all its peculiarities. Then, we move to drafting an ideal solution to control erosion using the data we have collected, ensuring the course of action we take considers all site-specific requirements.

Our preferred erosion control product, dubbed EcoArmour, is then applied evenly to the surface of the target location. It is a ground-breaking Australian product designed and manufactured to guarantee safe and effective installation on all types of surfaces.

As it requires high-pressure application, we make use of Hydroseeder equipment to spray it on the surface of the soil. Once it dries and sets in a matter of hours, it provides extended high-shear resistant erosion control.

One of the most significant values we provide our clients is our post-project monitoring service. By making use of the latest in-depth scanning and imaging technology, our drones will monitor whether we have achieved even application. This technique also allows us to identify areas that require further measures.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been providing solutions backed by experts that have been involved in various environmental projects for 25 years and more. With the experience and expertise, we have gained in this industry, we have been able to contribute to the rehabilitation of numerous sites across Australia.

By using the latest drone technology, it has not only provided our clients with performance data but it has also given us the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the characteristics of many types of geographical locations, thereby teaching us to devise more accurate planning and management practices.

We have achieved certification for our safety, environmental, and quality management systems, ensuring that our services are unparalleled and trusted across Australia.

Ultimately, we aim to provide erosion control services in Queensland because it is our mission to contribute to the safe and seamless cohabitation of man and nature.

Erizon: The Best Choice For Erosion Control
  • A scientifically sound solution that can be formulated to suit any potential land use
  • Safe and effective installation on any surface to protect soil from erosion
  • Supported by advanced technology to ensure consistent implementation over time

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