Hydroseeding Queensland

While Queensland is prospering economically, it also suffers from environmental challenges that arise from human activities. With wild weather conditions and several disrupted lands, the state is in need of large-scale revegetation solutions.

Erizon is already familiar with the erosion issues that Queensland is facing. While its locals may conduct small-scale rehabilitation procedures, these efforts may not suffice to address state-wide erosion problems.

As such, Erizon’s team of dedicated soil scientists are offering hydroseeding services and solutions that are all cost-effective and highly sustainable.

Meeting the Need to Revegetate Queensland

Much of Queensland thrives on agricultural and industrial development. The state is also expanding its residential areas, thanks to the influx of people and a boosting economy.

Unfortunately, the same factors that contribute to Queensland’s economic prosperity are also disrupting the region’s ecological balance.

With vast acres of lands being destroyed by human activities each year, Queensland often suffers from severe erosion and its accompanying landslides.

Without any concrete plans on revegetating these lands, state residents may be at risk of dust exposure and other erosion-related calamities.

Luckily, the local council is taking steps toward preventing and controlling erosion events in the region. Officials have also given mandates on regulating the use of lands.

Among other recommendations, the government is requesting private companies and developers to use lands according to their capacity and to protect any disturbed soil with sufficient plant cover.

As much as possible, these solutions should be implemented quickly and sustainably. Else, Queensland may have to suffer from an alarming rate of erosion issues in the near future.

Addressing these concerns, however, would require large-scale revegetation facilities and a tailor-made solution that ensures optimal plant growth.

Here is where Erizon’s specialised technologies can be of help.

The Best Hydroseeding Solution for Queensland

Erizon provides hydroseeding services and solutions that revegetate vast areas more quickly than conventional methods.

We have a team of soil scientists and product engineers who take the time to analyse a target area and create solutions that will address its peculiar conditions.

Our process always includes this analysis phase to ensure a perfect match between the soil and the hydroseeding mix we apply.

We only proceed with the application proper after a thorough investigation of the site. Our soil testing and analysis considers the target area’s weather conditions, slope, history of use, and intended future use.

After the analysis phase, our team will outline a specific set of hydroseeding procedures for the target site. In most cases, we will be recommending the use of our premium product called the EnviroSprout.


EnviroSprout — Erizon’s flagship hydroseeding solution — offers an efficient and sustainable solution to erosion control.

It provides a scientifically advanced method of revegetation, and it acts more quickly than conventional methods such as direct seeding and drill seeding.

Using EnviroSprout is also cost-effective. It helps reduce overall project and labour costs which is even more economical than laying turf.

One of the best features of EnviroSprout is its ability to form a hard crust, binding soil to the seed and eventually preventing erosion. It also increases water retention and promotes the fast germination of seeds.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon stands out as the leading provider of revegetation services in Australia. With over 25 years of demonstrated experience, Erizon’s team of experts has already helped rehabilitate vast acres of land.

Our soil scientists and product engineers stand on three major principles, namely, excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Thus, our hydroseeding procedures will always seek to minimise risks and optimise vegetation growth.

It is Erizon’s greatest aim to help Queensland, among other states in Australia, address erosion issues effectively. We envision the region to be a cleaner and greener place — where residents not only prosper economically but also live more safely.

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