Erosion Control South Australia

Our comprehensive erosion control solutions have been meticulously crafted to endure the most unforgiving climates found across Australia. They exhibit exceptional resilience, stabilising virtually any surface with remarkable efficiency. Our solutions seamlessly bind to the substrate within hours, delivering instant and reliable erosion control.

Our solutions offer excellent erosion control and display superior resistance to UV, chemicals, and abrasion. They can quickly secure steep slopes and are far safer and more expedient to install than conventional erosion control blankets.

In contrast to traditional erosion control blankets, such as geo-fabric, our pioneering solutions prioritise safety during application and demonstrate superior effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Extensive testing and practical implementation have consistently validated their unmatched performance. Remarkably, our solutions boast an impressive lifespan of over 20 years, setting a new standard in long-lasting erosion control.

Meeting The Challenges Of Soil Erosion

Recognising the individuality of each site and the imperative for personalised strategies, our team of accomplished scientists undertakes a comprehensive site survey to ascertain precise demands and prerequisites.

Through the meticulous collection and analysis of soil samples and a thorough examination of site characteristics, the soil results provide us with a profound understanding of the land’s condition. Armed with this knowledge, we are empowered to develop a hydroseeding solution that is meticulously tailored to meet the site’s specific requirements.

Our erosion control solutions offer a remarkable advantage over traditional erosion control blankets, as they can be applied up to ten times faster. This expedited process significantly reduces overall project time and costs. Moreover, by employing state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies, we can effectively mitigate safety risks associated with the application.

The Best Solution For Erosion Control In South Australia

Our erosion control solutions are best for South Australian land owners, developers, and contractors. Some of the solutions we employ include EcoArmour.

EcoArmour has a non-flammable crust that holds down the substrate to prevent wind and rain erosion, thus making it weatherproof. It can be installed ten times faster than conventional erosion blankets, saving you money and time that can be focused on other erosion-prone areas.

We install EcoArmour quickly, which can take effect within four hours from the application. It is so durable that it can last up to 20 years. It can outlast traditional products because of its resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Its superior adhesion capability helps it withstand harsh weather. It also comprises fibres, minerals, and binders to stabilise it on steep slopes.

Post-project monitoring is part and parcel of Erizon’s superior process. Despite testing and improving solutions for decades, we never leave a client uncertain post-application. In the final phase, our monitoring drones scan and photograph the site. This ensures the project went as planned and enables us to get an insight into further issues that may need addressing.

Why Choose Erizon?

The work of our team has benefited thousands of acres of Australian land. We have been innovating our solutions and methods to make sure that any project we handle will be compliant with Australian environmental standards and able to withstand extreme weather for over 25 years.

We use a scientific method where each detail is evaluated so we can tailor the best erosion control solution for a tract of land. Thanks to our scientists, engineers, and technicians, we have saved erodible lands with 100% project success. Finally, Erizon wants to help South Australia and the rest of the country control the problems caused by erosion.

Erizon: The Best Solution For Erosion Control
  • Ensures effective and long-lasting protection from erosion based on experience and  scientific research
  • Fortifies soils to maintain soil and terrain integrity regardless of climate or environmental conditions
  • Delivers cost-effective and efficient application solutions to protect large areas of land, with guaranteed results

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