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South Australia’s rapid progress meets the challenge of environmental sustainability. Increased temperatures because of climate change have aggravated the erosion issues of the state. Yearly, extreme weather, powerful storms, and torrential rains threaten barren lands all over the regions. Sometimes residents suffer from a disastrous landslide.

Erizon understands the severity of the threat and the difficulty of addressing it, especially if without expert help. We offer a science-based and tailored approach to every site needing rehabilitation and provide rapid-install, fast-acting, and durable erosion-control solutions.

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Meeting the Challenges of Erosion Control

While erosion is a natural phenomenon that occurs over time, many human activities trigger the increase in its intensity and frequency.

For instance, the clearance and cultivation of lands for agriculture or construction have made them more vulnerable to erosion, unless rehabilitated.

Soil erosion, in particular, has become the top priority threat to agricultural soil in South Australia. As much as 6 million cleared lands are at risk for erosion by wind, and 3.2 million others are susceptible to water erosion.

These numbers call for a highly effective and long-lasting erosion control solution.

Without a proactive approach to erosion, it can continue to pose environmental risks and trigger events such as landslides. Eventually, it will have adverse effects on the state’s economy and overall safety.

The situation becomes worse because of climate change. Intense warming makes the soil dry. Strong winds flying across the continent would often trigger dust storms. When torrential rains come, the rushing water carries with it massive chunks of earth and mud. Sometimes, a storm leads to a disastrous landslide.

The South Australian government is spreading awareness on the state’s erosion issues and their most effective solutions. Clay spreading and delving are some mitigation methods the community has tried to prevent wind erosion. Meanwhile, authorities promote more sustainable land management practices, including no-till sowing.

Unfortunately, proper land management is a challenging feat. Different lands have different slopes, terrain, local climate conditions, and nutritional needs. They also serve varying purposes. The only common thing among them is their need for protection against erosion.

Some properties include hundreds of acres of land, and landowners will probably need to use special equipment to rehabilitate them. But not everyone has the required applicators to address steep slopes and rocky, hard-to-reach areas. It will take professional help to execute the solution’s installation properly.

Other areas may need immediate action. The slower, more traditional erosion control methods may not protect the land when extreme weather occurs.

Knowing the above issues, Erizon offers South Australia our eco-friendly erosion control solutions. Our team of experts have carefully developed and perfected our soil covers and made them durable, long-tasting, and highly effective on any site.

The Best Solution for Erosion Control in Victoria

At Erizon, we offer a thorough process of rehabilitating a site and protecting it from further erosion. Our long-term erosion control has proven itself to be far superior to any traditional method.

We have a team of scientists, engineers, and technicians who follow the scientific method to address erosion problems. Our science-based protocol starts with an investigation and ends with a monitoring period.

The investigation phase involves a 3D drone survey, soil analysis, and client consultation.

Erizon’s advanced drones can scan the entire area and make a detailed map of the terrain. Thie resulting data is crucial for our engineers to determine how to install the solution on the site.

Our scientists will also take soil samples and analyse them in terms of physical properties and composition. Some soils no longer have the nutrients necessary to support plant growth. These depleted soils need more enhancements, such as fertilisers and mulch.

The client consultation part gives us more insights into the area. We consider factors such as local weather, history of land use, history of extreme weather events, and intended future use.

We will consider all the above factors and data in outlining a tailored procedure for the site. Every site is unique and has varying needs. Thus, we always tailor our approach and solution to solve their specific issues.

Given the official procedure, our technicians will then take over and perform the required site preparations. They may do earthworks to apply the emulsion if required.

Once the preparation is complete, we apply the most appropriate erosion control solution.

Our top favourite is our scientists’ invention. It is a synthetic erosion control blanket, and we call it the EcoArmour.

Erizon’s technicians can easily spray the EcoArmour on land, and it will dry and set in 4 hours. Its application also takes ten times faster than conventional solutions. This rapid-install feature saves time, energy, and other resources. Thus, it also benefits the client’s budget.

Because it dries rapidly, it immediately acts to protect the soil. It provides immediate erosion control that lasts over 20 years.

EcoArmour’s durability owes a lot to its high-shear resistant nature. Its nonflammable crust holds the substrate in place, resisting fires and erosion by wind or water.

It also resists abrasion and chemical intrusion. Its weathering performance exceeds conventional solutions significantly.

One secret to EcoArmour’s superior quality is its composition. It comprises a blend of interlocking fibres, minerals, and specialty binders. These binders work to integrate into the substrate beneath. What results is a resilient but flexible cover that binds with the ground and moves with it.

This unique binding provides flexibility to the soil cover, thus eliminating cracking. Our scientists have added a hydrophobic polymer to the blend so that the coating repels water and prevents weed growth.

If the site’s needs and characteristics call for the EcoArmour to solve its erosion issues, our technicians will be happy to perform the installation. We also have more options that provide equally competitive rehabilitative solutions, and they address specific site needs.

For the installation procedure, we will use the most suitable equipment according to the terrain. We have a complete set of applicators and tractors that match particular slopes and soil characteristics. We use either of our LBC hydro trailers, hoses, hydro trucks, and hydro truck tracks for erosion control solutions.

After completing all the installation procedures, we do not stop and consider the project done. Instead, we begin our monitoring period.

We will monitor the site using our 3D drones. With their innovative scanning technology, we can see the progress of the site remotely. We examine the scanned images to make sure that the project has gone on as planned.

If anything comes up during the monitoring, our experts will take necessary measures immediately. But most of our previous projects did not have any post-application issues at all. Our scientific protocol has already taken care of all angles and factors right from the start, so the procedures and solution worked well together.

What results is 100% project success and client satisfaction.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon provides Australia with the most advanced erosion control solutions for over 25 years now. Our team of scientists, engineers, and technicians offer a full commitment to rehabilitating the country’s barren soils.

Utmost care for the environment is our primary driver to excel. We also integrate innovation in our product formulations. A balance of both results in soil covers that are eco-friendly, toxic-free, water-saving, fast-acting, and long-lasting.

Our scientists and engineers are continually improving our synthetic erosion control blanket and other rehabilitative products through continued research.

Erizon’s scientific protocol makes our services superior and well-approved by clients. We always investigate the peculiarities of the site first before deciding on the solution and procedure to use. We also come full circle by checking and monitoring the entire area to ensure everything goes as planned.

The thoroughness of our process ensures project success and long-lasting protection from erosion.

Ultimately, our overall aim is to help South Australia and the rest of the country become erosion-free. We love working to fulfil that dream.

Are you ready to get started on your erosion control project? Get in touch with us today.

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