Dust Suppression Sydney

Sydney’s generally temperate climate and fast-growing economy make it a highly desirable place to live. With its progress, however, comes a devastating compromise on the environment.

For years, coastal erosion has stricken the city’s public and private properties. Meanwhile, dust exposure from barren lands has placed several communities at risk of respiratory health problems.

Without adequately addressing these environmental issues, Sydney could soon suffer worse.

Thus, Erizon aims to help the local government and private property owners rehabilitate its disrupted lands. We offer cutting-edge technologies for dust suppression that help improve the overall safety of the city and protect its growing populace.

Meeting The Challenges of Dust Suppression

Sydney’s progress, population growth, and industrialisation are not without adverse effects. While commercial and industrial sites push the economy forward, their construction and development have also left much of the environment scarred.

Loosened soils also get carried by the wind more easily. What results is airborne dust. Sometimes, these dust particles can also bring harmful substances with them. Dust settles on landscapes or is inhaled by humans, destroying the lungs gradually.

In regions near sandy beaches where coastal erosion is at its peak, dust suppression has also become the primary need.

Dust storms prevail in the city. These events result in poor visibility, affecting not only those on the ground but also flights.

Authorities have pointed out that these dust storms occur when strong winds pick up dry soil.

This point only confirms one thing. Dry soil — caused by mining and other industrial and commercial activities — poses threats to the health and safety of Sydney.

Drought exacerbates the issue, and climate change increases the severity of drought cases. Climate change, as most are already aware of, is the collective result of environmental abuse. It is the same problem over and over again.

Thus, the solution is painfully simple. The soils of Sydney need sustainable rehabilitation efforts. Else, the residents will continue to suffer from the planet’s response to our collective neglect and carelessness.

Part of the good news, though, is that the city council is already doing its best to address dust and erosion issues immediately.

Officials recommend that any dry and barren land should have immediate rehabilitation and sufficient covering.

Unfortunately, the extent of the work requires much more than traditional dust suppression methods. Conventional processes still compromise the health of the environment. In case one part is solved, other issues would arise and leave Sydney to the cycle again, in just a few years.

This cyclic issue has caught the attention of Erizon. In response to the overwhelming plight of dust exposure, we offer dust suppression solutions that ensure both sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The Best Solution for Dust Suppression in Sydney

Erizon utilises cutting-edge technologies for dust suppression. Our goal is to help Sydney mitigate erosion and dust exposure through a science-based approach.

Our team includes soil scientists, analysts, product engineers, and revegetation specialists. We all work together to provide guidance and solutions to rehabilitation projects from start to finish.

Erizon’s process always involves scientific investigation and analysis. We begin by consulting with our clients and knowing the specific dust issues in the target site. Our highly trained staff will outline the project’s goals and report them to our scientists for the next step.

Using the latest drone technology, our technicians will conduct a 3D survey of the entire site. It captures a detailed image map of the area.

Our soil scientists will then take the reins and start testing soil samples from the site. After a thorough analysis and consideration of the overall project goals, we will choose the appropriate dust suppression solution for the area.

The application proper soon starts. Depending on the landscape and climate conditions of the site, we will be using specialised spreaders and advanced applicators. We make use of spray bars, HydroRigs™, and even drones, helicopters, and air tractors. We also utilise hoses for narrow areas.

Our highly trained technicians ensure the even and uniform application of the dust suppression solution.

Erizon also manufactures our own dust suppressants. We only include substances that are environmentally compliant, non-toxic, water-saving, and cost-effective. The best benefit is that the target site will immediately notice the reduction of airborne dust after the application.

We do not end any project without post-application monitoring. Our specialists will use drones with the latest scanning and imaging technology to make sure the dust cover works as planned.

In case any issues arise, our team will be ready to respond and conduct appropriate measures immediately.

Why Choose Erizon?

For over 25 years now, Erizon has been aiding Australia in its soil rehabilitation and dust suppression projects. Our dust suppression specialists have helped mitigate erosion problems and minimise airborne dust.

Erizon’s team of soil scientists and product engineers work together to formulate and develop premium soil covers. We make sure that each product is safe for the environment and will provide a long-lasting solution for disrupted lands.

Overall, our vision for Sydney is simple. We hope to see it continue to prosper while maintaining a clean, green, and safe environment. With excellence and innovation at the core of our operations, we aim at helping this city become erosion-free.

Learn about Erizon’s guaranteed Dust Suppression Solutions here!

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