Dust Suppression Victoria

Victoria is known for its unpredictable and diverse weather conditions. Its wild climate usually brings in disastrous events to many of its regions, including dust storms and dust haze. Powerful winds whip dust from plenty of loose topsoils during the hot and dry seasons.

These circumstances often leave residents at continual high risk of dust exposure. Dust particles, when suspended in the air, can cause harmful respiratory illnesses, including asthma attacks.

To address these issues, Erizon offers dust suppression services that help protect Victoria locals from the adverse effects of the spread of dust in the community.

Our team of experienced professionals are ready to provide cost-effective solutions to dust concerns in areas with harsh weather conditions. We design our methods to create durable, water-resistant, and environmentally friendly surface crusts over dust, soil and aggregate.

Meeting the Challenges of Dust Control in Victoria

In the course of its history, Victoria has been confronted by environmental problems like dust storms and recurring bushfires. The widely varied climate of the state contributes to its susceptibility to these phenomena. In fact, there are some regions in Victoria that experience distinctly dry seasons and extreme summer heat.

The high temperatures and very low humidity during these times bring risks across the state. As a result, the dry weather condition causes deficient soil moisture and parched forests lands.

When strong northerly winds — with a passing low-pressure trough and storm system — blow through these lands, dust storms are triggered.

Clay-sized, silt-sized and sand-sized soil dust particles are lifted by the wind high into the air, posing a health risk to the community. Generally, the smaller or finer particles get deeper into the lungs and can cause more detrimental health problems.

Furthermore, the blazing heat and fire-dependent eucalypt forests of Victoria also lead to another environmental risk— bushfires. Large amounts of dust, smoke and ash are in turn generated from the burning vegetation.

The dust in the air from these bushfires, together with dust storms, reduce the quality of air. They also affect the visibility and cause detrimental respiratory problems to the residents of Victoria.

To address these issues, the Victorian government has done measures to develop clean air for Victorians. A comprehensive Air Quality Strategy was established in 2019 to give foundation to air quality management and programs.

Additionally, the programs provided to improve the methods of soil cultivation and conservation in Victoria has reduced the intensity of dust storms and bushfires in the state in recent years.

However, without help from soil experts and professionals, the present interventions may not be sustained in the long run. Committed scientific methods can efficiently provide long-term solutions to the environmental problems that Victoria faces.

At Erizon, we make sure that our services and products are scientifically-backed up and are incredibly cost-effective and reliable over time. Our soil scientists apply a scientific approach to dust suppression solutions that gain successful results.

Erizon has a team of highly-trained specialists that helps solve the most complex dust abatement and dust control issues. Our goal is to safeguard Victoria’s residents from environmental health risks and hazards and assure them of a safe atmosphere to live.

The Best Solution for Dust Suppression in Victoria

For over 25 years now, Erizon has been committed to providing excellent dust suppression and erosion control solutions all over Australia.

Composed of an innovative, diverse and highly efficient group of soil scientists, professionals, and highly trained technicians and staff, Erizon has become the industry leader in large-scale mining and civil environmental solutions.

At Erizon, we highly value precision and accuracy. Combining these qualities with high-end innovative technology, science and field experience, Erizon provides the best dust suppression solutions in Victoria and the whole of Australia.

Erizon takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to give cost-effective and superior dust control results. We developed products that have water-saving capabilities to conserve up to 80% water more than conventional strategies.

We are also dedicated to offering environment-friendly methods. Our past clients can testify about this commitment. Multiple tests have been done by our engineers to make sure our products enhance soil properties without unnecessary wastes.

Furthermore, Erizon highlights an immediate control feature. Upon application to the substrate, our dust control solution acts immediately to suppress the spread of dust. This time-efficient feature effectively minimises site activity and significantly improves the air quality of the area.

Erizon utilises multiple application types. We use modern hydraulic technology and specialised equipment such as hose, cannon, spray bar, HydroRigs™, air tractors, helicopters and drones. Through advanced application methods, our expert technicians ensure the solution is mixed correctly and applied evenly.

Lastly, Erizon does not make solutions without making a thorough site investigation to determine the appropriate mixes and applications. We also take time to analyse client requirements, site conditions, and substrate properties.

After consultation with our skilled staff, our team will survey the target site using a state-of-the-art 3D drone technology. Through this facility, we will be able to map out the area in great detail and determine the properties, slope, terrain, and peculiar conditions of the land.

These 3D drones are also employed for on-project and post-project monitoring ensuring the procedure is going as planned, and that the set goals are being achieved.

Through these technologies and our experience in handling large and remote sites over the years, Erizon ensures professional management of every project. We always aim at yielding excellent results.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon offers unparalleled and trusted dust suppression control with 100% customer satisfaction all over Australia.

We provide eco-friendly and long-term, science-backed solutions that are cost-effective and energy-efficient at the same time. Our immediate-control feature also offers a fast and highly effective dust management solution.

At Erizon, we value our clients deeply. Thus, we employ cutting-edge technologies and modern applications in our approach. Among these, our utilisation of multiple application types and 3D drones guarantees accurate performance and tailor-made solutions.

Lastly, we believe that our mission is to serve and deliver a safe environment to the community, most notably at Victoria. With the locals’ cooperation, we can make Erizon’s vision a reality.

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