Erosion Control Western Australia

The diverse climate and rapid urbanisation rate of Western Australia have contributed much to its environmental problems. Over the years, the state has continually suffered from different erosion types — water, wind, and even coastal erosion.

These types of erosion can bring many threats to residents. They cause economic losses, an increase in pollution, loss of fertile lands, soil degradation, and even health risks.

We need effective erosion control methods to mitigate these harmful effects. Without proper interventions, damages can become uncontrollable.

Erizon has developed erosion control products and services to answer the erosion problems of Western Australia. Our long years of experience in solving environmental issues like dust abatement, soil stabilisation, and erosion control proves our reliability and efficiency.

Meeting The Challenges of Soil Erosion

Erosion, in different forms, is a common occurrence in Western Australia.

For instance, the state experiences wind erosion annually. The decreasing amount of rainfall, increasing temperatures, and the late and dry growing seasons all contribute to this phenomenon.

If hot summers follow the dry conditions during winter and spring, there will usually be a lack of groundcover in late summer and autumn. When strong autumn winds blow over the barren soil, they increase the rate of wind erosion.

In some areas of the state, extensive areas of sand cover the soil surface. These sandy soils, with little bits of clay, have a poor structure, detach easily, and are very erodible.

Wind erosion results in both short-term and long-term losses for individuals and the entire community. The removal of the fertile components of the ground affects productivity. It also causes dust pollution and degradation of infrastructures.

Furthermore, a large portion of Western Australia is at high risk of coastal erosion. The government identified 55 locations all over the state as hotspots for beach erosion. The worst part is that several beaches face the threat of being washed away in the coming years.

Many factors contribute to these impending disasters. Some examples include human-made structures that change the natural patterns of sand movement and the changes in weather and wave conditions.

Without proper intervention, these human activities will wreak havoc on the entire region. Coastal erosion already is and will continue to be costly. It can bring significant damage to both private and public assets.

Meanwhile, water erosion is another type of soil degradation that occurs heavily in Western Australia. The state spends $10 million yearly to counter the effects of water erosion. Unfortunately, human activities and rapid urbanisation continue to cause the significant acceleration of the rate of water erosion in the state.

When plants are farther apart from each other, decreasing plant cover, erosion rate increases. Soil compaction also spikes up soil erodibility. Once water from the rain runs over bare and manipulated lands, it removes soil material.

The unfortunate effect is the removal of topsoil from water erosion, affecting rooting depth and plant moisture. It could also cause sedimentation, silting of dams and natural waterways, and increased flooding.

Different agencies of the government have already created information campaigns to inform the public about these agents of erosion and their corresponding risks. These awareness initiatives also include means to minimise the varying types of erosion.

For instance, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development listed ways to manage erosion in pastures. They also wrote guidelines to minimise wind erosion. These suggestions included seasonal management options, keeping enough groundcover, protecting areas of massive soil disturbance, and reducing wind speed with windbreaks.

The Department of Planning Lands and Heritage has also developed a Coastal Zone Strategy. Part of the objectives is to protect, conserve, enhance, and maintain coastal values and natural processes.

Though all these information campaigns are helpful, one point stands true. Without the consistent implementation of solutions, erosion could still occur and do its damaging effects.

Erizon has acknowledged this and thus created dependable and long-lasting erosion control solutions. Our team of experts and engineers continually innovates and develops products that offer not only safe but also significant results. We have thus developed the capacity to manage different types of erosion in Western Australia — and even on a larger scale.

The Best Solution for Soil Erosion in Western Australia

Working in the field for over 25 years now, Erizon is already familiar with the different variations of soil erosion. As such, we know the most effective ways to decrease erosion rates and protect various types of surfaces.

Erizon upholds the value of innovation. We believe that our clients deserve only high-end and scientific methods. We give innovative solutions tailored to specific site conditions and requirements.

Our most recommended solution to mitigate soil erosion is EcoArmour. Developed by our team of highly experienced soil scientists, EcoArmour is a groundbreaking product designed to provide sustainable soil erosion control for up to 20 years.

EcoArmour is a synthetic control blanket that is safer, easier, and is 10 times faster to install than traditional erosion control blankets. It significantly reduces project duration and costs.

Made from interlocking fibres, a blend of minerals, and special binders, EcoArmour forms a robust and non-flammable crust. This durable crust can withstand any weather and can hold the soil in place to eliminate the effects of wind and water erosion.

The ability to adhere firmly to the ground is another essential feature of EcoArmour. It ensures perfect contact with the soil. Also, it incorporates itself to the substrate underneath to form a flexible cover. This cover moves with the ground to eliminate cracking in the coating.

The adherence of specialty binders to the ground ensures that it keeps the blankets in place against wind, rocks, and debris. As a result, erosion does not occur below them.

Hydrophobic polymers also compose EcoArmour blankets. The addition of these polymers makes the blankets waterproof and eliminates weeds that compete with vegetative growth.

Designed for easy use and application, we can spray EcoArmour in a pneumatic projection at high velocity through the use of hydro trucks. This quick application is perfect for sizeable areas of land to reduce the time of application.

Once sprayed, EcoArmour dries and sets immediately. This feature ensures immediate and high-shear resistant erosion control.

EcoArmour is also suitable for all land types and areas — roadside batters, steep slopes, vertical walls, culvert linings, Swales, and drains. It could also be mixed with colouring agents to blend in with the environment.

Erizon provides not only working solutions; we build relationships and long-term partnerships with our clients.

For this reason, we always begin our projects with a comprehensive consultation and dialogue with our clients. In this way, we become acquainted with the site specifications and the client’s specific goals.

Our team of professionals conduct an initial site visit for a site survey. In this phase, we also utilise modern 3D drone technologies to map out the area in great detail.

Through the information gathered from our site survey, we develop solutions and give informed recommendations to our clients. We choose the products, specifications and applications.

Then we begin our intervention. Depending on the state of the land, we do different types of surface preparation and earthworks. We ensure the even application of our products to the site through our latest equipment.

Finally, we do constant monitoring during the project duration. This step assures us that the project is going as planned. It also helps us inspect the area for issues and difficulties. Once the project is over, we conduct the post-project monitoring protocol to make sure the results are positive and our clients get 100% satisfaction.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon works with a focus on excellence. Thus, we are confident that our promises align with our delivery.

We also believe in the principle of sustainability. In that regard, we design and use products that are not only strong but are also environment-friendly. We always innovate to give our clients excellent results.

Time has tested our erosion control solutions. We have successfully mitigated erosion in many areas of Western Australia. We assure you the best partnership in giving answers to different environmental problems.

At Erizon, we don’t just give solutions. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ system. Thus, we provide only specific solutions and tailored methodologies. This way, we can assure each project receives the best products and services.

Our commitment to conducting a post-application monitoring phase ensures all projects are going smoothly, and we address all problems immediately.

Finally, Erizon’s supreme goal is to make Western Australia a safer place to live. For this reason, mediocrity is not an option.

We invite you to partner with us to make this goal a reality.

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