Drone Technology: Providing Revolutionary Environmental Solutions

The Industrial Revolution of the twenty-first century has endeavoured to provide an unprecedented scope of technological advances.

With global populations systematically jumping on board, Erizon® has never been far behind in adapting cutting edge approaches to company operations. Inherently the ideology presented in the form of an unmanned aerial vehicle, more commonly referred to as a drone, has become an innovation and concept no longer fit for the future. Instead streamlined into various industries to help improve systematic approaches to professional procedures.

Erizon® is dedicated to maintaining a market-leading position in the environmental solutions sector, with an upwards of 25 years of experience in providing superior dust suppression, erosion control and revegetation projects across some of the most complex issues in environmental projects Australia wide. The foundation of our approach is underpinned by innovation and cutting edge technologies that enable successful environmentally sustainable solutions.

Due to the large scope of projects that we undertake regularly, we must continually keep up to date with the large spectrum of highly sophisticated and effective equipment currently within our asset line-up. It is not by choice but by necessity that we maintain our market-leading position, not based on status, but pure retrospect that our customers deserve unprecedented project results.

Since the implementation of drones into our equipment range, we have been able to significantly underpin our client projects with greater detail of information, assisting in time and cost efficiency for solution-driven results. We utilise this technological platform as a basis for all of our company operations, from an initial assessment through to post-application reviews.

Along with the precision and accuracy of the information that is obtainable upon each drone mission, as listed below there is a substantial list of other benefits that support our need to have them as a core equipment apparatus in our company procedures

The comparative analysis of benefits as highlighted above has pinpointed substantial evidentiary facts that support our need to continually invest in these technological advances. The implementation of drones not only helps improves access to critical operational data but also assists in maintaining a safe workplace.

Drone Monitoring:

Environmental monitoring plays a central role in diagnosing climate and management impacts on natural and agricultural systems, enhancing the understanding of hydrological processes, optimising the allocation and distribution of water resources, assessing, forecasting and prevention on natural landscape issues.

Drones for environmental monitoring operations provide a means of increased mobility and accessibility to remote and often inaccessible locations. Allowing our team to accurately scale-out project spaces by providing an in-depth understanding of the substrate below. This birds-eye view has proven to provide exceptional results that assist in each landscape analysis and tailored project proposal. Providing 3D modelling, area monitoring, and image mapping allow us to plan our approach to a high degree of detail and accuracy, according to the specified land characteristics.

Some of the vital information that we can obtain is the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Normalised Difference Red Index (NDRI, Chlorophyll, including plant counts, plant height, plant health analysis, and substrate moisture. This vital information is used in conjunction with soil testing to determine tailored solutions that address the agricultural problems facing the client project scope.

Heavy-Lift Drone:

More recently we have looked into the multi-faceted capabilities of drones, to discover and implement new safety measures with the use of our heavy-lift drone. Designed to cooperate with the framework of our safety operations policy, ‘Vision Zero’, an approach to delivering exceptional results that subscribe to the highest possible standards attainable, where zero injuries or fatalities occur within the workplace.

At Erizon®, Vision Zero in accordance with our safety policy is our number one priority, which is why we have chosen to invest in top of the range heavy-lift drones. These drones have been engineered with state of the art technology, designed to lift in excess of 100kg weight. The niche apparatus is Intended to be used in some of the toughest and most durable industries in the world, this type of drone allows us to utilise the lifting capabilities to access hard to reach points, eliminating the need for employees to partake in high-risk product application procedures.

The sophisticated engineering combined with the FPV software allows the drones to navigate and complete precise route flights to the specified location and apply the custom solution with ease. At all times while the drone is in flight mode, our drone pilot can visually scope the surrounding environment to ensure to avoid obstructions that may affect the application process.

Despite providing great advantages to our project procedures, heavy-lift drones are delicate pieces of machinery and required our drone piolet to undertakes a variety of courses and licensing qualifications, to have the ability to safely and effectively carry out our workplace drone missions.

“An Industry first: Erizon® pioneering the use of heavy lift drones in the environmental sector.”

Future Endeavours:

As Erizon® continues to utilise drone technology to help deliver effective environmental solutions across Australia, we aim to maintain our understanding of the new game-changing technological and engineering advances. This continual insight into contemporary innovations will help to ensure that we are providing the highest quality and most effective services that meet the rising substrate issues presented Australia wide. We endeavour to maintain our market-leading position in the environmental sector by looking to the future as a gateway to achieving greater results, improved site applications, and superior safety systems that align with our Vision Zero policy.

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