Choosing The Right Dust Suppression Solution

“Our dust suppression methods revolve around quickly and effectively solving dust issues that pose as a health hazard to local traffic and the environment.”

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Erizon® have been market leaders in superior dust suppression solutions for over 25 years in, managing some of the most complex issues in the commercial mining, civil, oil & gas, environmental and infrastructure projects Australia-wide. The foundation of our approach is underpinned by innovation and cutting edge technologies that enable successful environmentally sustainable solutions. Our dust suppression methods revolve around quickly and effectively solving dust issues that pose as a health hazard to local traffic and the environment. This is sustainably implemented by creating durable, water resistant and environmentally friendly surface crusts over dust, soil, and aggregate.

We aim to provide a tailored dust suppression solution for our clients, which is dependent upon a host of variables that are site-specific to the project, such as, micro-climate, seasonal conditions, substrate conditions, salinity levels, soil type, the area topography, accessibility, drainage, and project duration. Our project solution is dictated by these variables in conjunction with an independent soil analysis which is conducted by our inhouse, soil scientist and agronomist. The findings from this data will assist in choosing one of the following dust control solutions for the project at hand.


Used for a variety of different projects across Australia, SuppressX® is our number one dust suppression solution. Proven time after time, SuppressX® has been scientifically engineered to eliminate dust lift without changing or compromising the substrate beneath it. Drawing on cutting-edge technologies, this non-toxic solution has been developed with retentive, cross-linked water-soluble polymers, and engineered to save water and minimise site activity.

Upon application to the soil, the solution will penetrate the substrate below, binding to fine particles to form an interconnected flexible crust. The newly formed layer is an efficient and cost-effective approach to dust suppression, helping to resist erosive winds and rains.

The tailored approach is developed on environmental considerations, however, has had proven success in non- trafficked areas, such as tailings and ash dam storage facility.


A market leading solution designed to solve dust suppression issues in the mining, civil and infrastructure industries. FibreLoc® has been specifically purpose-built for areas where unpredictable and harsh weather conditions contribute to dense dust erosion issues, which can rapidly become a health hazard. This solution is also suitable for areas with an inconsistent substrate and high levels of salinity.

Erizon® has developed FibreLoc® as a robust dust suppression solution that can quickly eliminate further issues caused by dust. The unique construct is made up of interlocking wood fibres incorporated by stronghold environmentally friendly binders to form a flexible yet sturdy blanket, aimed to withstand erosion, unpredictable and varying site substrate conditions.

The structure of the solution once in contact with the soil becomes resistant protection, for functional longevity.


A unique approach to dust suppression, with revegetation in mind – offering efficient and economical results. HydroBond®, has been backed by science and has proven to effectively suppress dust while simultaneously promoting faster germination with added seed protection.

Formulated using a specialist blend of polymers and propriety additives, is mixed with water to act as a binder to assist in ease of application. Offering superior technologies, HydroBond® is both permeable to air and water allowing for germination and seeding to take place, while binding dust particles.

HydroBond® can be tailored to the client’s needs, with the addition of hydromulching and hydroseeding products such as tackifiers and fibres, which are designed to promote greater vegetation growth. With application possible with and without mulch, HydroBond® is both an efficient and cost-effective solution, for long term sustainability.

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RoadBond® is a dust suppression solution, which has been specifically formulated for unsealed roads, haul roads, and hard stands. Developed for trafficked areas and work-sites, it reduces dust immediately by penetrating into the loose substrate to form a coat and agglomerate loose soil particles together resulting in a reworkable, dust-free layer. In doing so, it increases and promotes work-site safety by limiting the impact of loose dust on the health of personnel, the environment and surrounding local communities.