What is EcoArmour?

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EcoArmour is an eco-friendly, sprayable synthetic erosion control blanket innovated by leading Australian environmental solutions provider Erizon. It has been scientifically developed to protect the soil surface from various degrees of erosion and withstand the harshest weather conditions– from dry, arid conditions to extreme wind and rain events. 

Its unique blend of minerals, interlocking fibres, and binders form a durable yet flexible crust. Because the solution can bind effectively to any substrate such as sand, sandy loam, clay, soil, shale, rock, and weathered concrete, it can stabilise any surface. Also, EcoArmour is resistant to flames and doesn’t shrink or crack.

EcoArmour is faster and easier to apply than traditional erosion control blankets using state-of-the-art HydroRigs. The HydroRigs’ hydraulic cannons and extendable hose reels that can spray the solution up to 250 metres away can safely reach difficult-to-access areas and dangerous terrains, eliminating the risk for workers.

Because it can dry within 3 to 5 hours after application, it provides almost immediate erosion control. Unlike other erosion control solutions that can’t be applied when rainfall is imminent, EcoArmour can withstand moderate rain events 3 hours after application. 

With impressive functional longevity of 20+ years, EcoArmour lasts longer than traditional erosion control blankets. It also meets all relevant transport and main roads specifications, including:

  • MRSW52 – Erosion and sediment control
  • 20601P – Geobinders
  • 20605P – Erosion control blanket 

With this, typical applications of EcoArmour include erosion control and stabilisation of roadside batters, steep slopes, swales, drains, bunds, culvert linings, vertical walls, and levees. Whether you’re operating in the mining, civil, rail, defense, agriculture, public works, utilities, or infrastructure industry, EcoArmour is the ideal erosion control solution especially when revegetation is not possible. 

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