Dust Suppression: A Guaranteed Solution

There are many different dust control and suppression products within the Australia and international market; all designed to meet a diverse array of environmental and workplace challenges – but how do you know which one is the right one and what company to trust?

It is vital to look beyond the cheapest option for the sake of a quick fix solution and find a company that exists to provide shared, long-lasting value and results that are backed by integrity. We understand that there is an enormous responsibility placed on those who seek to eliminate dust, particularly areas indicating high-risk levels of dust. It’s essential to take this issue with extreme caution and ensure that you contact the right people to meet your site requirements, the first time; otherwise, it could cause dire consequences for local communities, water systems and your budget.

We suggest before making any quick decision that you evaluate available products against your specific site, performance, and cost criteria. Review the manufacturer’s product literature, safety data sheet (SDS), and instructions before committing to the product or service. Consider the risk to human health or the environment from hazardous characteristics of product ingredients, application practices, and the environmental tendencies of the site.

At Erizon®, we have looked beyond standard dust control solutions and have employed scientific trials over the years to perfect the innovative solutions we have on offer today. Our environmentally sustainable approach to dust suppression involves the use of cutting-edge technologies that not only sustain quality and integrity, but are backed by trust, communication, and understanding.

Our difference is our ability to designate a successful quality assurance and management program, which aims to ensure that procedures implemented during the design phase of an environmental project effectively meet the long term goals and objective of your company. This systematic methodology ensures that the quality remains the same throughout the project phase period and continues beyond the application stage.


Erizon® is committed to delivering state of the art products and services that align with our valued client’s needs and project goals. Erizon® has adopted quality assurance and management systems that align with the ISO 9001:2015 framework to ensure the utmost quality standards are achieved consistently within our industry. Our quality guarantee is an ongoing process that is continuously measured by our procedures, policies and customer feedback company-wide. We use only the highest quality materials and have independent third-party and internal audits conducted
to ensure continual improvement and a high level of service is maintained.

When approaching the initial client project phase, we are committed to conducting an extensive investigation, research and project coordination, including; planning, organisation, implementation, inspection, monitoring and auditing to provide a quality product and service that will satisfy our client’s requirements.

Quality control and assurance are fundamental factors that support our three methodology principle’s to supply, apply and guarantee effective results. We place these factors at the forefront of every project to ensure that compliance measures are across the board throughout every phase.

1. Supply

During your research, it is crucial to find the right solution that suits your environmental conditions and ongoing site requirements. With every new enquiry we, don’t just pluck a solution out of a hat; our recommendations revolve around a thorough investigation of all site particulars derived from, drone surveying, soil and environmental conditions, and laboratory results.

We aim to effectively tailor a site-specific solution to solve the most complex dust abatement issues across Australia. Our methods are designed to create durable, water-resistant and environmentally friendly surface crusts over dust, soil and aggregate. We also offer dust control solutions to cater to sites suited for vegetation growth. All of our products are developed, made and extensively tested right here in Australia on some of the most depleted and degraded soils nationwide. Based on our experience and exclusive product offerings, we are confident you will achieve project success the first time around.

The best type of dust control solution for your site will depend upon a host of site-specific variables, such as the time available to establish the vegetation, dust levels, micro-climate, seasonal conditions, soil type, the area topography, drainage and project duration. These variables are critically analysed and supported by our specialist team of Australia’s leading agronomists, horticulturalists and soil scientists. When the team is satisfied with the chosen recommendations, a detailed proposal is designed to support your environmental requirements and ongoing site objectives.

2. Apply

When you partner with Erizon®, you can rest assure that you are hiring knowledge and expertise from highly trained technicians that are committed to meet the Australian safety, environmental and quality standards. Our plant and equipment are mine compliant and maintained according to manufacturer specifications and requirements to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment during operation. It is our priority to ensure that adequate timeframes are scheduled to conduct an even and uniform application of the product to ensure that sufficient and sustainable results are successfully achieved.

Throughout every project, Erizon® records essential information such as, the scope of work undertaken, environmental conditions and application results, which is delivered back to the client in the form of a tailored Quality Management Plan and an Inspection & Test Plan (ITP). This collated information provides the client with an official document stipulating the project outcome and supplies our team with the accountability of the services presented.

3. Guarantee

We guarantee results the first time around to give you peace of mind!

Access qualified advice from our specialists on how we can guarantee outstanding results for your next environmental project. Your designated contract will specify the guarantee inclusions and exclusions based on-site variables and considerations. The agreement is established based around our thorough examination of site metrics and project expectations to ensure that there are no hidden confines – this is not only safeguarded via obligation but a standard that supports the integrity of the company.

When we supply and apply our products on-site, you can trust that the stipulated results will be delivered and guaranteed at a satisfactory level of agreement.

Other services include:

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Revegetation including Hydromulching and Hydroseeding

• Soil Stabilisation

If you would like to learn more about our Supply, Apply, Guarantee approach or discover more about our environmental services; don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team today.

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