Revegetating damaged and depleted lands can be a real challenge. Hydromulching is an innovative technique effective for vegetating large expanses of land quickly. This reliable and versatile solution can be used in flat, sloped, or hard to access areas.

It also provides a protective cover that delivers erosion control, long-term dust suppression, and soil stabilisation in road side batters, stockpiles, mine sites, and other industrial areas.

Suitable Application Types


Essential Benefits For Australian Industries

Lasting Performance
Bonds to the soil immediately and reduces turbidity of runoff, increasing functional longevity of up to 18 months.
Higher Water Retention
EnviroLoc’s wood fibres and micropore particles deliver up to 50% more water-holding capacity than standard hydromulch. Therefore, no watering is required.
Faster Growth
Our 3D fibre matrix technology prevents soil loss, retains more water, and maintains stable temperature to enhance germination.

What is Hydromulching?

Hydromulching is a one-step process that involves spraying a slurry of water, seed, fertiliser, cellulosic mulch fibres, binders, and tracking dye. The mixture is continuously agitated in specially designed HydroRigs with mounted hydraulic cannons and hoses to ensure even application and coverage of difficult to reach areas.

The mulch acts as a hydraulic growth medium that serves as a moisture reservoir that retains water and regulates soil temperature, allowing seeds to germinate faster. When applied onto the surface, the binders enable mulch fibres to stick to the ground, controlling erosion, preventing dust lift-off, and stopping wind and rain from displacing the seeds.

The Process

Drone Survey
We will conduct a highly accurate and detailed 3D survey to map our the area of your site.
Tailor the Best Solution
We will formulate the best solution possible to address your site-specific needs.
Even & Uniform Application
Our highly trained spray technicians will use the latest HydroRig technology to ensure an even and consistent application.
Drone Spraying
Drone spraying can be deployed to ensure a consistent growth rate across the site if needed.
Site Monitoring
State-of-the-art multispectral imaging drones are used to monitor the progress and health of the project, keeping project goals on track.

Case Studies

Quarry Rehabilitation

Quarry Rehabilitation |
Enviroloc Hydromulching BFM |
Mining / Quarry
railway vegetation

Malabar Rail Cutting Remediation

Hydromulching |
EnviroLoc Hydromulching BFM, EnviroSoil |

Aerial Dust Suppression

Aerial Dust Suppression |
SuppressX |

Agricultural Drone Herbicide Spraying

Penrith, NSW |
Diquat 200 sprayed using DJI Agras T20 |
hyromulching bfm

Hydromulching Project for EnergyConnect

Hydromulching |
EnviroLoc Hydromulching BFM |
Civil Construction
drone pilot watching the drone application

Drone Spraying – Vineyard Fungicide Application

Drone Spraying |
Supplied by client |