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The city of Adelaide suffers from coastal erosion and erosion on land left barren after modern human activities. The result is a high risk of landslides, property damage, and losing lives. The challenge is daunting for the people of the city.

Erizon took up the challenge and is now offering Adelaide a soil stabilisation solution to help its soils hold together despite extreme weather conditions.

Meeting The Challenges of Soil Stabilisation

Adelaide and South Australia, in general, continue to grow and develop as urban centres. As progress continues, however, certain activities, such as mining and construction, disturb the soil. 

Although many companies are already doing their part in restoring disturbed lands, the work is still challenging, and some regions are still left barren.

These barren and unstable soils are prone to erosion and landslides, especially the ones in steep areas. When extreme weather conditions come, both wind and rain can bring large chunks of soil down.

Climate change raises the frequency of these extreme weather conditions. With bushfires, natural vegetation is burned down. More and more areas are then exposed to wind and rain. The risk of erosion, landslides, property damage, and fatalities increases consequently.

Such disturbed soils need just the right degree and method of stabilisation to suit the soil composition.

The government has been promoting soil rehabilitation through revegetation. The plan looks promising, as it emphasises on replanting native vegetation. However, there are vast areas that require replanting on a large scale.

Many landowners or managers do not have the equipment to perform large-scale soil reworking and replanting. They usually rely on traditional methods, which are slow and often inefficient. To continue in this trend would be to waste more water, energy, time, and other resources. It also gives more chances for erosion to destroy more property.

Besides, traditional methods rarely cater to the peculiar properties of the soil. Some soils are too soft or too hard to deal with, while others have been stripped of nutrients. Some are in steep hillside areas, while others are tough to reach without using special applicators.

Depending on the soil’s planned use, these factors may need to be accounted for by professionals before any procedure is done.

At this point, Erizon’s help may be most needed. As a team that provides large-scale soil rehabilitation solutions, Erizon has all the applicators required to stabilise soils quickly.

The Best Solution for Soil Stabilisation in Adelaide

Erizon’s soil stabilisation solution addresses the worst erosion issues in Adelaide. It improves the soil’s resilience and resistance to failure, especially from external forces. When heavy rains and strong winds come, our solution keeps the soil particles together.

Our scientists have prepared this solution and made it applicable to various road types, lay-down areas, and even hardstands. All the soil stabilising agents we use are non-toxic and safe for the environment. They are also robust against extreme weather conditions. 

To make sure every project enjoys 100% success, Erizon employs a scientific approach.

We always begin our projects with an initial site investigation and soil analysis. Our scientists will take soil samples to analyse. Meanwhile, our staff will consult with the client to learn more about the site’s history of usage, type of terrain, surrounding communities, local climate conditions, and future planned use.

Also, we fly 3D scanning and imaging drones over the entire site. This step allows us to map out the whole location in 3D.

Using all the information gathered, our scientists and engineers will determine the most appropriate soil stabilisation solution for the site. Every site is peculiar, and understanding this sets Erizon’s service apart from the others. We will base our site rehabilitation procedures on the results of our team’s investigation.

After the team determines the outline of procedures, our technicians will then take over. They will head over to the site, work the ground, if necessary, and proceed with the application.

Erizon has high-quality equipment that works on vast lands faster and more efficiently. We have helicopters to cover wide plains, hydro trucks and hydrotruck tracks for high-pressure and quick applications, LBC hydro trailers for better speed and efficiency, and hoses to reach narrower areas.

When included in the outline of procedures, we also use our drones to spread additional fertiliser, soil probiotics, and trace elements 4–8 weeks after the application. This part ensures full vegetative growth in initially barren areas.

Erizon stands out among others in that we don’t stop at just the application. We even have a post-project monitoring phase to monitor our client’s site. We also use drones for this phase and draw up scans and 3D images of the site. Our clients could see how our solution works to stabilise the soil in their area.

In case of any issues arising within the monitoring phase, Erizon will respond immediately. However, we seldom encounter such problems as the scientific protocol already eliminates many of the possible application errors.

We guarantee that every project finishes strong and that we will achieve 100% of client satisfaction. 

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been providing soil stabilisation solutions for Australia for over 25 years now. With decades of innovation and a commitment to excellence, our scientists have formulated erosion control solutions of the highest quality.

We also ensure that our products are all environmentally compliant. Thus, our solutions are not only fast-acting, but are also water-saving, durable, and long lasting, making them more efficient than the conventional methods of soil stabilisation.

Our team is composed of engineers, technicians, and soil scientists who are all committed to excellence. We follow a scientific approach to every project to tailor our solutions to the site’s peculiar conditions.

Ultimately, it is our goal to help make Adelaide an erosion-free city. Partner with us today and let us turn this goal into reality.

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  • Provides an efficient and innovative method for large-scale soil stabilisation
  • Can be implemented on a variety of soil types for different uses
  • An ecologically safe solution that’s compliant to Australian environmental standards

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