Soil Stabilisation

Soil stabilisation is a solution that helps preserve the health of the soil and the environment. It is a process where polymers are used to modify the physical, chemical, or biological properties of soil to create a stronger foundation for many projects.

Erizon understands the importance of soil stabilisation for sustainable and effective soil management. Our comprehensive services help restore weak and disturbed soil, enhancing its nutrients, microbial activity, and mechanical structure.

Discover the essential benefits of soil stabilisation and find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Suitable Application Types

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Essential Benefits For Australian Industries

Soil stabilisation brings a multitude of benefits to various industries across Australia. By implementing our soil stabilisation solutions, you can experience:

Enhanced Soil Structure
Our services strengthen the soil, providing a stable foundation for construction and infrastructure projects.
Improved Fertility for Vegetation Growth
By restoring vital nutrients, we create an environment conducive to robust and healthy plant growth.
Balanced Soil Profile
Our solutions are tailored to the unique characteristics of each site, ensuring an optimal soil profile for maximum productivity.
Increased Permeability
Proper soil stabilisation allows for better water infiltration, reducing the risk of erosion and runoff.
Mitigated Environmental Issues
By preventing wind and rain erosion, we protect local communities and water systems from the negative impacts of soil disturbance.

Available Soil Stabilisation Solutions Depending On Your Needs

Disrupted or moved soils can lead to lowered micronutrient content and calcium, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc levels. Any nutrients that are missing will be replenished through a customised amendment solution, which comes with a hydromulching or hydroseeding solution for full-coverage revegetation.

Our hydromulching solutions can be customized to suit site-specific goals and requirements, making them versatile for various applications. It’s particularly effective for revegetating disturbed lands that are otherwise difficult to cultivate. This solution provides the optimal environment, enabling seeds to germinate and grow with ease.

Our services also include hydroseeding, a rapid and cost-effective method for areas with a rich topsoil layer and strong irrigation system. In contrast to traditional techniques – such as broadcast or drill seeding – hydroseeding produces quicker and more even seed coverage, creating a lush and healthy vegetation that thrives.


We Cater To A Wide Range Of Industries

We serve diverse industries that benefit from soil stabilisation, ensuring their projects are executed with environmental responsibility and long-term sustainability.

Our expertise extends to the following sectors:

Mining & Resources

From mine site rehabilitation to tailings dam management, our soil stabilisation solutions support responsible mining practices and minimize environmental impact.

Civil & Infrastructure

We provide soil stabilisation services for roads, highways, bridges, and other civil engineering projects, ensuring stable foundations and extended infrastructure lifespan.


Our solutions address soil instability issues along railway tracks, embankments, and cuttings, enhancing safety and reliability for the rail industry.


Erizon collaborates with government agencies to implement soil stabilisation solutions in various public infrastructure projects, promoting sustainable development.

Energy & Resource

We support energy and resource projects by providing soil stabilisation solutions that minimize erosion and preserve natural habitats during construction and operation.


For defence infrastructure and training areas, we offer soil stabilisation services that enhance terrain stability and reduce the risk of erosion.

How We Do It

We utilise innovative techniques and cutting-edge methodologies to achieve exceptional soil stabilisation results. Our expert team performs comprehensive soil testing, site analysis, and advanced drone mapping, gathering valuable data that enable us to tailor solutions precisely to each project’s unique requirements.

This approach ensures optimal soil health and long-term stability, laying the foundation for a durable and resilient soil structure.

The Process

Our step-by-step process for soil stabilisation projects encompasses:

Drone Survey
We will conduct a highly accurate and detailed 3D survey to map out the area of your site.
Tailor The Best Solution
We will formulate the best solution possible to address your site-specific needs.
Even & Uniform Application
Our highly trained spray technicians will use the latest HydroRig technology to ensure an even and consistent application.
Drone Spraying
Drone spraying can be deployed to ensure a consistent growth rate across the site if needed.

Choosing The Best Solution

Choosing the right soil stabilisation solution is crucial for successful outcomes. Our experienced consultants are here to guide you through the selection process, consideration of the site’s characteristics, project requirements, and environmental factors. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and find the best soil stabilisation solution for your needs.

Successful Soil Stabilisation Projects

Discover the successful soil stabilisation projects we have undertaken across Australia. Explore our case studies to see how we have transformed weak and disturbed soil into stable and productive landscapes.

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Agricultural Drone Herbicide Spraying

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Diquat 200 sprayed using DJI Agras T20 |
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Hydromulching Project for EnergyConnect

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Civil Construction
drone pilot watching the drone application

Drone Spraying – Vineyard Fungicide Application

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Sunshine Energy Park Revegetation

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