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Brisbane is a subtropical paradise that experiences mostly warm to hot and humid temperatures throughout the year. At the height of its summer, temperatures can reach as high as 40-45°C, which causes an increase of dust exposure to the city locals. Occasionally, after a period of drought, the city goes through unpleasant thunderstorms with hail and strong gusts of wind.

These conditions often leave loads of dust particles in the air. When people in the community inhale these particles, they could cause critical respiratory problems.

Erizon seeks to resolve the dust issues across Brisbane through sustainable environmental solutions. Backed with long years of experience and proven innovative solutions, Erizon’s dust suppression services guarantee the best results.

Meeting the Challenges of Dust Suppression

High concentrations of airborne dust is a common occurrence in Brisbane. Due to its climate, humidity conditions, and thunderstorms, wind erosion carries dust plumes to the city’s populated areas.

Since Brisbane is the second hottest city in Australia, the high temperature and humidity levels in the town results in drought, dust storms, and bushfires.

Drought produces dry and barren lands that cannot support vegetation. Dust storms create dust walls that can be several feet high and thousands of miles long. Bushfires, on the other hand, generate barren and exposed lands with loose soil. These occurrences elevate particle levels in all of Brisbane.

Moreover, as one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia, the high urbanisation rate of Brisbane highly contributes to its rural dust problems. Numerous construction activities and infrastructure projects within the town generate large volumes of construction dust.

The export of coal in Brisbane ports also produces coal dust emissions that expose the community to harmful particulate matter. On top of that, the multi-cargo port of Brisbane often has dust by-products when it handles import and export of products.

These dust particles bring environmental damage, agricultural risks, and an increase in respiratory diseases in the community.

Fully aware of this environmental nuisance, the city council of Brisbane developed a set of interventions to manage these issues.

In line with the Queensland Environmental Protection Act of 1994, Brisbane provided ways where locals can lodge complaints on environmental nuisance issues like dust control problems.

Additionally, the city has a regulation for coal mining and safety to help mitigate the effects of coal dust. For example, there is a load profiling requirement that reshapes the loaded coal surface and reduces dust emissions during coal transport.

Despite these excellent solutions from the government, expert help is still needed to bring about scientific interventions that yield positive and long-term results.

Proficient soil analysts that utilise modern and advanced technologies to solve dust issues will give highly urbanised areas like Brisbane excellent problem-solving strategies.

Erizon is composed of professionals and engineers that create tailor-made solutions to the most challenging dust control problems in metropolitan areas. We offer cost-effective and environment-friendly dust suppression products and applications which are ideal for mining, civil and infrastructure industries.

The Best Solution for Dust Suppression in Brisbane

Erizon leads the industry in developing highly effective remediation programs to help solve the environmental problems of highly urbanised cities.

With 25 years of experience in the field, we are confident that we have the best dust suppression strategy in Brisbane.

We value the satisfaction of our clients immensely. Thus, we developed a customer-centred approach to meet the expectations and needs of various client projects.

Our strategy begins with a consultation with our highly trained staff to create a tailor-made approach and adequately select the applications that would best suit the specific site. A site survey is carried out using advanced 3D drone technology to map out the area in significant detail.

This unique approach allows our excellent team of scientists, engineers and project managers to understand all the variables that give fruitful results.

Erizon also believes in the preservation of our environment. As such, our engineers produce substrate-tested materials and products to ensure they are non-toxic and environment-friendly.

We also make energy-efficient solutions. Our methods conserve 80% of water compared to traditional methods.

Since we believe in the value of efficiency, our products come with an immediate control feature. Upon application, dust is significantly reduced in no time. In effect, the locals will quickly notice the difference in air quality.

Erizon implements unmatched cutting-edge technology. We employ state-of-the-art equipment such as precise hoses, cannons, spray bars, hydro trucks, and the latest drone technologies to ensure the even mixing and application of our products. These allow us to give fast and time-efficient solutions to fast-paced cities like Brisbane.

Lastly, we have proven and effective dust suppression solutions for mine sites like coal mines, copper mines, and ash dams.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been a tested and proven partner of thousands of clients across Australia when it comes to solving dust control problems.

We give scientifically proven and researched solutions that are also eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Our team of consultants, soil specialists, engineers, and managers are committed to prioritising client needs and providing 100% effective results. Thus, we always do a comprehensive site survey for the best site applications.

Erizon’s highly efficient technicians are also dedicated to using cost-effective dust suppression products that give immediate results. We utilise the best modern equipment to attain durable and long-lasting outcomes.

All in all, Erizon believes in sustaining quality work. Thus, we give post-treatment monitoring and support to ensure the accomplishment of project goals.

Partner with us today and together, let us make Brisbane cleaner, greener, and safer.

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