Erizon is pioneering the way in sustainable environmental solutions across the Brisbane area, delivering effective remediation programs, involving revegetation,hydromulching, hydroseeding, dust suppression, and erosion control. The foundation of our practices is backed by experience, innovation and the will to provide our clients with the best possible outcome. We look forward to hearing further about your environmental concerns – contact the team today.


Erizon Truck Spray

Hydroseeding is a sustainable revegetation solution designed to provide effective revegetation within Brisbane and the surrounding region. Hydraulically applied, this solution ensures an effective seed to soil contact while maximising on erosion protection and soil stabilisation.


Erizon Truck Spray

Hydromulching within Brisbane is one of the most sort after revegetation tactics, due to its durability across the varying QLD environmental conditions. Forming a protective erosion control blanket thehydromulch protects the seed and soil by preserving moisture and assisting with vegetation growth.

Dust Suppression

Erizon Solution Dust Control Example

We provide advanced dust suppression solutions within the Brisbane region and continually maximise on delivery and functional longevity. Whether your project involves, non-trafficked areas such as ash or tailings dams, haul roads, stockpiles or sites suited for vegetation, our team of consultants will take into consideration your environmental concerns to ensure an effective tailored approach is utilised.

Erosion Control


If your Brisbane project needs, help with an erosion control method, then don’t go past Erizon’s tailored application methods designed to deliver effective results every time. Erizon offer revegetation through to our erosion control blanket, however the use of these erosion control methods will be dependent on the site criteria.

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