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Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is a fast-growing and much sought-after tourist destination in Australia. Once named as one of the “world’s most livable cities,” Brisbane continues to expand and grow economically. However, this rapid urbanisation rate also brings with it erosion problems.

While growth is desirable, without proper erosion control programs, human activities in Brisbane may continue to cause environmental issues — carrying continual threats to both humans and wildlife.

Fully mindful of this, Erizon offers erosion control solutions for advancing cities like Brisbane. We have premium products designed by our team of experts and engineers to guarantee fast, long-lasting, and positive results.

Meeting The Challenges of Soil Erosion

In 2018–2019, Brisbane has a recorded population growth rate of 2.1%. Aside from being family friendly, the city also boasts of many livable conditions. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is the second fastest-growing capital city in Australia, and for its interstate migration rate to increase over time significantly.

Along with this, however, is the growth of environmental concerns Brisbane faces.

The rising number of settlements and establishments caused the increase in construction works. As a result, wherever many infrastructures are being built, the threats of soil erosion also grow.

For instance, activities like grading, filling, and the use of heavy equipment in construction degrade the ground and decrease the amount of topsoil. Because of these adverse effects, soil quality deteriorates dramatically.

Topsoil contains all the essential components of healthy soil. When we remove topsoil, the land loses its ability to provide nutrients to plants, regulate water flow, support extensive root systems, and fight pests. This single act results in the land getting exposed to water and wind action, and eventually, erosion.

In addition, experts typically associate massive earthworks with acid sulphate soils or contaminated soils. Surface water runoff can carry these kinds of soils and other sediments to the Brisbane river and other bodies of water within the city.

Sediments make the water turbid or cloudy and prevent sunlight from penetrating the water. The lack of sunlight negatively affects vegetative growth and health, and oxygen levels decrease. These conditions also degrade fish, other marine life, and their habitat.

Sedimentation also leads to frequent flooding — not just in flood-prone areas, but also in areas where flooding rarely occurs. Besides, the displaced soil drains into the river and changes the water quality.

For easy monitoring, the local government has identified erosion-prone areas within the city. They took steps to create an erosion risk assessment program and to identify flow paths and site soil information.

The city also placed requirements for the landscaping and finishing of construction worksites. Authorities conduct frequent construction staff training to discuss procedures on how to recognise, remediate, and manage lands properly.

While these measures from the local government can create awareness and encourage responsible construction management, there are still private groups that only comply with the minimum requirements, if they comply at all. Thus, committed erosion control solutions are still necessary to create long-lasting and sustainable results.

Here is where Erizon comes in to help.

The Best Solution for Soil Erosion in Brisbane

Erizon is the leading erosion control provider in Australia. We have given solutions even to areas with the steepest slopes and harshest conditions.

We are a team of soil scientists and professionals who continually study and innovate premium products to solve erosion concerns.

Fully aware of the conditions in Brisbane, we have developed a product that provides long-lasting erosion control — our very own EcoArmour.

Though conventional erosion blankets may work for specific areas depending on the mat type, they only do so temporarily and may not be durable enough in the long run.

Designed to stabilise surfaces up to 20 years, EcoArmour is perfect for vertical walls, roadside batters, steep slopes, levees, Swales, and drains, and as bund and culvert lining.

Erizon takes pride in ingeniously blending minerals and interlocking fibres with specialty binders to form EcoArmour. These special binders can fasten to any substrate below it to form a robust, non-flammable crust. This crust is durable enough to withstand any weather or any potent forces that act upon it.

Since our scientists designed it so high-pressure hydro trucks can spray it upon application, applying it is easy and fast. It dries and sets within 4 hours after application, providing immediate erosion control capabilities. Even better, the installation of EcoArmour is ten times faster than conventional erosion mats.

Finally, EcoArmour is perfect for cities like Brisbane that value the beauty of the environment. We can add colouring agents to the product blend to produce aesthetically pleasing custom colours.

Why Choose Erizon?

For 25 years now, Erizon has been providing groundbreaking and scientific solutions for Brisbane.

We use advanced technologies and modern equipment to give fast yet 100% positive results. Our team of soil engineers also makes sure that each project receives the best applications and management.

At Erizon, we tailor our solutions to every site. For this reason, we always begin our process with a 3D drone survey to map the area thoroughly. Then, from the information gathered, our experts construct a comprehensive erosion control plan.

Upon treatment, our highly experienced technicians ensure the thorough mixing and even application of our products for the best results.

Finally, we employ drones that have the latest imaging and scanning technology to monitor and ensure that each project is going according to plan.

Erizon’s supreme goal is to make Brisbane an erosion-free and safer place to live for its growing number of residents. Partner with us today.

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