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Cairns enjoys a wet tropical climate, but it still feels the warming planet’s effects and its impacts on the environment. Wildfires and thunderstorms have increased in both intensity and frequency as a result of climate change. These events expose soils and cause dust storms, threatening the health and lives of the city’s residents.

Erizon addresses these issues by hitting at the very root cause. We provide dust suppression solutions and soil covers that install quickly and suppress dust immediately while staying more cost-effective than traditional methods.

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Meeting the Challenges of Dust Control in Cairns

Cairns has met several environmental challenges due to climate change and its effects. It was one of the cities that experienced dust storms, and concerns arose from increasing community health threats.

Aside from experiencing dust storms, the city has also become vulnerable to coastal erosion. Coastal areas experience loss of land and the disappearance of beaches as sea levels rise and big waves cause massive impact.

As climate change continues, its adverse effects on sea levels, temperatures, and waves will continue to wreak havoc on Cairns’ coasts.

Climate change also triggers storm tide inundation. Abnormally high ocean levels result from cyclones and extreme storms, and these inundate the land temporarily. The flooding may be temporary, but with more frequent and powerful impacts, the soil may finally succumb to erosion. Any exposed soils can contribute to increased dust in the air during the dry season.

The government is supportive of projects that address these coastal erosion problems. They have begun their own Our Cairns Coast project to develop strategies in mitigating coastal impacts to the environment, community, and property.

However, the above environmental challenges are not exclusive to coastal regions. Global warming brings with it threats of having more bushfires, and bushfires expose soils. Exposed soils and subsoils open up more dust for winds to carry.

Dust may not be as much of a health problem in coastal areas as inland areas. Relatively, in terms of issues on dust levels, coastal regions are on the safer side. But barren lands in the inland areas will meet winds that can carry them into the air and surrounding communities.

All these barren pieces of land need sufficient cover to achieve dust abatement.

The Cairns Regional Council owns the task of enforcing legislation concerning air pollution. They cover related issues such as the environmental nuances and health risks that dust exposure causes. Whenever they receive complaints, they investigate the source and administer the appropriate penalty for a legitimate offence.

Still, the above approach is only reactive in nature. Locals need to be more proactive in addressing dust issues in their city.

Part of the problem is that any dust suppression project requires the right equipment and dust-suppressing solution. There may be traditional methods of covering land and rehabilitating soils, but the work takes so much more time.

For instance, manual replanting may be effective long-term, but it can also take years to fully protect a barren area using this method.

Erizon offers a dust suppression solution that does not have to take so much time and effort to work. It simply needs a team of experts and professionals to handle a site’s case, plus special equipment to work on any kind of terrain.

The Best Solution for Dust Suppression in Cairns

Erizon offers dust suppression products that are far superior to traditional solutions in terms of performance. Our scientists and engineers have formulated a solution that acts fast and saves water and other resources, reducing the overall project costs.

One of our solution’s best features is its water-saving capacity of up to 80%. This cost-effectivity attracts many clients and maximises their budget over vast pieces of land.

Another premium ability is the product’s immediate dust control. Landowners and residents in surrounding communities will immediately notice the difference in dust levels upon installing the product.

In some superior formulations by Erizon, the product includes mulch. The mulch contains moisture and provides a moist cover or blanket over the soil. It also supports faster seed growth.

While protecting humans from dust exposure, our formulation also protects the environment. Our team has made sure every part of the mix is environmentally compliant and toxic-free. We do have dyes to help check the installation and ensure uniform application at the site. Our scientists especially prepared these dyes from natural, eco-friendly ingredients.

Thus, Erizon’s solution is safe to use in all kinds of lands and locations. It can even withstand the harsh conditions of industrial sites. Our product helps in rehabilitating lands that the civil, mining, and infrastructure industries have used because of this feature.

Leaders in these sectors have approached us and worked with us throughout the years. We have successfully conducted various soil rehabilitation projects with them.

What all these industries appreciate is how Erizon takes a science-based approach to every project. We follow a scientific protocol that starts with an investigation and ends with a monitoring phase.

The investigation part draws in all information necessary to outline a specific set of procedures to conduct at the site. Every site has peculiar conditions. They have various terrains that need special applicators for an even installation of the product. Coal mines, copper mines, power stations, ash dams, and tailings dams all have different needs than plain flatlands.

Each site also has varying weather conditions. They have gone through different usage histories, and some may have depleted soils that need enrichment, depending on their intended future use.

We consider all these factors and take a soil sample to further test, analyse, and confirm our initial assessments of the site.

To take a big picture of the extent of work, we fly 3D drones over the location. These advanced drones can map out detailed images of the entire area. From here, our engineers can plot the terrain and determine which equipment to use for product installation.

All the above work serves as our foundation in making a tailored set of procedures for site rehabilitation. Once we have finalised those procedures and determined the perfect dust suppressant to use, we will proceed with the application phase.

The application part involves the best technicians and equipment. We have spraybars, LBC hydro trailers, hoses, drones, hydro trucks and hydro truck tracks, air tractors, and even helicopters. Our technicians will use the most efficient equipment for every unique slope, plain, or narrow area on the site.

Erizon doesn’t leave any project right after the installation phase. We stand out by dedicating a site monitoring period to ensure project success. With our scanning and imaging drones, we remotely monitor the entire project location and respond as quickly as needed.

As it turns out, most of our previous projects did not have issues during the monitoring phase. Our thorough investigation and planning right at the start have already covered the site’s problems and incorporated solutions directly into the procedure.

The results show that Erizon’s dust suppression solutions and procedures are much more superior than its conventional counterparts.


Why Choose Erizon

Erizon has been providing Australia with soil rehabilitation and dust suppression solutions for over 25 years now. Our dedication to excellence, innovation, and total care for the environment has led us to establish procedures that are far superior to traditional soil management methods.

Our team includes scientists and engineers who work together to formulate dust suppression, revegetation, and erosion control solutions. With decades of experience and expertise, this team has produced the most innovative and environment-friendly products.

Erizon stands out because of our unique, science-based, and tailored approach to every project. We follow a scientific protocol to identify the peculiar needs of the site fully. We, therefore, can solve its problems starting from the roots.

We also ensure 100% project success and client satisfaction by closely monitoring each project. Our team addresses every issue and resolves them with scientific solutions.

Erizon’s biggest dream is to see Cairns and all of Australia dust-free and erosion-free. We aim to continue providing services such that residents can live in a much cleaner, healthier, and safer environment.

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