Our company specialises in large environmental issues within the Cairns regions whereby we can tailor our unique environmental solutions for issues involving dust suppression, erosion control and revegetation such as hydroseeding and hydromulching. For more information on our tailored solutions and services, look no further than Erizon.

Dust Suppression


Dust within the Cairns territory can become a health risk if it is not controlled promptly with an effective dust suppression solution. There are many features that our dust suppression products provide that will benefit your project in the long-term. Depending on your circumstances, our consultants are able to discuss what your best options are to eliminate dust before it becomes a hazard.



Hydroseeding within the Cairns region is becoming an extremely popular service for clientele looking to revegetate the large, mining, civil and infrastructure sites. Accompanied with top of the range hydroseeding equipment, Erizon is paving the way in long-term and effect revegetation projects.


Erizon Truck Spray

Hydromulching is a superior form of revegetation and is generally suggested for areas that require additional support, particularly within the harsh weather conditions of Cairns, QLD. Our hydromulching solutions can be tailored to your site and will help provide additional cover for seed, helping to lock in the moisture and assist with vegetation growth.

Erosion Control


Not sure which erosion control method to use or simply can’t find a specialist in the Cairns area – Erizon are experts in stabilising soil, including batters, vertical walls, swales, drains, culvert lining and more. Chat with our dedicated team about our EcoArmour, an engineered erosion control blanket designed as a set and forget solution.

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