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Cairns’ tropical climate has made it a highly attractive place to live. It is also a coastal city that enjoys a line of beautiful beaches. These beaches, however, have also experienced its share of erosion.

In Cairns’ case, one could say that while a city can welcome progress, compromising on the environment almost always comes as a result.

Erizon knows how severe and devastating this environmental compromise can be. Thus, we are offering highly effective erosion control solutions that address the particular degradation issues at Cairns.

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Meeting The Challenges of Soil Erosion

Soil erosion has caused devastating effects on both public lands and private property. Residents continue to be baffled by the severity of soil depletion in coastal areas.

Luckily, the Cairns Regional Council has been considering several erosion management options for the city. Among the top recommendations is beach nourishment to address ongoing sand loss.

Such measures, however, require substantial amounts of sand. To obtain such amounts, there may be a need to disturb a source area, taking out the topsoil and part of the subsoil in the process. If the disturbed land is left to this state, it will also be at risk of erosion. There has to be immediate rehabilitation.

In any case, the locals of Cairns need expert help in implementing research-based solutions that are both long-lasting and environmentally compliant.

In response to this plight, Erizon is offering the use of our modern facilities and science-based erosion control solutions. As we have lent help to other cities in Australia, so will we extend our services to address the current erosion issues at Cairns.

The Best Erosion Control Solution for Cairns

Erizon provides erosion control solutions that do not have to endanger environmental health just to gain fruitful results.

Our team of soil scientists, analysts, and engineers only works with sustainability in mind. Thus, we have developed weatherproof erosion control products that provide immediate action to prevent further erosion.

We begin our process with an initial site investigation and drone survey. We consider the site’s peculiar contours, weather conditions, and historical and projected land use.

After testing and analysing the site and its soil samples, our team will finalise the ideal step-by-step rehabilitation procedures for the site.

We conduct a pre-treatment site preparation where necessary and perform a rapid installation of our premium mixes.

We call our most recommended solution the EcoArmour. It provides an erosion control blanket that acts as a protective cover and binding agent to the soil.

Erizon’s technicians will apply the EcoArmour on the target site using advanced spreaders, which include hydro trucks. We ensure the even application of the product such that it adequately covers all the project’s defined areas.

EcoArmour has been our clients’ favourite protective soil cover. They continue to testify to this product’s rapid installation and immediate erosion control feature. It also offers soil stability, is safe and easy to apply, and is highly durable and weatherproof.

Thanks to decades of developing this premium solution, our projects have experienced a 100% success rate.

Lastly, to ensure the soil blanket’s long-lasting impact on the target site, we include a post-application monitoring phase. In this stage, we provide professional management services to address any issues that may arise in the site immediately.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been Australia’s leading provider of erosion control solutions for over 25 years now. Our unique and science-based approach has helped mitigate soil erosion issues significantly in several states.

Our work always relies on thorough research and investigation. We also believe in the principles of excellence, innovation, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Our team of soil scientists and product engineers have, thus, facilitated the rehabilitation of several lands with 100% success.

It is Erizon’s highest aim to see Cairns and the rest of Australia experience a cleaner, greener, and erosion-free environment.

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