Erosion Control Darwin

Darwin is the capital city of the sparsely populated Northern Territory. It is a coastal city, located at the top end of the state, and faces the Timor Sea. Much of what makes up the city are low-lying coastal communities vulnerable to climate change.

Climate change continues to accelerate the coastal erosion that the city experiences over the years. The city also suffers from the effects of rising sea levels and wave heights.

Without comprehensive plans on how to counter and reduce the impact of climate change, the city will continue to see and suffer from the damages that coastal erosion brings.

Erizon understands the issues that many coastal communities face. For this reason, we have innovated excellent solutions, intended to counter and minimise coastal degradation. We also believe that proper management of lands, using scientific methods, can successfully mitigate the consequences of climate change.

Meeting The Challenges of Erosion Control

Like many other cities, Darwin is also affected by climate change. Because of many coastal areas in Darwin, it has experienced climate change in a variety of ways.

Global warming has caused the melting of glaciers and ice sheets worldwide. This phenomenon adds more water to the ocean. Besides that, a warming climate can also expand the volume of the seawater. All these events cause a rise in sea levels.

Coastal communities like Darwin are sensitive to the increase in sea levels. Coastal erosion — an issue that threatens both public and private infrastructures — is one consequence of such events.

Higher sea levels also mean a higher rate of high-tide flooding in coastal areas, the damages and costs of which to the locals can cause much alarm. These areas also become more susceptible to storm surges and heavy rainfall. These factors ultimately lead to more damaged properties, destruction of many natural habitats, and can pose a danger to human health and safety.

The list doesn’t end there, though. We can also associate rising sea levels with more saline groundwater. High water salinity can create stress on coastal ecosystems and may bring harm to aquatic plants and animals.

Sadly, human activities continue to speed up the impacts of climate change on coastal communities like Darwin. The building of infrastructure and increasing population pushes the environment beyond its sustainable limit and induce coastal erosion.

Knowing these concerns, city officials have allocated more funds for its Coastal Erosion Management Plan. This plan aims to prevent coastal erosion and restore the environment in many communities along Darwin’s coastline.

Among the objectives of this plan is to identify the areas and structures with a high risk of coastal erosion exposure. Aside from that, it is also to provide recommendations of engineering solutions to minimise erosion. Some erosion control activities include the redirection of storm outlet pipes and installation of armour rocks.

The city also has a team responsible for the development of policies and initiatives for climate change. The Darwin Climate Change Action Plan of 2011–2020 intends to mitigate and adapt initiatives to handle the effects of climate change.

These action plans, however, may not be sustainable in the long run. What the city needs are solutions that can commit to bringing long-term results and successful erosion mitigation.

Erizon serves to give durable solutions to erosion-prone areas like Darwin. Our methods are scientifically based, designed, and proven to ensure long-lasting results. We are committed to understanding and solving even the most complex environmental problems in Australia.

The Best Solution for Erosion Control in Darwin

For over two decades now, Erizon has solved diverse environmental concerns all over Australia. We provide environment-friendly erosion control solutions to even the most challenging and roughest site conditions.

Cities like Darwin need groundbreaking and science-based solutions that give long-term results. To solve its erosion problems, we highly recommend our erosion control product — the EcoArmour.

Our team of scientists and engineers have spent time and extensive research to develop and design EcoArmour. This product comes with several amazing features that will mitigate any type of erosion, including coastal erosion.

For one, our scientists designed EcoArmour to stabilise surfaces up to 20 years — ensuring long-term, sustainable erosion control. It has superior resistance to abrasion and chemicals that diverse weather conditions and specific human activities bring.

In addition, EcoArmour offers rapid installation — ten times faster than traditional control blankets. This feature is best for vast areas of land as it reduces overall project duration and expenses.

Made from a blend of minerals, interlocking fibres, and specialty binders, EcoArmour is suitable even for the steepest slopes, vertical walls, roadside batters, Swales and drains, levees, and as bund and culvert lining.

Upon application, EcoArmour’s specialty binders can cling and incorporate themselves to the substrate below them. This process produces a robust, resilient, and non-flammable crust.

The resulting crust is tough but flexible enough to bind and move with the ground below it. The more flexible the crust, the better is its ability to eliminate the possibility of cracking the coating.

EcoArmour’s blend contains hydrophobic polymers to make sure it remains water repellent and can withstand diverse weather conditions. Add to that the fact that it can eliminate the growth of many weeds and support faster vegetative growth.

Installing EcoArmour is a fast and safe process. We can spray it through our hydro truck equipment. Once applied, it dries and sets within four hours — providing immediate erosion control.

EcoArmour is also perfect for cities that value beauty as it comes with a colouring agent. When added to the blend, it achieves a range of colours that can blend in the environment.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon’s unparalleled success in the field is rooted in its collaboration of innovation, technology, science, and field experience.

We always take time to analyse and understand each of our project sites. Thus, our process consistently begins with a client consultation to recognise specific goals and requirements.

Then, we do our best to tailor a solution that meets both the client’s needs and peculiar site characteristics.

Erizon utilises the most advanced technologies and application methods. Our highly efficient technicians treat vast areas in the highest standard of work excellence.

Our “Supply, Apply, and Guarantee” approach has given client satisfaction throughout the years.

Above all, our utmost motivation is to provide a safe environment for the residents of Darwin. Thus, our solutions, products, and services never fall short of excellence.

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