Darwin weather provides to be challenging throughout the year and can therefore contribute to large issues such as erosion control, revegetation issues associated with hydromulching and hydroseeding and dust suppression. If you need someone that is with you every step of the way, then speak with one of ourfriendly consultants today.

Dust suppression

Dust Suppression

Erizon® has a number of dust control and suppression solutions that can be tailored to your environmental needs, whether your dust issue involves haul roads, non-trafficked locations or areas seeking vegetation, we have a solution for you.

Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Darwin is subject to coastal erosion, which can become a prominent environmental issue that can be solved with Erizon’s® erosion control blanket – EcoArmour®. This method involves safe and effective hydraulic installation on to the surface to form a tough and resilient cover for up to 20 years.

soil stabilisation

Soil Stabilisation

Our team has an extensive level of expertise in understanding how to create a favourable growing environment in Darwin through the means of soil stabilisation. Low rainfall, particularly in the warmer months can have an adverse effect on the soil quality in the Northern Territory, therefore it’s important to ensure you have a knowledgeable team on board that can provide the right solution.



Large revegetation projects within Darwin and the wider region do require advance hydroseeding and hydromulching solutions, which can often be hard to track down. Erizon® offers full-service capabilities necessary to accomplish your project effectively.


Hydromulching & Hydroseeding

Hydromulching and hydroseeding are two modern techniques of revegetation. It suits Darwin’s harsh and diversified weather conditions. Hydromulching can provide superior erosion control and high water retention. It’s applicable for places in which there isn’t much moisture source. Meanwhile, hydroseeding is suitable for soils that are already healthy and where irrigation is already sufficient. Our soil experts at Erizon will guide you in choosing which technique suits your land.

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