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Melbourne, the fastest growing city of Australia, has also been named as the world’s most liveable city for seven consecutive years now. However, despite its progressive urbanisation rate, numerous environmental problems torment the city.

The city’s geographical location contributes much to this — a spot where weather conditions change a lot. This erratic climate is most evident during summer and spring, which can be hot by the minute and cold by the next. As a result of this fickle weather, issues like droughts, bushfires, dust storms, and thunderstorms occur.

When events like these happen, they generate immense amounts of dust which, in turn, brings health risks to the locals.

With long years of experience in the field, Erizon is already familiar with different dust issues in cities like Melbourne. We have premium dust suppression solutions that solve problems brought about by large volumes of dust effectively.

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Meeting the Challenges of Dust Suppression

We know the city of Melbourne for its notorious weather reputation — sometimes having four seasons all in a day. Many experts accredit this to the location of Melbourne — a metropolis bound by hot inland areas and the cold southern ocean. Due to this, the city has faced many ecological challenges throughout the years.

An excellent example of these issues is the heatwaves that the city frequently experiences. Hotter days have become a common occurrence in Melbourne in recent years, and this phenomenon produced a lot of cascading effects.

For one, many areas in the city suffer drought as a result of the increased temperatures. City councils estimate that by the year 2050, locals will see a 20% decrease of rainfall in the city.

Droughts and consistently high temperatures deplete the water supplies and affect crop performance. This lack of water availability also causes stress in the soil since it alters its chemical, physical and biological activities.

It doesn’t help to know all these results to low soil moisture, lesser soil organic matter, and an increase of carbon dioxide production in the ground. This unanchored and dried topsoil then becomes brittle and powdery. Subsequently, they turn to dust, which can be carried by strong and prevailing winds to many areas in Melbourne.

Here is where dust becomes an issue.

Not too long ago, vast storms of dust swept across Melbourne which dropped red specks of dirt on a lot of homes. Thunderstorms turned the skies orange and stirred volumes of dust to the entire city. Even the Yarra River turned muddy brown because of the amount of dust generated.

Now, dust contains microscopic solid particles or liquid droplets which can enter the lungs and cause respiratory diseases. Generally, the smaller particles create more serious health problems, but large particles may also cause nose, throat, and eye irritation.

The City of Melbourne is actively doing its part to counter these problems and provide a safe community for its locals. Many officials continually research to prepare and understand the impacts of drought, of increasing temperatures, and dust.

For many years, the government invested in infrastructure and consumption targets to build resilience for its low rainfall rate and drought.

However, without targeted solutions to its dust problems, city locals may continue to face the threat of having respiratory diseases.

Having given strategic solutions to different dust issues in Australia, Erizon knows exactly how to solve the dust problems hounding Melbourne. We are equipped, not only with the most advanced technologies and utilities but also with scientifically based solutions — all innovated by our team of experts and soil scientists.

The Best Solution for Dust Suppression in Melbourne

Erizon is the industry leader in providing civic, environmental solutions to Australia. Our dust suppression products and strategy have solved many dust issues over the years.

We are composed of an innovative and excellent group of experts — from agronomists, horticulturists, to soil scientists and engineers. Thus, we guarantee scientifically based applications and products. Aside from that, we are confident our professional management and solutions meet the highest standards of service.

Our products especially come with a water-saving capability. Through this, clients can save 80% more water than traditional solutions. They also are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and coherent with Melbourne’s goal of preserving the environment.

Erizon also uses soil stabilisation materials engineered to be durable, water-resistant, and tested on different substrates. Thus, they provide sustainable and long-term solutions. This feature dramatically reduces the cost of utilising traditional methods that only offer short-term solutions and frequently require re-application.

To minimise site activity, and thus time and money, we employ the use of our cutting-edge equipment and technologies. We have helicopters, air tractors, hydro trucks, hoses, spray bars and hydro trailers to apply our products either hydraulically or aerially. Our wide range of equipment types also ensures even mixing and application of our solutions.

Not only that, but our products also have an immediate control feature, which, upon application, reduces dust instantly.

Offering these solutions, however, would not work without a specific site analysis. Before starting any project, Erizon first conducts a client-consultation to discuss particular site issues and goals.

Then, we do a site visit to ascertain essential aspects such as micro-climate, seasonal conditions, soil type topography, drainage, and project duration. We also use our 3D drones to map out and survey the area.

From there, we tailor the best solutions and applications that will bring out the best results for the site.

Lastly, we monitor the site consistently to make sure that goals are achieved, and the project is going as planned.

Why Choose Erizon?

Twenty-five years of experience in the field has provided Erizon with knowledge and capability to solve even the toughest and most challenging environmental issues in Australia.

Our dust suppression solutions have provided Australia with cleaner and safer cities — mainly because our utmost passion is to serve and provide a healthier environment for everybody to live.

Thus, we always make sure we give excellent service. Our premium products not only come with energy, time and money-saving features, but they are also eco-friendly and 100% effective. They are also durable, sustainable, and provide immediate results.

Furthermore, Erizon employs the most modern and advanced equipment to achieve successful results. Our highly trained staff and efficient field experts give dedication to every project they undertake. Thus, we can only guarantee tailored-solutions that bring success and results that work.

Partner with us today, and together, let us make Melbourne a safer place to live.

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