Erizon displays a wealth of knowledge and proficiency in the field of environmental solutions for all areas across the Melbourne district including erosion control, dust suppression, hydromulching and hydroseeding for revegetation. We are here to provide leading industry professionals with the knowledge and expertise to assist with your project journey. Contact our consultants today for more information.

Dust suppression

Dust Suppression

Over the years, some of our most significant projects have involved dust suppression solutions throughout the city of Melbourne and outer suburbs. We have proven solutions for haul roads and non-trafficked areas, including tailings and ash dams and areas seeking vegetation. Our staff will assist you in an initial consultation to help determine the appropriate dust suppressant for your site. We only use environment-approved solutions.

Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Erizon has developed the EcoArmour, a scientifically engineered erosion control blanket with a longevity of 20 years and is available across Melbourne. This product is designed to be a set and forget solution. However, if your site requires further erosion control measures, our team of scientists will be ready to help. All our erosion control formulations are eco-friendly, toxin-free, and cost-effective.



Climate change has long impacted Melbourne, putting its vast barren areas at high risk of erosion. Erizon’s team of soil experts offer tailored revegetation solutions to such regions. We have formulated a durable and eco-friendly solution called the EnviroSprout, and it enhances soil stability and provides an efficient vegetative soil cover. We’d be happy to accommodate your queries on revegetating your land.

Soil Stabilisation

Melbourne’s diversified soil characteristics need science-based solutions for soil stabilisation. Mining, civil, and infrastructure industries would benefit from consulting with Erizon’s team concerning their rehabilitation projects. Our stabilising products use natural physical and chemical bonding agents to strengthen soil properties. We can assist with issues and repairs meant for road pavements and service roads. Contact us today for a consultation session.



Erizon’s hydromulching products are designed for large-scope areas within Melbourne that require an advanced revegetation solution. This application method is known for its hydroscopic mulch fibres that deliver up to 50% more water holding capacity by creating a protective erosion control cover and moisture reservoir to the seeds. Our team can walk you through identifying which hydromulching products best answer your site’s needs.



Our hydroseeding solution is designed for areas with quality soil and regular irrigation. Our procedure is most appropriate for areas with nutrient-rich soils and access to regular water filtration. Erizon’s flagship hydroseeding solution is called the EnviroSprout, and it offers a sustainable solution to control erosion and protect barren lands. Our team of experts is ready to assess your site, determine the appropriate species to grow in it, and identify add-ons to optimise soil health.

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