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Melbourne is a populous business, cultural, and recreational hub in Victoria. Throughout the years, the city’s economy showed constant progress. Melbourne even accounted for 40% of Australia’s total economic growth from 2018 to 2019. 

This impressive economic progress, however, doesn’t come without a cost. Different erosion problems bombarded the city during the past years — coming from both natural and human-made sources. 

Erizon has studied different erosion types that many cities face. We offer premium and effective erosion control solutions. Our team of experts and soil scientists have planned products and scientifically efficient methods to solve even the most complex environmental problems.

Meeting the Challenges of Erosion Control


Many people choose Melbourne because of its pleasant living conditions —  safe, many educational opportunities, political and economic stability, and excellent public transportation. For many years now, the city ranks as one of the world’s most livable cities.

But, just like any other progressive cities, Melbourne also faces several environmental concerns.

Different erosion types threaten Melbourne. With the world becoming warmer and warmer because of climate change, these erosion events significantly increase in both magnitude and frequency. 

Residents of Melbourne now experience hotter days. In recent months, temperatures of over 35 degrees continue to scorch the city, making it prone to droughts. The city’s council for climate change even predicted that in the next 29 years, the city would experience a  20% decrease in rainfall.

These circumstances lead to more severe events, such as more intense bushfires and prolonged drought periods. 

Droughts and lack of water availability affect soil productivity and degrade the soil structure. The reduced topsoil decreases the yield of many crops by a high percentage. Meanwhile, the minimal accessible water alters soil properties that are immensely important for plant health. 

All these encourage and cause soil erosion. When strong winds blow over these barren lands, they remove the soil particles from the surface, which they can carry away either as fine dust during dust storms or by water movement during heavy rains. 

Water runoff erodes a sizeable amount of soil. Since the ground already has a low water infiltration rate, the runoff rate inevitably increases — the poorer the soil quality, the greater the increase in the runoff rate.

Once the soil is detached and moved by water, the eroded sediments and soil particles deposit in and clog the rivers and canals within the city, causing them to overflow. 

Melbourne’s City Council is actively engaged in climate change mitigation programs, including risk management strategies. By managing the risks, officials believe that this will reduce the likelihood of the risks involved. 

Among the programs implemented are the Urban Forest Strategy and the Nature in the City Strategy. These initiatives aim to plant species to double the city’s vegetation to create a cooler and healthier environment for its residents. By investing in establishing a healthy ecosystem within the city, the locals aim to create a more balanced and resilient environment.

In the long run, authorities and residents expect these programs to make the city more resilient against climate change and the erosion problems that come with it. 

However, scientific solutions focused on solving erosion concerns in the city remain a need. These tailored strategies will answer both immediate and long-term erosion problems in Melbourne. Without giving quick solutions to the current erosion concerns, the city may incur many losses — in private and public properties and natural resources.

Erizon’s scientific and tailored solutions have been tested to solve various environmental problems in Australia’s cities. Our erosion control products effectively strengthen soil properties to withstand even harsh conditions.

The Best Solution for Erosion Control in Melbourne

Erizon’s long years of experience and familiarity with Australia’s diverse environmental issues provided its knowledge to plan highly effective erosion control products and solutions. 

One of our best products —  the EcoArmour — exhibited a significant reduction of erosion rates and improved soil stability. 

EcoArmour is a synthetic erosion blanket made up of interlocking fibres, specialty binders, and a blend of minerals. Our scientists have specially formulated and designed this product to allow safe and easy application to all surface types. 

Compared to other traditional blankets, EcoArmour sets and dries ten times faster. Using specialised hydro truck equipment, our technicians project the solution pneumatically at high velocity. Within a few hours after spraying, it immediately provides high-shear resistant erosion control, lasting up to 20 years.  

The excellent thing about EcoArmour is that it is safe and easy to install; it also enhances the soil’s resistance significantly. 

EcoArmour comes with specialty binders that can attach firmly and incorporate to the substrate underneath it to form a robust cover. Through this, the coating does not easily crack or get dislodged, even under heavy rain or winds or any harsh weather.

Since this product can stabilise vertical walls, steep slopes, roadside batters, Swales and drains, bund and culvert linings, and diverse substrates, it is the perfect erosion control product for Melbourne. 

To add to that, we can mix EcoArmour to a colouring agent to give different colours and match its surrounding environment’s beauty. 

At the beginning of each project, Erizon conducts a site survey to map out the area thoroughly. Our team will empoy 3D drone technology and provide a detailed site report.

When deemed necessary, Erizon’s group of soil scientists conduct soil testing to understand site conditions further. All the generated information is then used to create and formulate the most suitable solution and type of application fit to the area. 

Site preparation comes next. This step is very important to guarantee not only highly efficient results, but to maximise the product’s longevity. Erizon uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure even application and proper mixing of the products. 

At the end of each project, we conduct a post-application survey to ensure a 100% success rate.

Why Choose Erizon?

Harsh conditions never intimidated Erizon. With 25 years of experience in the industry, Erizon already knows how to solve each type of environmental problem. 

Our efficacy lies in our dedication. We take time to analyse and understand each specific site need. From here, we provide the best solution.

Combining innovation and science, our team of engineers and scientists continue to formulate products and applications that efficiently answer erosion issues hounding Australian cities. Our very own EcoArmour is a testament to this endeavour.

With its rapid installation and easy application features, EcoArmour solves both immediate and long-term erosion problems in Melbourne. Since its application only takes days and not weeks, and can provide protection that lasts up to years, it is cost-effective and time-efficient. 

To add to that, EcoArmour is durable and strong. It has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and can withstand any weather. 

With specialised equipment and a range of application methods, we treat vast areas safely, efficiently, and to the highest standard.

Lastly, Erizon’s utmost motivation is to make Melbourne a safer and healthier place to live. Because of this, we continue to strive to provide more excellent and unparalleled environmental solutions and services.

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