Revegetation New South Wales

The state of New South Wales faces several environmental challenges due to climate change. Among them is the frequent occurrence of coastal erosion, leaving threats to coastal homes and homeowners alike. In central hillsides and plains, bushfires occur more frequently and expose barren lands to erosion and landslides.

Erizon knows how grave the damages can be when no one acts to address the above issues. Thus, we offer a revegetation solution that quickly installs and protects the soil. It is long-lasting, environment-friendly, and even more effective than traditional solutions.

Addressing The Need for Revegetation

New South Wales often suffers from coastal erosion. Giant waves repeatedly hit and carve out the soil under houses. This event exposes the foundations, and beachfront homes become at high risk of collapsing.

Locals constantly worry about their safety as they lose a massive chunk of the beach each year. The waves are eating up the hillsides upon which homes sit along the sea. More and more residential and other beachfront properties face the threat of having no more foundation left.

In far worse cases, storm surges occur. These weather events raise erosion risks even more.

The most significant culprit is climate change as it continuously warms ocean temperatures and triggers extreme weather events.

Residents far from the beach are not that safe either. Any piece of land that people leave barren after certain activities are at high risk of erosion or spreading dust.

All these unprotected lands need long-term solutions. Building seawalls in coastal areas was one suggestion. The officials considered the issues associated with engineering options, but none of them provided a net benefit for their local community. Instead, the options would cause the loss of beach areas, and sand replenishment would be too costly.

In fact, sand replenishment in one area could also pose risks to the source area. The disturbed soils right at the source would now also be at a high risk of erosion.

The government has been conducting several projects to address erosion issues in various types of terrain. One report summarises the soil erosion solutions they have provided and applied together with landowners. Among the procedures involved were revegetation and soil stabilisation.

However, some projects were on a larger scale. These, and many other lands not included in the program, need help in facilitating erosion control solutions.

To conduct revegetation on a large scale means to have the necessary equipment and sufficient labour force. Here, Erizon is offering our large-scale revegetation services to landowners and even the government.

The Best Solution for Revegetation in New South Wales

Erizon offers revegetation solutions that act fast and protect the soil quickly from erosion. Our scientists have formulated and developed one particular product that stands out among others. We call it the EnviroSprout.

EnviroSprout provides a long-term solution to erosion. It promotes soil health, prevents weeds, and minimises the use of water. Thus, it saves resources and lowers the overall project cost.

When it comes to revegetation, we approach it in two ways. One is through hydroseeding and the other is through hydromulching. Each one caters to a particular set of environmental conditions.

Our process allows us to determine precisely which approach to use and what solution to apply. We follow the scientific method to address soil rehabilitation problems.

We begin with a consultation, and investigation of every project, and end with a monitoring phase. The entire process minimises the chances of error and ensures project success and client satisfaction.

During the investigation phase, we conduct soil analysis, a 3D mapping of the area, and a general gathering of data.

Our scientists will take soil samples for testing and analysis. This step allows us to provide a solution compatible with the soil.

Meanwhile, our technicians will fly 3D drones over the location to scan the terrain and map it. This step gives our engineers data to help them decide on the equipment to use for the solution’s application.

Erizon’s highly trained staff will also sit down and consult with the client. We will gather data on land-use history, the site’s peculiar conditions, its climate, and its intended future use.

All the above factors are vital in knowing the exact procedures that will ensure success.

Our team will then analyse and outline the most suitable approach for the project. This tailored approach makes Erizon’s service stand out among others.

Aside from the set of procedures, we will also determine the right formulation for the project. We may use our existing standard products such as the EnviroSprout or make modifications when necessary. This step also considers the most ideal plant species to use. The overall goal is to facilitate growth and promote functional longevity, effectively controlling erosion.

With everything completed, our technicians will take over in the application phase. We may first conduct some site preparations, depending on the condition of the land.

Once we have done the clearing and the land is ready, we will apply our revegetation solution through specialised equipment. We may use our drones, hydro trucks and hydro truck tracks, hoses, or LBC hydro trailers. Any of these pieces of equipment ensures an even application of the solution.

To further facilitate plant growth, we will use drones to spray fertiliser, soil probiotics, and trace elements. We do this around 4–8 weeks after the seeding.

Finally, we will conduct post-application monitoring. Our 3D monitoring drones will again scan images of the entire site. This step allows us to see if the project has gone on as planned.

In case of any issues, we will respond and make corrections when necessary. However, such problems have been very minimal in our experience — thanks to the thorough investigation we conduct at the very beginning.

Erizon’s complete process provides the highest assurance of project success.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been serving Australia for over 25 years now. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to help revegetate lands and lessen the risks of erosion.

We have always combined innovation with our commitment to environmental care. Thus, our products are all non-toxic and comply with the strictest environmental guidelines. We make sure that when we solve erosion, we’re not contributing to any ecological hazard as a side effect.

Our team of experts has a solid dedication to their work. We have scientists and engineers who continue to formulate fast-acting and long-lasting revegetation solutions. Each product they produce goes through a rigorous process of testing to ensure effectiveness.

We have also sought to minimise our impact on resources in all our products. Thus, we have formulations that are up to 80% more water-saving capability than traditional methods.

Erizon’s unique process makes us stand out among a sea of service providers. We follow a science-based protocol in addressing every project. Our scientific method ensures 100% client satisfaction.

Finally, we have always dreamed of seeing New South Wales and all of Australia become erosion-free. Partner with us and, together, let us achieve the dream.

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