Soil Stabilisation New South Wales

New South Wales faces several challenges regarding erosion issues. Its greatest weakness is the frequent occurrence of coastal erosion. Climate change seems to have so increased the intensity of storm surges that coastal homes are now at a very high risk of collapsing.

Erizon offers the state a fast-acting soil stabilisation solution in response to this concern. The solution is environment-friendly and is the product of years of innovation.

Meeting The Challenges of Soil Stabilisation

Climate change has severely affected the weather in New South Wales. It has contributed to the increase in the frequency of bushfires and the intensity of floods and storms. With its warming effects, it has also triggered the rise of the sea level and coasts.

All these effects have, in turn, increased the risks of erosion, both coastal and in hillsides and plains. Bushfires devour the vegetation in vast pieces of land, while storms wash the barren soil away.

In coastal areas, the situation is much more challenging to deal with. Coastal erosion carves out the soil under coastal homes. Locals become all too worried about seeing their homes’ foundations exposed. These residential buildings are at high risk of collapsing.

Again, the culprit is climate change. With warmer sea temperatures come more severe weather events.

The solution goes beyond patching up seawalls in between coastal homes and the ocean. Even this proposal brings with it engineering problems and further environmental concerns.

Interestingly, human activities are causing climate change. When we disturb lands to build infrastructure, we also need to rehabilitate the exposed areas once we’re done.

Hence, in a sense, we can also trace what’s happening in coastal areas back to the plainer regions, the more mountainous parts, or the drier central parts of New South Wales. Every barren land in these regions will need rehabilitation and soil stabilisation.

Luckily, the government is doing its best to present environment-friendly approaches to erosion and soil instability problems. One of their programs is to work with landowners to rehabilitate certain pieces of land. They have dedicated a budget for each project, with the landowners contributing to half of the total costs in kind.

Unfortunately, not all landowners and managers have the right equipment to handle severely damaged areas. It will be challenging for them to address soil instability on their own. They also need expert guidance in identifying which solution is most appropriate for their soil and terrain.

Without proper guidance and help from professionals, landowners may not stabilise, revegetate, and protect their disturbed lands soon enough. The risks of erosion and landslides will once again rise.

Erizon deeply knows about these concerns. That is why we’re offering the best solution for soil stabilisation and rehabilitation in New South Wales.

The Best Solution for Soil Stabilisation in New South Wales

Erizon provides a soil stabilisation solution that stands out against traditional methods. It improves the overall resilience of the soil while staying cost effective. It also serves multiple purposes, such as applications on lay-down areas, hardstands, and various road types.

To ensure our product aligns with client goals and site conditions, we follow a scientific protocol for every project.

Everything begins with a consultation with our highly trained staff. We will ask for necessary information such as the land’s history of use, the weather conditions surrounding it, the terrain, and the planned future use.

Our scientists will also take soil samples for testing and analysis. Meanwhile, we have technicians who will fly drones to take 3D scanned images of the entire area.

We will then use all the data gathered to analyse how to best approach the site. Every site is unique, and each peculiarity factors into its treatment and rehabilitation.

Of the above analysis comes an outline of the exact process we’re going to undertake to stabilise and rehabilitate the site. We will conduct site preparation when deemed necessary.

Our scientists will also determine the most suitable formulation according to the data. We will only use the soil stabilisation agents that will enhance the soil and protect it from erosion effectively.

Our technicians will then head the application phase. Erizon owns various equipment, which ensure even mixing and uniform application at the site. We will use one or more types depending on the location and terrain. We have hydro trucks and hydro truck tracks, LBC hydro trailers, hoses, and helicopters to accomplish the work.

Erizon’s process doesn’t stop at the application. We set ourselves apart from the competition because we offer post-application monitoring on the site. We use our 3D drones to scan images of the location. We will be able to spot successful vegetative growth or any issues easily, in case they arise.

The scientific method we use already ensures success. However, in case of unforeseen factors and issues arising from those, we will respond immediately. One purpose of the monitoring phase is to make sure everything is first stable and going according to plan before leaving the project.

It is this element of completeness and genuine care that makes Erizon’s services superior.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon operates under the principles of excellence and innovation. These principles are why our team of scientists and engineers dedicate themselves to planning the best soil stabilisation products.

We also commit to prioritising the health of the environment and the safety of our communities. All the soil stabilisation products we use are non-toxic, resource-saving, fast-acting, and long-lasting.

For over 25 years now, Erizon has stood out in providing soil stabilisation and rehabilitation services in Australia. We owe a huge part of this success to our scientific approach in every project. Instead of giving generalised solutions, we cater to the site’s peculiar conditions to address its issues properly.

Our science-based process has, therefore, resulted in satisfied clients and rehabilitated lands that are now protected from erosion.

We hope to help make New South Wales and all of Australia erosion-free. We will accomplish this as landowners and site managers partner with us in their soil stabilisation, rehabilitation, and revegetation efforts.

Learn more about Erizon’s Environmental Solutions for New South Wales.

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