Dust Suppression Perth

Perth is mostly hot and dry around 70% of the year. While it doesn’t have as much flooding problems as the other capital cities in Australia, it still suffers from disastrous events arising from having several barren lands.

These sites, when exposed to wind, will leave dust particles floating around the air. To a certain degree, this airborne particulate matter can harm the respiratory health of the citizens around.

Knowing the above concerns, Erizon seeks to help Perth locals and officials control the spread of dust in the city. Our team of experts provide dust suppression services to address all kinds of dust issues. We cater to non-trafficked areas such as haul roads, ash and tailings dams, and regions that need dust control for the optimal growth of vegetation.

Meeting The Challenges of Dust Suppression

Perth’s dry weather conditions make it vulnerable to severe environmental problems such as dust storms. Strong winds trigger these events, lifting massive amounts of dust and sand from bare and dry soils into the air.

Wild weather conditions that bring about these dust storms can go on for days. Unfortunately, the worst of these storms uproot trees and other vegetation.

Perth residents could be lucky for the rest of the year since they do not experience as much massive rain events as other states.

Still, what’s left on barren lands are loose soils, sediments, and dust. When blown away by even the slightest wind, nearby locals may inhale a considerable amount of these particles.

The inhalation of airborne dust can, in turn, harm the respiratory health of Perth’s residents.

In response, the Perth government has been warning its locals of the issue through awareness campaigns. Officials have also partnered with independent and private agencies as well as other governments to formulate the best methods for dust suppression in Perth.

Thus far, these organisations have compiled sediment management case studies. The majority of these cases pointed out how human enterprises, especially construction and land development activities, are contributing to dust issues.

While these initiatives are helpful, the government still needs assistance from actual soil scientists and providers of dust suppression solutions.

Without a dedicated team to deliver tailor-made services and dust control products, the locals may stick to traditional methods that do not apply to all kinds of environmental conditions.

Here is where Erizon comes in to help. With our dedication to using only a scientific approach to solving any dust exposure and erosion problem, we are confident we can help make Perth a much safer city for its residents.

The Best Solution for Dust Suppression in Perth

Erizon has been around for over 25 years now, aiding several states of Australia in their efforts to mitigate soil instability, erosion, and dust exposure issues.

Among our premium products is our very own dust suppression solution, engineered by our team of soil scientists.

While catering to soil rehabilitation projects, we always follow the principles of excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Thus, we develop and make use of cutting-edge technologies that not only solve complex dust issues but also help save water and other natural resources.

Compared to conventional methods, Erizon’s dust suppression solution saves water by up to 80%. This water-saving feature allows our partners and clients to allocate more budget on further enhancing the soil’s properties.

For instance, instead of just applying a dust control solution, a client may request to have an entire land area revegetated. Our highly efficient measures allow our clients to choose not only one but the most appropriate solutions for their land.

Moreover, our dust suppression solution is eco-friendly. It has been repeatedly tested and continuously improved to ensure environmental compliance.

Through years of developing our dust control mix, we have successfully made it cost-effective and time-efficient. Our product provides immediate control, and it works for years without a problem.

Upon its application, our dust suppression solution also acts on the substrate immediately. Thus, site managers do not need to wait it out until they can see a significant reduction of airborne dust. Even the surrounding communities will quickly notice a notable improvement in air quality.

Furthermore, Erizon uses multiple application types. Our highly trained technicians employ hydraulic spreaders such as hoses, cannons, spray bars, or even more modern facilities such as hydro trucks, air tractors, drones, and even helicopters.

Still, the appropriate technology to use depends on the characteristics of the target site itself.

For instance, we may be dealing with highly steep terrain, in which a manual application would be riskier. In such cases, we may instead utilise air tractors or helicopters to spread the mix.

In other cases, the target site may also have peculiar weather conditions or landscapes that make it necessary for soil preparation before the application of our dust control solution.

To help survey the project location, our highly trained technicians make use of 3D drone technology. These drones feature scanning and imaging capabilities, mapping out the area in great detail.

The resulting images will help us significantly in the project’s investigation and analysis phase.

After conducting a thorough investigation of the site, Erizon’s soil scientists and product engineers will come together to outline a tailored solution for the land.

While we already have pre-made mixes, our experts will recommend modifications according to the needs and current conditions of the site.

Erizon’s technical staff will soon take over, preparing the land and utilising the appropriate spreaders to ensure an even mix and a uniform application. Our clients can expect the application’s immediate effect on dust exposure. Locals will notice the reduction of airborne dust.

Our services, however, do not end at the application phase.

Our team of experts will continue monitoring the site with our drone technology. We evaluate and compare the land’s state before and after the application of our dust control solution.

In case of any issues, Erizon’s soil scientists will quickly facilitate the appropriate remedies. We also have dedicated site managers who may continue to provide support for months after the project, depending on the post-project analysis results.

Unlike conventional procedures, our process takes on a step-by-step approach to ensure overall project success.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon’s years of demonstrated performance and expertise has helped clients solve their dust control issues and mitigate the health risks these problems pose.

We are dedicated to providing only science-based solutions that are all eco-friendly, sustainable, water-saving, and cost-effective. Thus, we always begin and end our projects with investigation and analysis.

Our analysis results, in turn, drive our next course of action. Compared to traditional and mostly generalised methods, our tailored approach has resulted in successful projects and 100% client satisfaction.

Erizon’s team of experts also develop and engineer our own set of erosion control and dust suppression products. Thus, we know precisely how to make use of them, ensuring the solution tailors to the peculiar conditions of a target site.

All in all, it is Erizon’s mission to provide professional site rehabilitation and excellent management solutions throughout Australia.

We envision Perth, among other cities in this country, to have a cleaner and greener environment, thus providing a safer place to live.

Learn more about Erizon’s Approach to Dust Suppression in Perth.

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