Perth is one of the driest locations within Australia and can therefore be subject to a number of environmental issues that require, hydroseeding or hydromulching for revegetation, soil stabilisation, erosion control, and dust suppression. For more information on the services that we can provide for all of your environmental concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our readily available team of consultants.

Dust Suppression

Erizon Chopper Spray

Dust suppression and dust control are becoming more prominent in Perth, WA due to continuous low rainfall. The effects of airborne dust can often become harmful to worksites and the local community if they are not properly dealt with. We provide a number of services and environmental solutions to suit all types of dust issues including, non-trafficked areas such as ash and tailings dams, haul roads, and dust control for suitable for vegetation growth.

Erosion Control

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Concrete canvas or shotcrete are known as a prominenterosion control for batters along rail lines, tailings dams, stockpiles, or drains within Perth and the wider region. Erizon has however, developed a stronger more resilient product call EcoArmour, strong enough to mould tothe contour surface, flexible enough to move with the substrate below without cracking and viable for up to 20 years.



Specialising in native seeds specific to Perth’s natural ecosystem; Erizon can provide a sustainable hydroseeding solution suited to your revegetation and environmental concerns.


Erizon Truck Spray

Are you looking for a reliable hydromulching specialist in Perth, for a large rehabilitation project within the mining, civil or infrastructure industry? Erizon will work with you to determine the best possible solution to suit your site requirements.

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