Soil Stabilisation Sydney

Sydney enjoys a temperate climate with mostly sunny days throughout the year. Occasionally, however, severe thunderstorms visit the city. When such heavy rainfall pours on unstable sandy soils and barren lands, erosion events occur.

When left uncontrolled, soil erosion will continue to wreak havoc on communities throughout Sydney.

In seeking to address these issues, Erizon offers the city our cost-effective soil stabilisation solutions. We have invested extensively on research to help create soil rehabilitation products and mixes tailored to the needs and climate conditions of the city.

With these expert solutions, we aim to help Sydney in its efforts to improve the resilience of its soils and therefore prevent future erosion events.

Meeting The Challenges of Soil Stabilisation

The worst of Sydney’s experience on erosion centres on the nature of its landscape. The city includes spans of beach lines, which have seen severe coastal erosion throughout the years.

While mostly sunny, Sydney’s occasional thunderstorm visits are quite heavy. Beach areas suffer the most erosion, as wind, rain, and wild waves strike on unstable sandy soils.

These events often cause severe damage to homes and other properties in coastal areas.

There are, reportedly, two realistic ways to address beach erosion and protect nearby properties. One is to build seawalls to slow the movement of sand away from the beach. The other is beach nourishment, which means injecting massive amounts of sand straight into the beach, regularly.

Implementing the second solution, however, requires mining.

As long as the locals try to address their beach erosion problems in a way that compromises other areas in the region, erosion issues will continue to arise.

When the rain washes the loosened soil, runoffs bring the sediments into waterways. Water pollution occurs. These runoffs, however, when occurring in steep slopes, can even become damaging landslides.

In any case, disrupting lands and natural habitats causes erosion problems on several levels. These human activities, when left uncontrolled and not regulated, can continue to wreak havoc on the surrounding communities in the city.

The overall result is climate change.

The cycle continues as climate change also causes destructive coastal surges. Beach erosion, again, occurs.

In all these issues, the local government has been giving priority to protecting public infrastructure. The council has released guidelines on erosion and sediment control. Among others, they recommend the prompt stabilisation and revegetation of any site disturbed by construction.

The local council also requires private property owners to keep sediment control devices in place until 70% of the revegetation cover has been established.

Still, implementing site rehabilitation on vast lands will require advanced technologies. Erosion issues may again occur if the locals of Sydney continue to stick to conventional soil stabilisation methods.

Here is where Erizon’s expert solutions come into play.

The Best Solution for Soil Stabilisation in Sydney

Erizon offers Sydney a cost-effective soil stabilisation service. We have a team of dedicated soil scientists and engineers who have invested years of research into soil erosion and its solutions.

As a result, Erizon has formulated and developed advanced soil stabilisation agents.

To ensure the compatibility of our solutions with Sydney’s soils, we always begin our process with a consultation session and a corresponding soil testing and analysis.

Erizon’s highly trained staff will sit down with our clients to discuss the target site’s current problems.

Our scientists will then proceed with the soil analysis and use the results to outline a tailored stabilisation procedure for the project.

We consider factors such as the overall project goals, history of land use, weather conditions, surrounding communities, and the potential solution’s functional longevity.

We then select the appropriate soil stabilisation solution for the site.

Our technicians will spread, compact, and trim the materials according to the recommended specifications. The process, in turn, will bind soil particles together and make the land more stable.

Erizon makes use of specialised facilities to apply soil stabilisers. We aim to minimise costs and maximise effectiveness and uniformity of application. Thus, we use HydroRigs™ and even helicopters when spreading the bonding materials. These advanced facilities are more cost-effective than conventional procedures for soil stabilisation.

To improve the resilience and strength of the soil, we will use the most appropriate binding agents. These are composed of natural materials that are all friendly to the environment. Our binders also enhance the land’s ability to resist water and its erosive force.

In some cases, a piece of land needs stabilisation as a preparatory step to revegetation. To address such projects, we use the latest drone technology when applying stabilising agents and other essential elements.

We include fertiliser, trace elements, and soil probiotics in their recommended proportions and add them at four to eight weeks after applying the primary stabilisers.

This procedure helps prepare the land to support the germination and growth of vegetation in the succeeding phases of the project.

Whatever type of land, Erizon’s team makes sure that the mixes are in the optimal proportions. We have quality control specialists to check every step of our process.

Furthermore, Erizon’s work does not stop at the application. Unlike traditional soil stabilisation solutions, we always conduct a post-project monitoring procedure. Here is where we investigate and retest the soil’s composition and physical properties.

Our team of scientists would like to ensure that all the project’s goals are adequately addressed. In case of issues, we immediately respond to them and prevent future erosion problems.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon stands as Australia’s leading provider of soil stabilisation and revegetation services. For over 25 years now, our dedicated team of experts have addressed erosion issues in various cities and states.

Our soil scientists and engineers work with excellence and sustainability in mind. We believe that while cities strive for progress, locals should not neglect its role of protecting the environment and keeping it livable for future generations.

Thus, Erizon only follows science-based procedures when attending to rehabilitation projects. We see to it that each site receives the most appropriate, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions.

Overall, Erizon aims to help Sydney be a cleaner, greener, and safer city to live. We hope to aid its local officials, environmental conservation groups, and private property owners in achieving a sustainable future for Sydney.

Want to learn about how we can contribute to soil stabilisation? Learn more.

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