Soil Stabilisation Western Australia

The hot and dry summers of Western Australia often cause a lot of environmental issues. One of these concerns is extensive soil erosion.

When summer comes, the high soil temperature alters the soil properties that influence plant growth. It also changes the rate of organic matter decomposition and the mineralisation of different organic materials. As a result, the soil becomes more susceptible to different kinds of erosion.

Without actions to improve the soil quality, Western Australia will continue to suffer from the harmful effects of soil degradation.

Erizon’s team of soil scientists and professionals are experts in improving soil condition and stability. We offer tailored environmental solutions that produce positive results all over Australia.

Meeting The Challenges of Soil Stabilisation

Diverse soil types characterise Western Australia. From very sandy soils in the north, heavy red-loams in the east, and clays with sandy surfaces in the south.

Most of these soils are inherently low in natural nutrition, extensively infertile, and covered by sediments. Besides that, the agricultural activities of the locals affected the soil acidity in many regions of the state significantly.

When these soil conditions meet the diverse climate of Western Australia, soil productivity further decreases.

Since the state has a hot arid and semi-arid climate, the hot temperatures affect the soil quality. The soil becomes dry and unable to provide water and nutrients to the plants.

Arid grounds with no moisture and no ability to support vegetation are susceptible to water, wind, and other types of erosion. As a result, the state becomes highly exposed to the risks of land degradation and other environmental problems.

In response to this, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development started soil management campaigns. Through these efforts, they inform the citizens on how to manage land properly, improve soil quality, and prevent erosion.

However, without committed and scientific solutions, the locals may resort to traditional interventions, which can be hard to sustain in the long run. In addition, private companies may resort to fulfilling just the minimum requirements for them to continue their respective projects with little hassle.

Erizon offers long-lasting solutions for any environmental problem in Australia. With our team of experts and the use of scientifically produced products and modern equipment, we are confident we can provide successful solutions for Western Australia.

The Best Solution for Soil Stabilisation in Western Australia

Erizon is an industry leader in improving soil quality and stability.

We believe every client deserves the best and most advanced interventions. For this reason, we always begin our projects with client consultation. Through this, we can identify project goals and provide tailored solutions for the specific site.

The solutions we provide are cost-effective, durable, and eco-friendly. Our experienced soil scientists and engineers spent considerable time to research and innovate the most advanced soil stabilisation agents extensively. Thus, our products are 100% proven to be effective for any soil.

In every soil stabilisation project, our goal is to strengthen the ground by improving its weight-bearing capability to avoid shrinkage and flexing.

Our experts designed and formulated our products to physically and chemically bond soil and pavement particles together. They increase the soil’s compressive and tensile strength effectively. By strengthening these features, we always achieve enhanced ground protection from external forces such as settling and heaving subgrades.

Further, to improve erosion resilience, our products also enhance the water impermeability of the soil. Thus, they are ideal for many types of applications — from public road pavements to unsealed haul, rural, and service roads.

Erizon also utilises modern and advanced technologies and equipment in our product application. For better soil binding, we ensure that we evenly spread, compact, and adequately trim each of our materials. We do this through the use of our modern hydro trucks, hoses, hydro trailers, and helicopters.

We also use the latest 3D drones to apply fertiliser, trace elements, and soil probiotics to vast areas of land. Finally, we always meet our goals and guarantee success by consistently conducting a post-monitoring phase.

Why Choose Erizon?

For 25 years now, Erizon has never failed to provide efficient soil rehabilitation solutions to the different regions of Australia.

Our cost-effective and scientific methods have helped many clients over the years. Because our primary goal is to preserve the environment, we only use durable and eco-friendly materials and products.

Erizon’s innovative technologies, equipment, and applications ensure not only fast, but safe and efficient soil stabilisation. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction in each of the projects we handle.

To communicate our belief in excellence, we provide not only solutions that work. We also build long-lasting partnerships with our clients. In this way, we can ensure quality service — before, during, and after every project.

Our tailor-made solutions make us stand out from all the others. Erizon’s highly efficient processes always begin with client consultation to identify specific project goals. Then, using our 3D modern technology, we conduct a comprehensive site analysis to achieve a better understanding of the project.

We always perform constant project monitoring during and after the project. By doing this, we can solve every problem and issue that may arise over the entire period.

Finally, we are at one with you in making Western Australia a greener and safer place to live. Thus, all of our solutions are founded only in excellence and integrity.

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