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Project Overview

A new residential project at fort largs, Adelaide is underway. Demolition operations took place between October 2021 and April 2022 by Mcmahon Services, clearing the land for construction and destroying all non-heritage listed structures. The project is due to commence the next stage of development later in the year and until then, the unprotected surface is a dust risk from winds inbound from the ocean. Mcmahon Services approached Erizon to provide a dust suppression solution that would be suitable for the substrate which is mostly made of sand. The high sodium content in the sand is prone to breaking down traditional polymer-based dust suppression solutions, so an alternative was required.

Based on the site inspection, Erizon recommended the following solution.

  • FibreLoc

Chosen Solution

FibreLoc is an advanced dust suppression product scientifically engineered to withstand the harshest conditions where polymer solutions aren’t suitable. The interlocking organic wood fibres and sustainable binders form a flexible blanket that can resist high salinity levels such as those found on the Fort Largs site.

Other benefits of SuppressX include:

  • Resistant to high salinity levels and can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Engineered for even coverage over uneven terrain and shifting substrates
  • Optional seed can be added to achieve revegetation and dust suppression goals
  • Australian-made, environmentally sustainable product
  • Extensively tested and proven

Equipment used

The Erizon team applied the FibreLoc solution to the area using their flagship HydroRig equipment. These purpose-built trucks have built-in agitators within the holding tanks that consistently mix the product to ensure an even application is applied to the surface area.


Works began with a drone survey to accurately map the area, followed by an on-site inspection to assess the safety aspects of the project including the condition of the substrate for truck accessibility. Knowing the limitations of the HydroRig in these circumstances outlined the need to extend the initial duration of 2 to 3 days.

Key Challenges

Over 75% of the work required hose work as the sandy surface was too soft for the truck to access.

The experienced Erizon spray technicians were able to successfully complete the works during a mixed range of weather conditions which provided additional challenges to overcome.


The FibreLoc solution was the perfect product for this project to make sure the sandy substrate is locked to the surface and doesn’t become a risk to the local community.

To ensure the project’s functional lifespan, the target application rate was achieved in a consistent and uniform manner.

The client was happy with the product and the professional conduct of the Spray Technicians who conducted the operation.

Project photos

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