Dust Suppression Solutions For Tailings Storage Facilities

Erizon has created an industry benchmark for environmental solutions, including dust suppression, erosion control and revegetation solutions throughout Australia for the past 25 years. The team have proven to effectively suppress dust both at ground level and in the air while using a fraction of water compared to traditional sprinkler mechanisms.

More recently, dust remediation for tailings dam facilities has become a prevalent factor concerning mining companies experiencing increased levels of airborne dust. Stemmed from severe climate and drought-related conditions, the evaporation of moisture consistently changes the surface stability of most tailings dams. This process will facilitate in hazardous dust lift-off, which will require a comprehensive management program.


Given our experience in the field, our team have an in-depth understanding of remote tailings dam issues and recognise that many characteristics and variables require necessary insight during the investigation phase, such as client objectives and onsite environmental and soil analysis.


Erizon is dedicated to a multi-dimensional approach, consisting of identifying many possibilities before narrowing down to one conclusion or solution. Our planning and preparations are fundamental processes required to gather an in-depth understanding of the project goals and objectives. We stand by our position to steer away from assumptions and support solutions that are backed by science, integrity and value. This process recognises that every project should be separated and each client treated differently based on their varied factors, challenges and requirements.


Our approach to every dust management program commences with a thorough site and soil analysis to identify environmental, system, and development constraints and opportunities. A site evaluation forms the foundation for an educated, environmentally sustainable, and rational approach to project development – this phase investigates the following variables:


Site Risks:
Health and safety is a major priority, therefore when we are notified of a dust issue, our team promptly investigate and compose an adaptable solution suited to the site that can quickly eliminate dust systematically in line with workplace occupational health and safety processes.


Optimal planning and management require an accurate understanding of weather, microclimate and seasonal environmental information. This data plays an essential role in considering the type of product solutions, application rates and schedule for project works.


Understanding the characteristics of the client’s tailings facility is a critical phase in the development of a dust management program. A comprehensive investigation is undertaken by our environmental consultants to gather data that will underpin the final proposed recommendation – this process considers the following substrate areas:


  • Soil type and material content
  • Moisture levels
  • Implications and changes based on environmental conditions
  • Reactiveness to potential solution options


Site topography:
A 3-dimensional drone survey is conducted to provide insight into the landscape layout and to identify uneven or higher gradient areas that will require additional product coverage. This observation also confirms accessibility outlets and potential high-risk regions on or around the site.


We are committed to working with the client to understand their obligations, risk management and safety processes. In considering all other variables, our client’s expectations and project requirements are among the most important to deliberate. We are at all times, transparent in our communications and are committed to maintaining a strong partnership with our clients beyond the project guarantee period.


Our scientifically engineered solutions have shown effect on the harshest environmental regions within Australia. Successful and long-term results have enabled us to continue to deliver accurate and timely project and dust management programs.


Our solution range provides our environmental consultants with the ability of choice and practical guidelines designed to stimulate active product consideration. The unique structure and properties of the products on offer allow for modification and tailored amendments to deliver a product that complements the substrate. If a client requires a longer-lasting period than traditionally offered, our team can customise the product to provide up to 24-months guaranteed longevity.


Our methods are designed to create durable, water-resistant and sustainable surface crusts over soil and aggregate to effectively eliminate dust. Depending on the environmental conditions, in conjunction with the clients’ overall goals, the following three dust suppression solution may be offered: Suppress X, FibreLoc and HydroBond.


Engineered for non-trafficked areas such as tailings or ash dam facilities and scientifically developed to eliminate dust lift-off after one application, without changing or compromising the substrate beneath it. The water-soluble polymers create an adaptable interlocking crust upon impact, supporting permeation into the tailings surface. This process creates a safeguard to eliminate fugitive dust particles and protects the substrate from the effects of low-moderate, weather events.


SuppessX brochure product guide here.


Developed for large substrates exposed to unpredictable and severe weather conditions. Intersecting wood fibres and environmentally sustainable binders facilitate a resilient structure that enables superior wind and rain erosion during moderate-high weather events. Upon application, FibreLoc establishes an adaptable yet robust blanket entailing a rough fibrous surface. The unique product texture acts as an ongoing catchment zone to secure airborne dust particles.


FibreLoc brochure product guide here.


Established for clients requiring a dust remediation strategy, while intending to rehabilitate their site at a later date. This product will eliminate dust while delivering substrate conditions for revegetation purposes. HydroBond will permeate and bind to most soil and sand types, allowing for accessibility to air and water. Depending on the client’s immediate intentions, seed, mulch and amendments may be implemented into the solution, to promote improved growth for faster seed germination.


HydroBond brochure product guide here.


Lateral thinking and innovative strategies are the primary difference between providing a solution adaptable for all occasions and creating a solution designed especially to meet your site challenges and requirements. Our difference is our ability to develop dust management programs that adopt your company goals and objectives throughout the project life cycle.


The following dust suppression video provides significant insight into some of our previous tailings dam projects.





With end-to-end solutions supported by state of the art products, scientific analysis and guarantee periods available for up to 24-months; there isn’t a lot that we can’t offer. For more information on how we can add value to your next dust suppression project, contact our team today.



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