Dust Suppression Solutions For Tailings Storage Facilities

Dust Suppression Remediation For Tailings Storage Facility
Erizon® provides specifically-engineered solutions for dust control and remediation in tailings storage facilities with guaranteed success.

Dust Suppression Solutions For Tailings Storage Facility

Erizon® has created an industry benchmark for environmental solutions. These solutions include dust suppression, erosion control, and revegetation techniques — all applied throughout Australia for 25 years now.

Our team has proven to effectively suppress dust in Australia. We focus heavily in investing and engineering new and innovative methods and solutions that push industry boundaries and guarantee success.

More recently, we began investing in dust remediation methods for tailings storage facilities. This service has become more in-demand among mining companies who are after a more reliable, long term solution. It has also been particularly useful in communities and barren areas with increased levels of airborne dust can cause potential health concerns..

Our Effective Approach

Erizon® is dedicated to a multidimensional approach when it comes to dust management. We begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges of every tailings storage facility.

In most cases, the dust issue stems from severe climate and drought-related conditions. These conditions cause excessive evaporation of moisture. As a result, it consistently changes the surface stability of tailings dams.

Eventually, this condition facilitates a hazardous dust lift-off. Only a comprehensive management program can then address this issue.

Our team of experts can solve the problem through a systematic approach. We would first visit the site and conduct soil analysis. This preliminary phase serves to identify the issues specific to the land area.

We then follow the following principles and phases when conducting a dust suppression project.

Administering Health and Safety

Health and safety is our primary priority. When notified of a dust issue, our team promptly investigates and outlines an adaptable solution suited to the concerned site.

We aim at eliminating dust systematically and quickly. We also make sure that we’re working in line with occupational health and safety processes.

Understanding the Environment

By understanding the project environment first, we effectively eliminate possible site complications.

We carefully investigate the climate, the existing flora and fauna, and the community surrounding the project site.

More importantly, we analyse the soil to first determine the conditions of the land before choosing a particular dust suppression solution.

Substrate Comprehension

This phase involves a thorough investigation of the following variables:

  1. Soil type and material content
  2. Moisture levels
  3. Implications and changes based on environmental conditions
  4. Reactivity to potential solution options

Site Topography

Our experts also conduct a 3-dimensional drone survey to gain insights about the landscape layout.

This process helps identify uneven or higher gradient areas that will require additional product coverage.

It also helps confirm the presence of accessibility outlets and potential high-risk regions in or around the site.

Commitment To a Strong Partnership

We are committed to working with you as we take on risk management and safety processes.

We are, at all times, transparent in our communications. We also dedicate ourselves to maintaining a strong partnership with our clients beyond the project guarantee period.

Our Long-Term Solutions

Our scientifically-engineered dust suppression solutions have been proven effective in the harshest environmental regions within Australia.

These products have peculiar properties designed to address the particular issues of every site. Each one can also complement a different type of soil substrate.

We presently offer three major dust suppression products. They can create durable, water-resistant, and sustainable surface crusts over soil and aggregate.

When used according to soil analysis results, these products can effectively eliminate dust.

  • SuppressX®

We have engineered SuppressX® for non-trafficked areas such as tailings or ash dam facilities.

This product can eliminate dust lift-off after one application. It is also designed to work without changing or compromising the substrate beneath it.

Its water-soluble polymers create an adaptable interlocking crust upon impact. Thus, it supports permeation into the tailings surface.

This process, in turn, creates a safeguard to eliminate fugitive dust particles. It also protects the substrate from the effects of low to moderate weather problems.

Check out the SuppessX brochure here.

  • FibreLoc®

We developed FibreLoc® specifically for large substrates exposed to unpredictable and severe weather conditions.

Intersecting wood fibres and environmentally sustainable binders create a resilient structure. This structure prevents wind and rain erosion during moderate to severe weather issues.

Upon application, FibreLoc® establishes an adaptable yet robust blanket with a rough fibrous surface. The unique product texture acts as an ongoing attachment zone to secure airborne dust particles.

Check out the FibreLoc® product guide here.

  • HydroBond®

HydroBond® serves as a dust remediation strategy for sites that need rehabilitation at a later date.

This product works to eliminate dust while optimising substrate conditions for revegetation purposes.

HydroBond permeates and binds to most soil and sand types, allowing for accessibility to air and water.

Depending on the project requirement, we may add seed, mulch and amendments into the solution. This technique helps improve growth rates and facilitates seed germination.

Check out the HydroBond® brochure here.

Effective Tailings Guarantee

Erizon® eliminates the need for expensive maintenance and will not require further use of water for dust suppression.

Our effective tailings management will ensure you of the following results:

  • Decreased Liability
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Reduced Effect on Neighbouring Communities
  • An Overall Decrease in Environmental Impact

Providing Adaptable Solutions And Innovative Strategies

The use of innovative strategies and careful project planning set us apart from other dust suppression service providers.

We develop dust management programs that we tailor to site-specific needs. Our team of environmental experts provide solutions that meet your site’s peculiar dust issues.

The following video gives significant insights into some of our successful tailings dam projects.

For more information on how we can help you on your next dust suppression project, contact our team today.

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