EcoArmour® – Redefining Erosion Control Products in Australia

Australia is subjected to a variety of different environmental challenges due to its vast and ever-changing weather conditions. With this in mind, Erizon® has endeavoured to source some of the most experienced specialists in the industry to engineer our sophisticated product range. These solutions have redefined our approach to environmental issues, and adhere to our core values of providing safe, effective and durable results that meet our client’s goals of excellence.

Natural Erosion Conditions in Australia

One of the most common issues that occur throughout Australia is natural erosion. Erosion is a broadly defined group of processes involving the movement of soil and rock. This movement is the result of flowing agents, such as wind and water, which can often result in significant economic and environmental damage to the surrounding substrate. This has become a large concern for sectors within the mining, civil, rail, defence and infrastructure companies where dust particles can become airborne, creating both health issues and unstable work environments.

Erizon® researched traditional erosion control methods in the market and recognised that these solutions weren’t meeting the standards that technology was allowing them to achieve. Miles ahead of any other industry specialist,

EcoArmour® as A Solution

Erizon® decided to create Eco Armour; a state-of-the-art erosion control solution that superseded existing solutions. This scientifically engineered product is an erosion control blanket formulated with a blend of minerals, interlocking fibres, and specialty binders to form a durable, non-flammable crust that can withstand environmental conditions for up to 20 years. The specialty binders incorporate themselves onto the substrate below the ground, forming a tough resilient cover that is also flexible enough to move with the ground below it, eliminating cracking of the coat.

Eco Armour has now become a market-leading solution for some of the most challenging erosion control issues. The unique construct has met and exceeded all relevant transport and main road specifications which has opened up a variety of opportunities to work on projects involving vertical walls, roadsides batters, steep slopes, swales and drains, levees and as bund culvert lining.

This solution is designed to be hydraulically applied through our purpose-built high-pressure HydroRig™ equipment, which allows for a safe, even application to the specified area of request. Once sprayed, it dries and sets in a matter of hours, providing extended high shear resistance erosion control.

Other Available Methods

Based on your research, you may be aware of various other methods of erosion control such as shotcrete, concrete canvas, and posi-shell. In hindsight, these products may seem like viable options. However, all sustain a variety of factors that impinge on their effectiveness to achieve quality results that last. We have developed a product profile that defines the characteristics of these solutions to support why Eco Armour is the product of choice.

  • Concrete Canvas
    A flexible, concrete fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin surface concrete layer. The fabric is on a roll, which is laid out to be measured and cut to size before being tacked into place. One of our primary concerns with concrete canvas is the safety risks associated with the installation process.At Erizon®, safety is our number one priority and choose to align this ideology with our core company policy – Vision Zero. The safety issues associated with this option are exponentially increased when steep slopes are added into the equation. While safety remains a vital area of concern, this process also requires extensive time frames and a large number of employees to effectively implement the solution – essentially providing large overheads and short term results.
  • Shotcrete
    A product process where compressed air forces mortar or concrete through a hose nozzle at a high velocity onto the specified project areas, which is often accompanied with wire mesh for stability. This process is often costly and time consuming accompanied with the potential to crack upon movement of substrate breath. As a company underpinned by environmentally sustainable practices, shotcrete goes against our principles with substantial wastage incurred upon each application.
  • Posi-Shell
    A blend of clay binders, reinforcing fibres, and polymers that, when mixed with water, produces a spray-applied mortar that dries in the form of a thin adhesive. This land cover is essentially designed to create skin over waste to prevent excess odours from expelling into the environment. Although specifically designed for waste management, along the line Posi-Shell has been expanded into other areas such as erosion control. However, due to the original purpose-built properties, it doesn’t effectively resolve the issues associated with erosion. The cost of using the posi-shell system is also greater than its benefits compared to other alternatives.

Why EcoArmour® Stands Out

As noted, there are several options when it comes to erosion control methods, however, there is only one clear stand out in our eye. If you need an erosion control product that is effective, cost-efficient, durable and maintains highly regarded safety codes, look no further than EcoArmour®. If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our environmental consultants today.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to speak with one of our environmental consultants today.

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