Erosion causes significant damage on embankments, batters and cuttings within railway corridors with the problems manifesting in various forms. This can cause delay and distribution, costing time and money to the rail industry.

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“Decrease the risk of derailments and interruptions”

In Australia, rail tracks have been built of soil formations that have poor drainage associated with expansive and reactive clay soils that swell when wet and harden when dry. As a consequence of this, there are increased costs involved with maintenance, risk of derailments and interruptions to train operations, the integrity of structures and the rail line itself can become compromised, along with general environmental degradation.

With the ability to move people, goods and services, the rail industry, unlike other advancements, has a major impact on sustainable economic outcomes. It is essential that efficiency and effectiveness are achieved for commercial, industrial and social activity and operations.

We are able to offer a range of solutions and services to provide stability, longevity and erosion control effectiveness for the rail industry. Depending on the severity of the erosion, Erizon will evaluate and offer the best sustainable solution for the project

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