Hydromulching Brisbane

Brisbane, the second hottest capital city in Australia, experiences dominantly humid weather with warm to hot temperatures for most of the year. However, during the summer seasons, rain and thunderstorms also come. This sub-tropical climate often causes environmental problems in the city like dust pollution from destructive winds and flooding in rivers and creeks.

Proper and committed plans to mitigate these environmental concerns are essential, especially for a progressive city like Brisbane.

Composed of a team of field experts and scientists, Erizon provides reliable and sustainable environmental solutions all across Brisbane. We deliver highly efficient rehabilitation programs such as dust suppression, erosion control, revegetation, hydroseeding, and hydromulching.

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Meeting The Challenges of Hydromulching

They say the city of Brisbane experiences more sunny days in a year compared to any other Australian city. It is, in fact, the sunshine capital of the entire country.

This warm temperature, however, changes the soil quality in many areas of Brisbane. When soil temperatures are always high, soil moisture decreases. The soil becomes barren, leaving it exposed to powerful natural forces like wind and water.

Add to that the fact that when summers come, the intense rainfall that occurs causes creek levels to rise. This event leads to significant flooding in many streets and houses throughout the city.

Since Brisbane is vibrant because of its warm climate, it attracts many people to live permanently in the city. Because of this increase in the population, Brisbane also experiences a tremendous pressure in its natural environment and resources.

For example, urban development events have destroyed much of the natural vegetation in the city. Some significant vegetation, in fact, of Brisbane, is already close to extinction.

Construction activities have left many sites exposed to erosion events. The removal of topsoil during infrastructure building caused the loss of organic matter and increased soil density, resulting in compaction of the soil.

The bad thing about compaction is that it lowers the rate of water infiltration and reduces the water-holding capacity of the soil. As a result, there is low vegetative growth. After the fertiliser application, runoff happens because the fertiliser cannot penetrate the soil — these contribute to the many erosion problems of the city.

The city council of Brisbane has committed to protecting and preserving its natural environment. Included in the long-term vision of the city is to make Brisbane clean and green.

City officials initiated activities and awareness events to mitigate these environmental issues — which includes street tree planting, bushland preservation levy, habitat Brisbane, and environmental centres’ school learning programs.

Although these initiatives and programs are helpful, Brisbane still needs scientific solutions to manage and solve its environmental concerns.

Erizon offers scientifically backed solutions for Brisbane. Our team composes of scientists and professionals on the field who researched much on how to innovate in providing the best application methods and products. Through this, we guarantee long-lasting and effective solutions to any environmental issue.

The Best Solution for Hydromulching in Brisbane

Clients all over Australian cities can attest to how Erizon solved their problems efficiently. We offer the best cost-effective but scientific solutions in the whole of Australia.

We provide two types of hydromulching solutions — depending on the site conditions and needs.

Thus, our rehabilitation program always begins with a site survey to analyse specific site requirements. This step enables us to customise a solution that meets the client’s goals and objectives.

During the site visit, our scientists collect soil samples to understand peculiar site characteristics. Then, we choose what type of hydromulching solution is best suited for the site.

Hydromulching HGM

Our first option is Hydromulching HGM or Hydraulic Growth Medium.

Hydromulching HGM is a one-step process that is best for sites that already have sufficient irrigation. It works in all types of climates — including Brisbane’s subtropical climate.

In this type of hydromulching, water is used to carry and spray seed, fertiliser, binders, cellulosic mulch, and tracking dye to the seedbeds.

We also use products composed of organic mulch fibres which are hydroscopic. Thus, they can deliver up to 50% more water-holding capacity and have an increased ability to hold moisture and promote seed germination.

Hydromulching HGM can also support vegetative growth while minimising erosion and reducing water requirements.

Hydromulching BFM

Our second option is Hydromulching BFM or Bonded Fibre Matrix — a heavy growth medium. Compared to HGM, this option is best for revegetating areas with steep slopes and areas that experience high amounts of rainfall.

Hydromulching BFM involves a two-step application process.

In the first step, we apply water, seed, and amelioration to the surface to guarantee seed-to-soil contact. Ensuring this will improve revegetation outcomes.

The second step involves spraying cellulosic mulch, binders, and tackifiers unto the surface. Doing so at a high application rate ensures we secure a more positive outcome.

BFM comes with a viscous bonding agent and interlocking fibres. Upon application, they form a protective cover over the treated area, which retains a high level of moisture. Through this, the ground gains protection against erosion for up to 18 months, while promoting the best growing environment for the plants.

Why Choose Erizon?

Twenty-five years of experience in the field is a testament to the excellence that Erizon displays in solving even the most complicated environmental problems in Australia.

Our long years of experience, innovativeness, and scientific methods guarantee our ability to provide our clients with the best outcomes for every project.

We always achieve this through our tailored solutions. Every project receives the most suitable applications and products.

Our modern drone technology provides high-quality images to every site. From there, we analyse and choose the best solution that will facilitate vegetative growth and provide erosion control.

Through our specialised equipment, we apply fertiliser, trace elements, and soil probiotics efficiently. Our hydromulching solutions are optimum solutions for site rehabilitation.

We also conduct post-project monitoring to ensure we give quality service to each of our clients.

Finally, Erizon’s supreme goal is to make Brisbane erosion-free and a safer place to live. Thus, we look forward to hearing and solving your environmental concerns.

Learn more about Erizon’s Approach to Environmental Solutions in Brisbane.

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