Soil Stabilisation Darwin

Darwin, a city at the top end of the Northern Territory, enjoys a tropical savanna climate with pronounced wet and dry seasons. Most rainfall occurs between December and March, while warm days occur from May to September. In recent years, however, Darwin has experienced changes in its weather patterns.

Climate change has affected many areas of Darwin. Extreme weather conditions brought intense environmental problems such as stronger cyclones and more frequent erosion events. Aside from that, climate change has also affected the soil conditions of the city.

Composed of a team of scientists and engineers, Erizon has studied the damaging effects of extreme climate patterns in cities like Darwin. We specialise in providing solutions to improve soil quality in areas severely affected by extreme weather events. Our knowledge and level of expertise, combined with our innovative technologies, guarantees every client of sure results.

Meeting The Challenges of Soil Stabilisation

Many areas in Darwin are beautiful coastal regions with several beaches. The city itself is bordered on three sides by a harbour — with a size three times larger than the Sydney Harbour.

Because of this geographical location, coupled with its type of climate, the city of Darwin frequently experiences environmental challenges.

For instance, tropical cyclones have, for years, threatened this cyclone-prone city of Australia. Besides that, persistent coastal erosion consistently presents problems to its harbour zones.

It doesn’t help that climate change has magnified these concerns.

As more and more carbon dioxide concentrations appear in the atmosphere, oceans absorb much more of the gas, and as a result, water acidity increases. Subsequently, this causes significant harm to coastal and marine ecosystems.

Climate change also tampered with the natural processes experienced by the city and has intensified its weather. Lately, rainfall during the wet season has become more intense, while temperatures in the dry season spike at higher levels.

These changes in temperature and precipitation patterns affect soil properties and soil organic matter content. As a consequence, there is less aggregate formation, poor soil stability, low nutrient content and a decrease in the soil’s capacity to hold water.

Moreover, according to the city’s council for climate change, among the predicted effects of climate change in the coming years are:

  • Increased extreme rainfall events
  • Rising sea levels
  • A greater proportion of cyclones
  • Increase in daily temperature maximums, and,
  • Loss and Risk of Biodiversity

City officials have already allocated funds to continue its Coastal Erosion Management Plan. This plan aims to mitigate the issues brought about by coastal erosion. Storm water outlet pipes and coastal armour rocks are among the recently installed erosion control infrastructures.

Furthermore, the city council has strengthened its Climate Change Action Plan to counter the devastating effects of climate change. Among its goals is to reduce the greenhouse gases and carbon emissions produced by different activities within the city.

While all these interventions are essential, there is still an immense need for scientifically based solutions. Strategies developed from extensive research will bring long-term and sustainable solutions for cities like Darwin.

Composed of a team of dedicated soil scientists and experts, Erizon offers scientific solutions to different environmental problems caused by climate change. Among our premium services is our soil stabilisation solution.

The Best Solution for Soil Stabilisation in Darwin

Erizon’s extensive experience in providing cost-effective and long-lasting soil stabilisation solutions guarantees every client of successful outcomes. We are the industry leader in giving environmental solutions in Australia.

Our solutions are not just strategic, but scientific as well. Our most advanced soil stabilisation products and agents are developed from comprehensive researches by our field experts.

At Erizon, we make sure we provide solutions that work. We also build long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

As such, we always start with a client consultation to discuss the conditions and specific issues of the project site. From there, we thoroughly choose solutions and approaches that will meet the project goals and ensure quality service.

We enhance the quality of the soil by strengthening its durability and weight-bearing capacity. Our team of soil scientists has specially innovated our products to increase the soil’s resistance to tensile failure.

Through improving soil resilience, the soil can withstand pressures from both internal and external forces that usually cause shrinkage and flexing.

Moreover, although our soil stabilisation products are incredibly robust, they are also cost effective and environmentally safe. Thus, they are perfect for a variety of applications such as public road pavements, hardstands, lay-down areas, unsealed hauls, and rural and service roads.

In our product application, we use the most advanced equipment and technologies for fast and efficient application. We utilise our helicopters, hydro trucks and hydro trailers to spread, compact, and trim our materials.

In this way, the soil and pavement particles become more physically and chemically bonded—this application results in higher compressive strength, tensile resilience, and water impermeability.

We also use our 3D drone technology to apply fertiliser, trace elements, and soil probiotics two months after application.

Finally, to guarantee 100% positive outcomes, Erizon constantly monitors the projects’ progress and outputs through the latest available scanning and imaging sensors.

Why Choose Erizon?

For more than 25 years, Erizon has given solutions to various environmental problems in Australia. Our soil stabilisation strategy has helped many cities heavily impacted by climate change and coastal erosion.

We offer scientific solutions and premium products that are innovated and developed by our premier team of experts, scientists, and engineers. We also make excellent product applications through our latest and highly efficient technologies and equipment.

At Erizon, we care about the environment. As such, our products are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Erizon also takes pride in its product’s capacity to strengthen and improve the soil’s various characteristics and qualities.

To facilitate positive project outcomes, Erizon conducts a comprehensive site analysis and client consultation to give the best solution for every specific site and project. We also do post-project monitoring to ensure long-lasting results.

Finally, Erizon believes in providing a better and safer place for the citizens of Darwin. Thus, we always aim to outperform ourselves and exceed our clients’ expectations in every project we undertake.

We invite you to partner with us in this endeavour. Contact us today.

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