Hydromulching Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, is situated between hot inland areas and the cold southern ocean. Because of its location, it experiences a temperate oceanic climate. The city’s weather, however, is also very changeable.

Due to its unstable weather conditions, the city often faces numerous ecological challenges.

For instance, regular days now in Melbourne are already characterised by extreme heat, and rainfalls; and storms are now experienced in higher intensity. Overall, rainfall rate has also reduced over time, and this is accompanied by a rising of sea-levels and more frequent drought periods.

While solving these environmental problems involves a whole web of solutions, revegetating areas of land in the city will never become an outdated answer. Establishing vegetation in cities like Melbourne will bring many benefits and positive outcomes against many ecological issues.

Erizon has, for years, given premium revegetation solutions to different areas in Australia — even to its toughest and harshest regions. Our hydromulching solution has proved to bring successful mitigation to environmental challenges that many cities face.

Addressing The Need To Revegetate Melbourne

The geographical location of Melbourne has contributed much to its variable weather. Since the city is at the centre of hot and cold areas, it has faced many environmental challenges all over the years. And just like any other city in the world, climate change has also exaggerated Melbourne’s climate issues.

In the last years, the city has experienced very hot days where the average temperatures go beyond 35 degrees Celsius. Sadly, these heatwaves and high environmental temperatures do have a detrimental impact on the health of the locals and also influence many other aspects of the ecosystem.

Warmer and drier days mean reduced rainfall and more extended periods of drought. When these conditions occur, the risk of city fires and bushfires also rises. Trees and plants die due to lack of precipitation, and they become fuel for wildfires. Of course, droughts and wildfire both affect the economy, many neighbourhoods, crops, and natural habitats.

While all these concerns may be challenging, some solutions could help mitigate these environmental issues.

Revegetation is a simple, and yet very effective means to alleviate the ecological problems hounding Melbourne.

Plants like native and deep-rooted grasses can trap soil and moisture even during periods of drought and high winds — helping cool off the atmosphere during very hot days. Shrubs and trees also hold down the ground and protect it from the sun so that it doesn’t quickly dry up.

If there is nothing to hold the soil, the ground produces dust issues. Furthermore, soil quality is damaged as plants that can retain moisture is not present. Droughts can also worsen as a result of scanty vegetation.

Moreover, vegetation can improve the amount of rainfall. Without plants, heat could quickly rise off from barren and dry soil — propelling the moisture-laden clouds away as a result. Trees and plants dampen and cool the earth to pull the moisture back and improve the rainfall rate.

Trees also sequester carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere — an essential factor in reducing global warming, and thus, climate change.

Knowing the importance of revegetation, city officials are undertaking a large-scale revegetation project to green Melbourne. The project aims to plant 150,000 trees, shrubs, and grasses in the city. In addition to that, the city already has a $1.8 million annual investment in planting 3000 trees each year. Even one of the city councillors noted that planting trees is one of the most effective ways to respond to climate change.

The city council’s plan for 2017-2021 also included means and ways to counteract the results of climate change.

But while these endeavours work for the good of the city, there is still a need for a committed and competent team to strategise and particularly focus on revegetation plans. Without professionals who will concentrate on scientific revegetation solutions, locals may follow traditional methods which produce only temporary solutions and results.

Erizon is composed of efficient and experienced soil scientists and professionals who will work on every project with ceaseless concentration and focus. Our revegetation solution — hydromulching — is formulated to give sustainable, long-lasting, and successful results.

The Best Solution for Hydromulching in Melbourne

Erizon offers the best hydromulching solutions in the whole of Australia. Depending on the site needs and conditions, we give tailored solutions to produce excellent results. Our strategy promotes faster vegetative growth and development and also minimises erosion.

Since the soils in Melbourne are damaged and depleted because of its variable weather, conventional methods are not enough to achieve significant vegetation growth. At Erizon, we offer two types of hydromulching solutions, depending on the project goals and site characteristics.

Hydromulching HGM

For sites with sufficient irrigation, we recommend our Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM) solution.

HGMs are innovated to hold the moisture longer to support rapid vegetation growth. The application involves only a one-step process which is effective to all climate types.

In this method, water is used to spray seed, fertiliser, tracking dye, and binders to the seedbed. It can also be applied even to uneven surfaces and rough seedbeds.

The best thing about HGMs is that they also provide erosion control from wind and water until there is sufficient vegetative growth. Moreover, they contain billions of bacteria and essential nutrients to enhance soil quality for healthier vegetation.

Hydromulching BFM

For areas with steep slopes and experience heavy rainfall, we use our second option — Bonded Fibre Matrix.

Essentially a heavy growth medium, BFM involves a two-step application process. In the first step, water, seed, and amelioration are applied to the site to enhance seed-to-soil contact. This step ensures better seed conditions for optimum germination and growth.

In the second step, we spray cellulosic mulch and proper binder and tackifiers. To further guarantee high erosion effectivity, we perform all our applications at a high rate.

Among BFM’s features is its ability to form a protective skin over the treated surface area which lasts up to a year. This layer acts like an erosion blanket which protects the seeds from weeds, pests, diseases and pathogens, as well as erosion.

Compared to standard hydromulching solutions, BFM has shown better performance, especially on steep batters, slopes, verges, and flat areas.

Why Choose Erizon

For 25 years now, Erizon has never failed to give excellent environmental solutions to Australia. Our revegetation solutions effectively made many places in Australia safer and greener.

To give the best client experience, we always make sure our solutions are tailored to every site and client goal. To do this, we always start with a consultation with our clients to identify project needs.

Then, we conduct a site survey employing our modern 3D drone technology. This step allows us to map out the area in great detail. Subsequently, our team of soil scientists and experts analyses and chooses the best solution to produce successful results.

We always ‘Supply, Apply, and Guarantee’.

Erizon supplies the best products — innovated and tested by our team of experts. Then, we apply using only the best equipment available. We have highly trained technicians that efficiently do our services with excellent precision and accuracy to meet the Australian Safety, Environmental and Quality Standards.

Lastly, through our scientific solutions and expert application methods, we guarantee to deliver a long-lasting, effective, and end-end solution to every client and project.

It is Erizon’s utmost commitment to make Melbourne a safer and greener place to live. Thus, we invite you to partner with us in this.

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