What is Hydromulching?

“Hydromulching is an effective and viable option for vegetating large expanses of land quickly and easily.”

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    Soil Erosion Control Solutions

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Hydromulching is a vegetation process that involves spraying a slurry of water, seed, fertiliser, cellulosic mulch, tracking dye and a binder/tackifier on damaged and depleted soils to provide fast, economical and efficient revegetation.

Sprayed from a specially designed hydroseeding truck referred to as a hydroseeder, the truck keeps the mixture agitated during application, ensuring even coverage.

Depending on the hydroseeder, the cannon, also referred to as a boom, is capable of spraying the mixture over 100 metres. This enables coverage in even the most difficult to reach areas.

Benefits of Hydromulching

The addition of mulch into the slurry is what differs hydromulching to hydroseeding and provides a number of benefits. These include:

Minimise moisture evaporation

The mulch acts as a hydraulic growth medium and provides a protective cover and moisture reservoir for the seeds as they wait to germinate.

Prevent birds damaging crops

The thickness of the mulch acts as a protective layer and stops birds from getting to the seeds before they sprout. This reduces the amount of waste.

Protection from wind and rain

When hydromulch is used in combination with a binder/tackifier, the fibres will stick together and “hold onto” the ground. This surface cover provided by the fibres works to stop the wind from picking up dust and displacing the seed. The fibres also protect the seeds from rain and water run-off that commonly hinders growth by eroding topsoil.

Covers large and difficult areas

Hydromulching is an effective and viable option for vegetating large expanses of land quickly and easily. This includes land that is flat, hard to access or significantly sloped.

A variety of solutions

Hydromulching solutions can be used for erosion control and stabilisation of roadside batters, soil stockpiles, long term dust suppression, mine site rehabilitation and remediation of large industrial areas.

Quicker growth

One of the main benefits of hydromulching is the speed of growth. It’s not unusual to see significant growth within a few weeks which, during the early stages of germination and growth, can provide relief to the landowner.

There are numerous types of mulch available in the Australian market, all with their own benefits. Click here to find out more information about the numerous mulches on offer and which one may be suitable for your project goals.