Purpose Built Equipment For The Environmental Sector

Erizon has been providing highly sophisticated environmental solutions for over 25 years in managing some of the most complex issues in commercial mining, civil, oil and gas, and infrastructure projects Australia wide.

We have the capability to provide informed and independent services for sites requiring revegetation, erosion control, and dust suppression. Over the years we have continued to complement technological advances and professional specialist expertise with our broad scope of equipment, to deliver impressive project results. Erizon continues to provide an unwavering commitment to maintaining all equipment by ensuring that they are fully assembled with the latest safety requirements, technology, tooling, and qualified operational staff to undertake the site-specific preparation and application. Each equipment apparatus has its own purpose-built properties that assist in meeting requirements for different operations.   As we open up the doors into our fully maintained fleet of equipment, you will gain an insight into the resources that we have on hand to meet your environmental issues.   HydroRigs™   Erizon Application Type HydroRig™ Cannon   The majority of our projects involve the use of our large specified HydroRig™ vehicles which have been purpose-built with two hydraulic cannons mounted above the holding tank, designed to apply hydromulch and or hydroseed solution at a distance of 100 meters. This process can only be effectively completed with the use of the three inbuilt agitators which keep the mix uniform and homogenous. The agitators are propeller-like blades, positioned within the holding tanks and are intended to ensure that an even application is applied to the substrate area.   Our fleet of HydroRigs™ range from a 4,000 Litre capacity to 16,000 Litres and are individually chosen based on the most suitable characteristic for the project undertaking. The Titan & Epic HydroRigs™ are perfect as their power, speed and design make this machine unbeatable for eliminating the need to work on steep slopes and providing fast and effective coverage of extremely large areas or hard to manoeuver job sites.   The Erizon HydroRigs™ are completely mine-specification compliant and boast the ability to apply product to 50,000+ square meters each per day. The safety of our drivers and operators is paramount, and to this end, the HydroRigs™ are fitted with Rollover Protection Systems, edge protection and harness attachment points, interlocks and emergency stops, fire-fighting equipment, spill containment kits, and first aid equipment.   Hose   The HydroRigs™ have an additional outlet where a specialised hose apparatus can be attached if required for an extended application of product, which allows a reach of up to 400m, depending on environmental conditions such as, wind direction and speed.   Equipment Benefits
  • Cost-effective
  • The solution is constantly mixed
  • High volume
  • Highly accurate
  • Ideal for all most projects – with an ability to reach Inaccessible areas sizes
Suitable Products         SuppressXEcoArmourHydroBondRoadbondEnviroSoilEnviroLocEnviroSproutEnviroPro   Spray Bar   Erizon Application Type Spraybar   Although rarely required for applying product, the spray bar attachment is used to effectively reduce dust issues on high traffic site areas, such as haul roads. The bar sits at the back of a HydroRigs™ with nozzles precisely positioned over the target area, allowing for the product to be rapidly sprayed evenly over the entire area in one application.   Suitable Products    RoadBond  
Air Tractor   Erizon Application Type Air Tractor Depending on various environmental conditions and site access points available, some project areas are difficult to reach with our HydroRig™, therefore as a safety precaution, require the use of an Air Tractor. This multifaceted aircraft is recognised for its specialty holding tank, designed to retain up to 3,000 Litres of product, which is dispersed at a low altitude evenly over the targeted substrate area. With the use of GPS technology, the Air Tractor pilot can accurately gauge the specific time of release based on location, altitude, speed, and wind direction. Depending on the site-specific requirement this aircraft can effectively cover a large scope of area in one day.   Suitable Products    SuppressXHydroBond   Helicopter   Erizon Application Type Helicopter   The Helicopter application method is used on large scale areas where our HydroRigs™ are unable to reach. This methodology is ideal in covering remote sites with steep or rugged terrain, in the least amount of time. We have access to numerous helicopter models, with the style dependant on the job-specific requirements. The helicopter can release the tailored solution in one of two ways:   Belly Tank
    1. – a specific device implemented only to certain aircrafts, is the holding tank located on the under carnage, providing the ability to hold a capacity 1,500 Litres of product.
  Suitable products   SuppressXHydroBond   Spreader Bucket – A self-contained rig which is securely attached to the base of the helicopter. Our specific device will fit approximately a 500 Litre capacity, which is dispersed evenly over the selected area.            Suitable products     EnviroLocEnviroPro   Equipment Benefits
  • Covers varied and uneven terrain
  • GPS allows for complete tracking
  • Ability to reach inaccessible areas
  • Ideal for large scale projects e.g. ash dams
  Drones   Offering an extension of our sensory perceptions, drone technology is playing an essential role throughout the progress of every project, from surveys, aerial research, monitoring, and videography for report documentation. The following models each display unique characteristics that provide our specialists with quality information.     Matrice 210   Fitted with intelligent sensor mechanisms, combined with high-performance motors and the latest multi multispectral X4s HD camera technology; these specialised drones have provided access to sophisticated data that is obtained via 3D surveys. This information allows our team to effectively analyse the NDVI, NDRE, and Chlorophyll, associated with the environmental and vegetation conditions of the project at hand, and assists in making accurate decisions that will provide optimal results for our clients.     Thermal By Flir   Fitted with thermal imaging sensors this new level of innovation allows our specialised team to view and expose the invisible, with visible-light imaging, video analysis, measurement, and diagnostic examination, and advanced threat detection such as ground surface temperature and moisture levels. This data assists our team in determining hazardous areas that require a specialised risk assessment and approach to product application.   Mavice 2 Pro   Keeping HQ updated on the happenings in the field has improved exponentially since the implementation of these drones. Quickly depicting job site documentation by generating aerial perspective progress shots that can be shared with stakeholders back at the office. This imagery has also improved communication processed with clients by underpinning client Quality Plan reports with visual recourses obtained from drone imagery.         Heavy Lift Drone   Erizon Application Type Heavy Lift Drone Erizon is leading the way in the environmental sector by taking advantage of cutting edge technologies and engineering properties that have been built into our heavy lift drones. These drones have made it possible to improve our safety procedures by eliminating the need for employees to partake in high-risk product application procedures.   Intended to be used in some of the toughest and most durable industries in the world and is designed to lift an excess of 100kg weight. This type of drone allows us to utilise the lifting capabilities to access hard to reach points, eliminating the need for employees to partake in high-risk product application procedures. While the mechanical engineering properties combined with the FPV and DGPS software allows the drones to navigate and complete precise route flights to the specified location and apply the custom solution with ease. At all times while the drone is in flight mode, our drone pilot can visually scope the surrounding environment to ensure to avoid obstructions that may affect the application process.     Equipment Benefits  
  • Cover varied and uneven terrain
  • Ability to target specific areas quickly
  • Provide real-time data and feedback
  • Up to 40 times faster than manual spraying
  • Multiple uses
  Suitable Products     SuppressXHydroBondEnviroLocEnviroProEcoArmour        

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