Erizon® specialises in large-scale revegetation, dust suppression and erosion control projects nation-wide. We service many industries including mining, civil and infrastructure amongst others.

Our head office is based in Adelaide, South Australia but operate from depots across Australia. This ensures the fastest possible deployment to anywhere in Australia.

All product ingredients used in our solutions are environmentally compliant, scientifically analysed and tested before use. Safety for our team and the environment in which we operate is our utmost priority.

Not necessarily. Our business is not just about outstanding products. On-site testing, planning, customisation, and application of our solutions are key to project success. If you require dust suppression for use with your own on-site water carts, we can supply 1000L IBC containers – for more information give our specialists a call on 1300 190 541.

Depending on project requirements, we offer both native seeds and a wide selection of introduced species as part of a tailored revegetation plan. A full site analysis by our highly experienced soil scientist will provide the optimal seed advice possible for your project.

We do not specialise in residential or domestic applications.

We have the capability to cover very large areas of land. Due to the large, state-of-the-art equipment we use to apply our solutions, we do have minimum area size depending on solution type, but not a limit on how large a project can be.

Unfortunately, we do not offer pesticide spraying or weed control solutions.

Yes. Our fleet of state of the art HydroRig™ equipment is fully mine specified for the highest level of quality and safety requirements. Our team of highly trained technicians each hold relevant certifications to operate on mine sites safely and effectively.

Due to the extremely high level of care and attention taken to understand each and every project, we can offer a site-specific solution with a guaranteed outcome to suit your project requirements.

Overburden is usually lacking in enough nutrients to promote sustainable growth. Topsoil is often used to cover these areas but with limited and varying rates of success. Erizon® has developed EnviroSoil®, a hydraulically applied topsoil alternative that replenishes depleted soils – ask our specialists about EnviroSoil® on 1300 190 541.

Every one of our projects starts and finishes with a scientific approach. Depending on the service you are receiving, topsoil may need to be applied on top of existing soil and raked to ensure that the soil is loose, to encourage and support rapid growth. If your project involves hydromulching, a soil analysis may be undertaken and interpreted before revegetation works commence. Such analysis will determine the properties of the soil to ensure we get the best strike rate and increased longevity of seedlings. We will provide you with professional and credible advice about how to set up your site for success the first time.

We have a wide range of dust suppression solutions that cover many variables. Each product is scientifically formulated and tested to excel in specific areas such as trafficked areas, non-trafficked areas, long term, short term, for revegetation and extreme conditions.

A standard non-trafficked solution typically lasts between 6 to 12 months depending on the substrate and weather conditions. FibreLoc® is a dust suppression solution that has been formulated with thermally refined wood fibres for extra strength and flexibility which has the potential to last up to 24 months.

The time it takes for vegetation to grow and be sustainable is determined by the regional rainfall, nutrient density of the soil and the amount of sunlight for that area. Typically, you can expect to see growth after 2 to 3 weeks in ideal conditions. For areas that have depleted soils which cannot sustain growth, we offer a cost-effective topsoil alternative that is hydraulically applied to help rejuvenate the soil using a tailored blend of micro-nutrients, minerals, and fertilisers.

We do not specialise in residential or domestic applications.
To get the best possible solution for your project, we recommend talking to our highly experienced team. We would recommend a site assessment – a soil analysis will ensure the solution is optimised specifically for performance and longevity for your site.

Not at all, we provide solutions for many industries such as the rail industry, defence, energy and many more.

Yes, we own 100% of our HydroRig™ equipment. Only specialist aerial equipment would be contracted in some situations to provide the most cost-effective solution. Innovation is a major part of our success and through our R&D department, we continue to design and develop improved solutions and the machinery that delivers them.

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Please note we do not service Residential Projects.