Hydromulching Cairns

Cairns is a highly progressive coastal city that has had its share of erosion and related environmental issues. Among the primary culprits is climate change. It has often resulted in wild weather conditions, landslides, and corresponding property damage.

Without the help of experts, these soil instability and erosion issues will continue to put the city’s residents at risk.

Erizon seeks to address such challenges in the city and offers to provide hydromulching services. Our solutions help enhance disrupted lands and restore optimal vegetative growth in any kind of landscape.

Meeting the Need to Revegetate Cairns

Cairns has often faced severe coastal erosion issues. This problem has impacted both public and private properties. Loss of land has already cost the government and property owners thousands on restoration projects, but beach erosions have always been challenging to solve.

The main culprit for severe coastal erosion issues has been, ever since, the rise of industrial activities and continuous disruption of natural habitats.

As carbon emissions rise, they trigger the next devastating effects of climate change. Wild weather conditions occur and destroy and erode a host of disrupted soils.

In response, the regional council at Cairns has been reconsidering the devastating effects of human activities and environmental abuse in the city.

Officials have been recommending the rehabilitation of development and mining sites. Where possible, preservation is highly promoted, and revegetation presented as the answer to past environmental abuses.

While such protective policies are already in place, locals still need a revegetation and hydromulching solution that is both cost-effective and sustainable. They also need solutions that are more efficient than conventional methods.

Here is where Erizon offers to help.

The Best Hydromulching Solution for Cairns

Erizon has already been serving several cities in Australia, providing them with environmentally compliant and long-lasting solutions.

We take a two-fold approach on hydromulching and recommend one over the other depending on the peculiar needs of the site

In any case, our soil scientists and engineers will always begin a project with an initial investigation to ensure that we will only recommend a solution that is tailored for the site  .

Hydromulching HGM

Hydromulching HGM (Hydraulic Growth Medium) involves a one-step application and is ideal for sites with sufficient irrigation.

It is highly effective in all climate types and supports fast vegetative growth while minimising erosion. It also works on uneven surfaces and rough seedbeds. It is applied with either hoses or HydroRigs™.

Hydromulching BFM

Hydromulching BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix) offers solutions for revegetating steep slopes that experience high rainfall. It involves a two-step process. The first part ensures sufficient soil-to-seed contact, while the second one provides a protective cover over the seeds.

What results is an erosion control blanket that protects the soil from erosion even before the vegetation establishes itself. The soil blanket also remains effective for 6 to 12 months.

Overall, Erizon’s scientific process ensures that a client’s site receives the appropriate hydromulching solution for optimal erosion control.

Why Choose Erizon?

For over 25 years now, Erizon has demonstrated its expertise in addressing erosion issues and providing hydromulching services to several states in Australia.

Our team of soil management experts are dedicated to a scientific and research-based approach. We also work with sustainability in mind, thus ensuring that any landscape receives eco-friendly rehabilitation and enhancement solutions.

Erizon’s clients have always been satisfied with our tailored hydromulching procedures. With a work ethic that is based on excellence, innovation, and sustainability, we always ensure 100% project success.

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