Hydroseeding Cairns

Cairns, the second-largest city in North Queensland, is a beautiful coastal community. It comprises low-lying areas close to the coast which experiences a tropical climate. However, the city is vulnerable to coastal erosion and natural disasters.

Many factors have contributed to the city’s susceptibility to these environmental problems — climate change, geographical location, and increasing population. Regardless of the cause, however, one thing is true. The city needs dependable and committed solutions to solve its ecological issues.

With long years of experience in the field, Erizon has provided effective solutions to many areas of Australia prone to erosion. We have innovated products and solutions to mitigate even the most complex environmental problems efficiently.

Meeting the Challenges of Hydroseeding

The city of Cairns is a tropical paradise with beautiful reefs and rainforests. It has one of the most lovely coastlines and amazing beaches in Australia. This truth, however, does not exempt this wonderful city from erosion and the harmful effects it brings.

Natural disasters, like tropical cyclones, coastal erosion, and floods, are common occurrences in Cairns. In recent years, the frequency of these environmental challenges continually rises because of climate change.

The rate of coastal erosion, for instance, has significantly increased over the years. Global warming has contributed a lot to this. The rise of certain gases in the atmosphere traps heat and shoots up the temperature of the earth. A change in the general circulation in the atmosphere occurs as a result, and this further elevates sea levels.

The rising of the sea brings long-term shoreline recession. Besides, negative shoreline trends trigger secondary effects such as threats to human settlements and infrastructures, and soil instability.

Cairns is also prone to tropical cyclones, especially during the summer months. Powerful gusts of wind at 90 to 280 kilometres per hour (kph) run riot and cause severe damage to many areas of the land. The worse thing is, heavy rainfall comes along with the passage of a tropical cyclone.

As the cyclone moves further inward in the land, the intense downpour of rainwater and its destructive winds create extensive flooding in the city. The overflow of water damages both public works and private property and are a threat to human life.

The good news is, even with all these concerns, effective solutions still exist. Proper vegetation plans and management in areas like Cairns can successfully mitigate these environmental issues.

For instance, the planting of trees can keep the soil in place when water levels rise. Vegetation can act as a sponge whereby rainwater can soak into the soil and drip below the ground. The presence of trees enables the surface water to flow into porous areas in the soil to reduce runoff.

It is worth noting, however, that not all types of vegetation can stand up to strong cyclones or raging floodwaters. Some species are more resilient than others and thus have more ability to survive.

The city government of Cairns adapted a systematic process to implement strategies that will minimise the effects of coastal erosion. Its ‘Our Cairns Coast Project’ aims to protect, plan, and prepare for the impacts of coastal erosion on the community. They also designed it to take early interventions before the effect worsens.

Besides that, the Bureau of Meteorology also issues a flood watch — through broadcast media, the council’s website, or by direct street announcements — whenever there is an incoming flood. Forty-eight hours before a cyclone crosses, they issue a cyclone warning to trigger the locals to activate their respective household emergency plans.

Although warnings and information are necessary for adequate preparation, without comprehensive planning and suitable soil rehabilitation and revegetation plans, natural disasters will continue to plague the city and bring destruction to many more properties.

Erizon fully understands these issues. Thus, we consistently craft and design products and applications that can successfully solve environmental problems in cities like Cairns.

We have proven and time-tested premium products that can efficiently rehabilitate areas previously damaged by erosion. Our revegetation program has successfully resolved many flood concerns.

The Best Solution for Hydroseeding in Cairns

Our hydroseeding solutions provide stable and long-term revegetation to areas prone to natural disasters. We design our products to give quick restoration and can revegetation across various areas of land in no time.

Our EnviroSprout — an advanced hydroseeding solution — improves the quality of the soil since it contains billions of bacteria and essential nutrients to support plant growth. Aside from that, it boasts of its ability to bind the earth and hydromulch components effectively. In this way, seed germination could take place properly.

EnviroSprout contains a binder that forms a robust crust which binds soil to the seed. This feature prevents erosion and increases the soil’s ability to retain more water — an essential and necessary factor for areas which experience massive flooding.

We also believe in offering cost-effective methods. For this reason, our experts designed a hydroseeding solution that is also an economical way to rehabilitate sites. It reduces not only project and labour costs but is also an environment-friendly method.

Erizon can revegetate even the most difficult-to-access areas and slopes. However, our products best work in larger areas where quality soil is present, mulch is unnecessary, and irrigation is available.

Finally, we make use of modern equipment like hydro trucks and drones to agitate our mixtures and ensure even application and constant blending of ingredients.

Why Choose Erizon?

Twenty-five years in the field is a powerful credence of Erizon’s ability and competitiveness to provide the best environmental solutions in Australia.

We always provide tailor-made solutions to each site we work on. Erizon’s team conducts a comprehensive soil analysis and site survey at the beginning of each project. We do this to select the best kind of plant species and the most appropriate fertilisers that will ensure long-lasting erosion prevention.

Erizon guarantees successful outcomes for every project we undertake. We have no other option but excellence. Thus, we only give the best environmental solutions.

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