Hydroseeding Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, has a unique weather pattern. Because of its geographical location, the city experiences four seasons in a day. However, this extremely variable weather also causes numerous environmental problems, especially during the spring and summer months.

As climate change continues to intensify Melbourne’s weather conditions, these ecological issues also become more pronounced — more days with extreme heat, drought, reduced rainfall, more intense floods, and rising sea levels.

The good news is that successful revegetation programs can mitigate the effects of climate change and erratic weather events.

Erizon’s revegetation solution — hydroseeding — offers fast but very efficient revegetation of large areas of land. Hydroseeding is scientifically designed to support healthy vegetative growth and usher in the establishment of vegetation in Melbourne.

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Meeting the Challenges of Soil Erosion

The city of Melbourne generally enjoys a temperate oceanic climate. Despite this mild climate, residents frequently experience temperature swings and turbulent weather changes in a day. Many experts attribute this to Melbourne’s location — at the intersection of a hot continent and the cool southern ocean. 

Both cold air from the sea around Antarctica and the hot, dry air from the Australian desert reach the city. When this occurs, the weather becomes so variable that temperatures may fall from 35 degrees Celcius to 18 degree Celsius in just a matter of hours. 

Moreover, the westerly winds that often blow through the city bring low-pressure systems and cold fronts. When coupled with the challenges of climate change, crazy weather conditions occur. Subsequently, different environmental issues become more intense and pronounced. 

For instance, the increase in rainfall intensity produced more frequent flooding, erosion events and more violent storms. The rise of temperatures and extremely hot days create stronger dust storms, bushfires, and droughts. 

These occurrences not only bring danger to the locals but also cause damage to property and infrastructures. 

Despite these threats, some solutions could effectively help in alleviating the results of climate change. One is revegetation. 

Revegetating areas of land affords a protective barrier to prevent soil from eroding. Plants slow down water runoff during heavy rainfall and allow water infiltration into the ground. 

The roots of the plants also reinforce the soil underneath them. When water flows through plants with an extensive root system, the vegetation can resist the water current. By creating turbulence and drag forces on the moving fluid, the flow loses energy. Through proper revegetation, there can be a significant reduction in floods and erosion events.

Vegetation can also increase bed and bank stability, and thus, decrease the risks of landslides.

Moreover, trees can sequester atmospheric carbon to create a cooling effect on the environment. Vegetation growth can also provide organic matter and nutrients to the soil, enhancing its quality. 

As a city that cares for its people and environment, the Melbourne city council has formulated strategies to ensure the city remains a safe and healthy place to live. Among its programs is the Green Our City Action Plan, which involves creating green roofs, walls and facades within the city. This initiative aims to cool the city, insulate its buildings, and reduce stormwater drainage.

The Urban Forest Strategy is another program that aims to plant various trees inside the city to create healthier and cooler landscapes. 

However, though all these initiatives and plans are great, expert help is still needed.

Erizon is composed of experienced soil scientists and engineers who know precisely how to solve Melbourne’s environmental concerns. Our premium solutions have addressed even the harshest environmental issues and conditions in Australia.

The Best Solution for Hydroseeding in Melbourne

For many years now, Erizon’s revegetation solutions successfully helped many areas in Australia. Our large-scale revegetation strategy — hydroseeding — can revegetate vast areas of land quickly.

Our solution is way more cost-effective than traditional methods. Aside from reducing project and labour costs, our approach is also a more economical alternative to laying turf. 

Hydroseeding involves the application of seed, fertiliser, plant-growth enhancing additives, and water. We use our modern equipment such as hydroseeder trucks to apply the solution to vast areas of land hydraulically. Through this process, we assure our clients of fast, safe, and eco-friendly means of revegetating their sites.

Our new and advanced hydroseeding product — the EnviroSprout — is scientifically formulated and developed to facilitate excellent seed germination rates.  

Envirosprout has microbes, plenty of bacteria and essential nutrients. These are all crucial factors for boosting and promoting healthy plant growth. These elements also help catalyse reactions within the soil to result in denser vegetation. 

Appropriate binders are also added for proper hydromulch-mixture-to-soil bonding. By doing this, seeds are protected from erosion while the germination process takes place. The binders retain water at levels enough to sustain plant growth.

One of the best features of EnviroSprout is that, when mixed with a binder, it can revegetate even the most difficult or hard-to-access areas like slopes. 

EnviroSprout also comes with an eco-friendly green dye. This dye is visible enough to the spray technician to ensure proper and even application and distribution and avoid over-spraying. 

Erizon also utilises large and modern HydroRigs™ when applying EnviroSprout. However, it is also suitable for other application types such as aerial spraying from air tractors, helicopters, and agricultural drones.

Why Choose Erizon

Erizon’s 25 years of unparalleled service is a witness to our dedication to giving Australia the best environmental solutions. Our clients all over the country can testify to our excellence in providing tailored, fitted, and successful solutions to different sites and projects.

We are composed of a team of committed scientists and engineers who continue to formulate and develop products and applications that are cost-effective, environment-friendly, and highly efficient.

Our hydroseeding solutions meet the highest standards of environmental efficiency. We have formulations and products like EnviroSprout that guarantee fast and successful project results.

Thus, we invite you to invest in our services today. We assure you that your investment today will make a better, safer, and greener Melbourne tomorrow.

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