Dust Suppression Northern Territory

The Northern Territory covers tropical regions as well as arid and semi-arid areas. During dry and windy seasons, these sites typically experience higher risks of dust exposure, especially those areas that do not have plant cover.

Leaving these lands in a barren state will, therefore, have adverse respiratory health effects on the surrounding communities.

Erizon helps to address such issues, especially the severe spread of dust and its effects on workplace health and residential safety. In particular, we provide dust suppression solutions for those in the infrastructure, construction, civil, and mining industries.

Northern Territory Dust Control Problems

The Northern Territory’s climate profile exposes it to numerous environmental problems. In areas of drier and warmer temperatures, even a slight wind can spread a considerable amount of dust to residential areas.

Most of these dust particles come from lands that were left barren, either by seasonal bushfires or by extensive human activities.

For instance, heavy construction and industrialisation would have to strip off natural vegetation to accommodate new infrastructure.

Many of these soils, when disturbed, would immediately spread dust and dirt to the surrounding areas. As a result, residents could suffer from respiratory health problems.

Some types, such as siltstone soils, sit in highly sloped areas. Once they are disturbed, winds can carry them in amounts that are already detrimental to human health.

Other soil types, such as laterite soils and granitic soils, contain sand. These grains, whether finer or coarser, are still quite light and are easily blown away. 

Meanwhile, volcanic, sodic, and acid sulphate soils have dust particles that are harmful when inhaled even in small amounts.

Thus far, the NT government has taken several measures to help mitigate these dust exposure problems.

There is at least one legislation that regulates developments and their disturbance of the soils in regions that have high erosion risk profiles.

While establishing subdivisions, for instance, the developers need to ensure the rehabilitation of the areas they have disrupted. They could do revegetation, soil stabilisation, and dust suppression measures to keep the site safe for residents.

Without expert help, however, these agencies may choose rehabilitation options that could be destructive and unsustainable in the long run.

Moreover, they may resort to using traditional methods that may turn out to be more costly than the modern technologies we use.

Erizon has dealt with similar rehabilitation and dust suppression issues numerous times in the past. Our team of soil scientists and product engineers work to match the characteristics of a site with tailored solutions. Thus, our science-based methods can effectively suppress dust and reduce the health risks it poses.

The Best Solution For Dust Suppression In Northern Territory

With Erizon’s 25-year expert experience, we are positive we can help the Northern Territory solve its dust suppression issues.

We have built our process on the principles of excellence and innovation. Thus, we always begin our soil enhancement and rehabilitation projects with a thorough soil analysis.

This preliminary analysis allows us to qualify if a site needs our dust suppression solution or if it needs something else. In any case, we also provide revegetation, soil stabilisation, and general erosion control services.

In addressing the Northern Territory’s environmental problems, we, at Erizon, have come to develop a comprehensive dust suppression strategy.

The resulting dust control solution saves water by up to 80% more than when using conventional methods. It is, therefore, cost-effective and highly beneficial to large pieces of land owned by either the government or individuals.

Our premium dust control solution also provides immediate control. This feature means that upon the application of our product, it immediately acts to suppress the spread of dust. Surrounding neighbourhoods will quickly notice the difference.

Another massive benefit of using Erizon’s modern and science-based solution is that it is environmentally compliant. Our engineers have conducted multiple tests to ensure that the mixture enhances the soil’s properties and does not waste it.

Erizon also employs multiple application methods. One of our core strengths is our complete line of advanced hydraulic technologies, and we use these to spread the dust-controlling mix evenly.

These spreading facilities include hydro trucks, drones, spray bars, air tractors, and even helicopters. In the case of narrow corners and strips, we make use of hoses and conduct a manual application.

In any situation, our highly trained technicians will know which methods work best.

Whether the project is about suppressing dust in mining or civil and infrastructure sites, Erizon’s non-toxic and sustainable solutions can help.

Finally, we also conduct a post-project monitoring phase. Our soil scientists and technicians will make use of 3D drone technology to capture images of the resulting terrain after product application.

In case of any issues, we immediately respond and implement further enhancements, thereby strengthening the soil structure, keeping the particles intact, and preventing erosion of events and possible landslides.

Why Choose Erizon?

Having catered to the needs of hundreds of clients and thousands of acres, Erizon remains to be the leading provider of dust suppression solutions in Australia.

Our team follows a scientific procedure each time we handle a new soil rehabilitation and dust control project.

We also engineer our products, making sure they are all sustainable, environmentally compliant, water-saving, cost-effective, and provide immediate control to the spread of dust.

Whether it is mining sites, ash dams, power stations, or tailings dams, Erizon knows what and how to apply our premium solutions to ensure overall project success.

All in all, we envision the Northern Territory to be risk-free from dust exposure and for its residents to enjoy cleaner air and safer environments.

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  • Providing 25 years of experience in suppressing dust throughout the Northern Territory
  • Environmentally sound and weather-proof solutions for dust particle reduction
  • Facilitates soil rehabilitation even in areas that don’t have plant cover

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