Hydromulching Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is among the most barren states in Australia. It also faces a couple of challenges in coping with a variety of weather conditions. This overall situation makes the NT region susceptible to severe erosion.

Unless the NT community chooses to revegetate its barren lands, residents may suffer from massive landslides.

Considering all these environmental issues, Erizon offers the Northern Territory our highly efficient revegetation methods. One of which is hydromulching, a procedure that supports faster plant growth with the use of a hygroscopic fibre mulch, engineered to hold 50% more water than conventional methods. Thus, it can help maintain moisture even without sufficient rain.

Meeting the Need to Revegetate Northern Territory

The Northern Territory covers large portions of arid and semi-arid lands. When disturbed by bushfires and destructive human activities, these regions may sit barren for a considerable period.

What often results is a series of catastrophic events. Erosion occurs, destroying both government and private properties, sometimes even costing human lives.

In response, the NT region’s local council is doing its best to mitigate such environmental problems. Officials, however, recognise how challenging it can be to conduct revegetation procedures on such vast acres of land without sufficient and high-end facilities.

Here is where Erizon’s services come into play.

The Best Hydromulching Solution for Northern Territory

Erizon offers two types of hydromulching solutions, each appropriate to certain weather conditions, terrains, and soils in the Northern Territory.

Both solutions provide superior erosion control with high water retention and soil enhancement features.

Hydromulching HGM

HGM stands for Hydraulic Growth Medium. Erizon’s Hydromulching HGM solution works to hold moisture longer than conventional methods. As a result, it can support faster vegetation growth.

The HGM also has erosion control features. While the plants are still in the germination phase, the HGM can already act as a temporary erosion control blanket.

Erizon recommends this HGM solution to areas with uneven surfaces and rough seedbeds. It is also suitable for all climate types.

Hydromulching BFM

In regions where the slope is steep, and the amount of rainfall is high, we recommend our Hydromulching BFM solution.

BFM stands for Bonded Fiber Matrix and involves a two-step application process. The first step requires the application of water, seed, and amelioration to the surface. This part ensures sufficient seed-to-soil contact.

The second step involves spraying cellulosic mulch, proprietary binders, and tackifiers. What forms, as a result, is a protective skin over the soil’s surface, acting much like an erosion control blanket that stays on for six months to a year.

Additionally, our BFM features the ability to suppress weeds, thus ensuring a more efficient plant growth.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been helping governments and private property owners address erosion issues across the Northern Territory.

For over 25 years now, our team of soil scientists, engineers, and technicians have catered to hydromulching projects that resulted in 100% client satisfaction.

Built on principles of sustainability and excellence, Erizon has continued to be Australia’s leading revegetation provider.

Overall, we envision for the Northern Territory to be a safer and erosion-free place for residents to live and prosper.

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