Soil Stabilisation Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is home to several types of soils that have a high erosion risk due to slope, silt content, and weather conditions. Without proper soil stabilisation, communities in the NT area may suffer from dust exposure and severe landslides.

To address these issues, Erizon has developed a topsoil alternative called EnviroSoil. This product contains soil conditioners, extracts, and mineral blends — all combined and engineered to assist with revegetation and soil stabilisation procedures.

Meeting The Challenges Of Soil Stabilisation

Soils and weather conditions vary throughout the entire Northern Territory. Thus, the NT region often finds it challenging to provide a one-size-fits-all solution to soil management.

The Northern Territory covers both tropical areas and arid and semi-arid areas. Tropical areas experience intense rainfalls, while dry and semi-arid regions go through less dense but more frequent rains.

Such weather conditions contribute to the high-erosion risk profile of the Northern Territory.

Moreover, the soil composition and landscape of the NT region pose a high risk of erosion when disturbed. Some of the most common soil types in the Northern Territory are as follows:

Siltstone soils. They are highly sloped and contain silt.
Lateritic soils. These types have a sandy nature.
Granitic soils. They contain coarse sand and are highly prone to erosion.
Poorly drained soils. Water runs over these soils during the wet season.
Very poorly drained soils. Water also runs over these soils in the wetter periods.
Sandy soils. These soils have low cohesion and are easy to disturb and erode.
Cracking clays. Clay soils like these are heavily grazed. Intense storms can quickly erode such soils.
Calcareous soils. Exposure to heavy grazing pressure causes these soil types to become highly erodable. Soil management should include the analysis of such soils’ chemical composition.
Volcanic soils. Volcanic soils have a moderate risk of erosion when they are in significantly slopey regions.
Acid sulphate soils. Any disruption of such lands can cause an acid runoff, which eventually harms fish and other marine life.
Sodic soils. The particle size and sodium composition of these soils cause a catastrophic erosion effect upon soil exposure.


So far, the local NT government has issued several legislations that warn against the disturbance of soil regions with high erosion-risk profiles. 

These policies also include guidelines about site management, especially when rehabilitating land areas that have previously been disturbed in the development of subdivisions and industrial sites.

Among other erosion solutions, the government highly recommends revegetation and soil stabilisation in all disturbed areas. 

Conducting stabilisation and revegetation procedures, however, can be challenging without the help of soil experts and the best eco-friendly solutions to apply.

The Best Solution For Soil Stabilisation In Northern Territory

Erizon provides an environment-friendly, cost-effective and long-lasting solution to soil stabilisation, especially in the Northern Territory.

Our process involves an initial consultation with our clients, identifying their most challenging issues concerning soil stabilisation.

We also conduct a preliminary investigation of the soil properties in the target region. 

Erizon’s soil management experts will then take the analysis results and formulate the best approach to solving the rehabilitation concerns for the land area.

Once we identify the most appropriate solution, our team of experts will outline an application procedure that involves spreading, trimming, and compaction.

We may also use the latest drone technology when applying our soil stabilisation products, depending on the properties and needs of the land.

Overall, Erizon’s soil stabilisation solution is built on science. Among others, our primary topsoil alternative, called EnviroSoil ensures that the resulting rehabilitated land will have a soil composition that supports healthy vegetative growth and reduces the risk of erosion, dust exposure, landslides, and further environmental damage.


Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon provides industry-leading solutions to soil stabilisation across the Northern Territory.

Our commitment to scientific procedures, innovation, and efficiency allows us to address stabilisation issues with a thorough process — from consultation down to the application and monitoring of results.

Backed by decades of experience, Erizon’s team of experts has demonstrated excellence in performance while serving hundreds of satisfied clients throughout Australia.


Your First Choice In Soil Stabilisation
  • An environmentally-friendly solution for stabilising soils with high-risk erosion profiles
  • Protects soils with scientifically-proven formulations and efficient application
  • Backed by 25 years’ worth of experience in stabilising soils in the Northern Territory

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