Erosion Control Perth

Being the sunniest capital in Australia, Perth experiences hot and dry weather around 70% of the year. While this condition is generally favourable, some areas may be at risk of dust exposure, especially those with loose soil.

Erizon helps in implementing preventative measures to mitigate erosion in dunes, steep inclines, and even riverbanks in Perth.

Our erosion control blanket called the EcoArmour provides a shear-resistant cover, thereby keeping the soil intact and preventing the disasters caused by severe erosion.

Meeting the Challenges of Erosion Control in Perth

Perth is mostly dry throughout the year, while it is mildly wet during winters. Thus, it doesn’t have as many problems as other cities when it comes to flooding and landslides.

Still, Perth has had its share of disastrous erosion events.

Occasional but ferocious thunderstorms would, for instance, cause landslides and threaten the lives of the residents in high-risk areas.

Often, these areas have barren land and steep inclines. Without plants with sturdy root systems, the soil particles in these sites do not hold together.

Thus, when exposed to wind and water, they slide readily. The majority of these issues are attributable to the steep slope and the aid of gravity.

While the local government already imposes erosion and sediment control measures, some urban development managers still fail to comply. As a result, they leave lands barren and highly erodible.

The Best Solution for Erosion Control

Keeping such issues in mind, Erizon has been developing a premium erosion control blanket called the EcoArmour.

This soil cover contains a blend of minerals, fibres, and binders that form a durable crust. It covers the soil against wind and rain and protects it from getting eroded.

The resulting cover is also non-flammable, which makes it resilient amid bushfires.

Once applied, the EcoArmour should start acting upon the soil with its interlocking fibres and adhering binders. These elements interact with the substrate beneath, thereby increasing its overall durability and resistance to water.

With the aid of Erizon’s soil experts and trained technicians, this erosion control solution should also be quick to install.

Our science-based process ensures that the installation proper only comes after a preliminary soil testing procedure. We also offer post-project monitoring services to address any problems that may suddenly arise in the target site.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been analysing lands and sorting out properties to develop a sustainable and quick erosion control solution.

Our team of soil scientists have demonstrated excellent performance in helping restore and rehabilitate the lands of Australia.

One of our biggest goals is to make the whole of Perth erosion-free.

While that may take quite a while to realise, Erizon is already offering our premium solution to help suppress dust, bind the soil particles together, and prevent erosion events throughout the city.

Learn more about Erizon’s Approach to Environmental Solutions in Perth.

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