Hydroseeding Perth

As one of the sunniest places in Australia, Perth faces several challenges related to erosion control. Most of the city sits on sand dunes, so much of its soil is made up of sand.

Without enhancing Perth’s hydrophobic soils, it will be difficult to replant its barren areas. Conventional methods of revegetation won’t work, and soils would have to be analysed first before enacting any hydroseeding plan.

Erizon already knows the above issues and has, therefore, prepared hydroseeding solutions that match Perth’s natural ecosystem. We specialise in growing seeds native to Perth. Our soil scientists formulate hydroseeding mixes that are tailored to the needs of each project we handle.

Meeting the Need to Revegetate Perth

Dry areas such as Perth need to cover its barren soils to prevent erosion by wind. When left in its exposed state, a vast land area will contribute more to airborne dust. This dust exposure, in turn, will put the surrounding communities at risk of getting respiratory health problems.

Aside from leaving dust in the air, barren soils will also be more prone to erosion by water. Although Perth experiences less rain throughout the year, it still has occasional but strong thunderstorms that could trigger runoffs and landslides.

The erosion problem is even greater in areas with steeper slopes.

In any case, the local council is doing its best to implement erosion control measures. Through the years, however, human activities have continued to expose acres of land to erosion risks.

Many parts of the city, for instance, still have highly erodible soils. While locals may do their part and try to replant these lands using conventional methods, they have no assurance of success or sustainability in terms of vegetation growth.

Here is where Erizon’s help should come in.

The Best Hydroseeding Solution for Perth

Erizon provides tailored hydroseeding solutions for Perth and its peculiar climate conditions. Our services involve the hydraulic application of seed, water, and fertiliser, plus growth-supporting additives, if necessary.

Our process always begins and ends with a thorough site evaluation. Our soil experts will conduct a preliminary soil analysis to identify the type of seeds, nutrients and additives that are essential and appropriate for the target site.

In case the soil analysis results report a significant deficiency in soil quality, our scientists will give recommendations for further soil enhancement. One of our best solutions are soil boosters.

Erizon’s scientifically engineered soil boosters act as catalysts for plant growth. It contains billions of essential nutrients and bacteria that help enhance Perth’s dry soils.

We also have a team of highly trained engineers and technicians that ensure the even application of the hydroseeding mix. By using our purpose-built hydroseeder trucks or drones, our hydroseeding process is faster and more efficient.

To ensure the performance of our hydroseeding solutions, we utilise monitoring drones equipped with the latest scanning and imaging technology. Our team of experts will evaluate the post-project results and address any germination or plant growth issues as they arise.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been rehabilitating and revegetating the lands of Australia for over 25 years now. We always base our hydroseeding and erosion control procedures on the principles of sustainability, excellence, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.

With our dedicated team of soil scientists, engineers, and technicians, Erizon aims to help Perth overcome its erosion control and dust suppression issues.

It is our ultimate vision for the locals of Perth to experience a cleaner, greener, safer, and erosion-free place to live.

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