Hydromulching Perth

Being one of the driest cities in Australia, Perth is often subjected to erosion issues by wind and gravity, especially in areas with loose and barren soils.

Without protecting the soils and providing sufficient cover, locals may suffer from exposure to airborne dust and severe erosion events.

In response, Erizon provides revegetation services to Perth and its communities. We aim at helping the city mitigate its risks against the above environmental issues. Among many other technologies, we offer hydromulching solutions and site rehabilitation assistance — whether it is in the mining, civil, or infrastructure industry.

Meeting the Need to Revegetate Perth


Perth’s dry weather makes its soils vulnerable primarily to wind erosion. In highly steep and barren areas, the risk is even higher, especially when sudden thunderstorms come. These storms still cause landslides even in the mostly sunny Perth.

Also, because of the location’s characteristic dryness, communities suffer from severe dust exposure. This situation poses respiratory health risks that would otherwise have been addressed by revegetation solutions.

The local council, therefore, recommends the rehabilitation of barren areas in Perth. In particular, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) notes how the city’s growing population and its distribution are contributing to the environmental woes of the region.

What Perth needs, according to the EPA, is a balance between prosperity and environmental risk.

To achieve this balance, Perth officials realise their need for smarter planning, along with access to high-end facilities to help apply erosion control solutions faster and more efficiently.

Without the assistance of revegetation and hydromulching experts, Perth locals may continue relying on traditional, costly, and inefficient methods of erosion control.

The Best Hydromulching Solution for Perth

Erizon understands the above issues and offers highly sustainable hydromulching solutions to the city of Perth.

Our team of soil scientists and product engineers have developed two types of hydromulching procedures. Each one is well-suited to a particular set of soil characteristics, terrain, and climate conditions.

Hydromulching HGM

Hydromulching HGM is suitable for all climate types, but mostly for rough seedbeds and uneven surfaces.

HGM stands for Hydraulic Growth Medium. When applied to a soil surface, it acts as a medium for more efficient plant growth. It works to hold moisture and support faster germination.

Erizon’s highly trained technicians apply Hydromulching HGM solutions using suitable spreading technologies, which include drones and hydro trucks.

Hydromulching BFM

Hydromulching BFM is more suitable for steeper areas that experience significant amounts of rainfall.

BFM stands for Bonded Fibre Matrix and requires a two-step application for an increased project success rate.

The first step involves the application of amelioration, water, and seed. This phase ensures a sufficient seed-to-soil contact that is necessary for optimal growth.

The second step requires the spraying of cellulosic mulch, tackifiers, and proprietary binders. The mixture needs a much faster application rate such that the resulting bonding elements would quickly dry to form a protective layer over the target surface.

With its increased performance compared to traditional hydromulching methods, we recommend hydromulching BFM for verges and steep batters.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been Australia’s leading provider of revegetation and hydromulching services for over 25 years now. With our team of dedicated soil scientists and solution engineers, we have helped rehabilitate thousands of acres of land in the country.

Erizon’s approach to providing erosion control solutions has always been built around sustainability and innovation. We ensure that our application methods and mixes are all environmentally compliant, water-saving, and cost-effective.

Our hydromulching experts are also committed to using only scientific methods in approaching any potential revegetation project.

We always begin by conducting a preliminary investigation and soil analysis of the target site and outlining a tailored solution based on the analysis results.

Our highly trained technicians will also ensure that the application facility to be used would sufficiently cover the target area. We utilise modern-day technologies such as drones and air tractors to spread our mixtures evenly.

Finally, we set ourselves apart by conducting a thorough post-project monitoring phase. While our science-based methods already ensure high success rates, we do not compromise on providing quality.

Hence, our site managers will continue to provide support for as long as the project requires it. In case any issues arise, our team will be ready to respond with the most appropriate and environmentally sound solutions.

Erizon’s ultimate aim is simple. We envision a cleaner and much safer city for Perth locals to live.

Learn more about Erizon Guarantees Results through EnviroPro HGM
and Hydromulching BFM.

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